Tamela and David Mann on Their Marriage & Blended Family

(dance music) We loved our first guest on Meet the Browns and now they’re releasing an album and a new memoir. It’s called Us Against the World Our Secrets to Love, Marriage, and Family. Please welcome for the first time on our show David and Tamela Mann. (audience cheering) What up? Hi Hello, sweetie. Hi Mr. Brown. Hi Mrs. Mann. Hello, Whoo! (audience cheering) No, no, first, I wanna give you all some Mann Shoe Cam. If you all bunch your feet up on their and look in there, and style and profile, there you go. We look like we’re going home. Congratulations, by the way on your 30th anniversary. Why thank you. High school sweethearts. Right outta high school. She likes younger guys so she got me. She’s a cougar. (audience cheering) Only a month and two days. Still a cougar. How do you make it last? I like this dude. I like him and I’m in love with him, he’s my best friend. Love and in love: two different things. I always tell people that, right? Yes
Mm-Hmm You can love somebody you you’re with- And not be in love. But being in love is a whole ‘nother feeling. It’s a whole ‘nother feeling. It is a whole ‘nother feeling. Now, you two corn balls… What? And I say that with love- It’s Okay. They’ve renewed their wedding. Well, you never got formally wedding-ized. So there you are at 25 years. Why you bothering people with that, after 25 years. I wanted it, I got married after church. We had a ceremony after church. It was like 10 people. I mean, I felt like after 25 years I deserved that. (audience clapping) Boo! Boo! My thing is I wanted to travel the world. Let’s get on a plane, lets go travel the world- Spend that money on something else. On social media, 99.9% of the women said “Give that woman a wedding.” But it was worth it. It’s like one of the things on my bucket list. Did you ask for gifts? No, not from each other, no. From them. From people? Yes. Oh, we got gift cards and stuff like that. How many people were there? We had probably about … It was supposed to be 150 but it wound up being 300 people. We had two people on the front row, the second row of our wedding. We don’t know how they got there and who they were. Tamela, I agree with your husband. Do you? Yes I do. You a sistah, you supposed to be with me. No, I got married, simple, like you all did. You did? I don’t care about that stupid white dress and bothering people as grown people. She was 25 years, she couldn’t wear white. It was cream. It was more like cream ’cause we had been dirtied it up by that time. (audience clapping) Okay, so the Mann’s have a blended family, five kids, twelve grandchildren. Which one’s came from you? The youngest two. They all came from me. No the last two. David and Tia, we had together. Porcia and Tiffany was from David’s … He said a previous argument.
A previous argument. And then we raised my niece, Sonya. So we’re a super blended family. Not just blended, super blended. (audience clapping) David, first of all, you can never get away from being Mr. Brown. You are so Mr. Brown. She said “Hey, Mr. Brown.” That is hilarious. Yes, you are him. You know I play this character. I play the character for like, 13- But you look like the character. Now, yeah, I can’t get away now. And she plays your daughter. His, don’t you like that? I love it. What kind of freak? Incest is best. No. On the ground. Oh my gosh that’s funny. That is hilarious. Well, you know what I’m saying. Yes, I know. I got you. Everyone relax. Yes, none of that, for real. So the rumor is that there was a knock at the door one night at you all’s house. And a woman had a baby. It was one day. Alright go on, David
One day. Go on David Brown. You know I have a past. You met her in high school. What kind of past had you had prior to that? We met in high school
We met in high school We didn’t get hooked up until later. So I knew all the girlfriends and the baby mamas. I actually knew the baby mamas before he knew the baby mamas. But at the knock at the door you guys were already successful. Tamela, by the way, is a world-renowned gospel artist. She is one of the most successful gospel artists in the world. At the point at getting the knock, somebody is coming through the gates knocking on the mansion door. David Brown. It wasn’t no mansion then. It was five years into our marriage. You get this knock at the door. The constable said “By the way, you have another child from a woman from your prior life, Mr. Mann.” It was scary. So that situation actually almost broke us up. It wasn’t the child. Did you move out? No
No But she told me- Separate rooms? Well I just walked around like, “It’s gonna take me a minute.” “Give me a minute to absorb this.” Did you divide the covers? I didn’t divide the covers but he knew that there was tension. That’s putting it mildly. Well I was upset. I was upset but I couldn’t blame the baby. I had to realize … Let’s just put it out there. I felt like, “Where do I fit in this picture?” The baby is comin’, I’m having another mother to deal with. Where do I fit? I felt like, “Oh my god, where is this going?” So that’s where I was at. I sat her down and I explained to her, “Look, I love my kids and I’m a stand-up guy.” I’m gonna do what I need to do. But at the end of the day, it’s us against the world. It’s me and you. So that’s where that name came from. That’s where the title came from. And it all worked out perfect. Tiffany is somewhere around here now. The knock-knock lady. Oh! Here on Broadway, very successful and these two, sometimes their relationship is too good. She’s my baby. I was a step-child so I grew up knowing how that felt. My thing is not to treat a child like a step-child because that’s like being stepped up on. By the way, you are a very beautiful woman. Well, thank you. I love your dimple and I love your freckles. I love it all too.
I’m tryin’ to hide them. I’m sure you do Mr. Brown. Tiffany … Excuse me, not Tiffany. Girl
Tamela. Tamela, sorry. No, you fine. Is this custom-made for you? It is, this is by Maria Harper. She out of Atlanta. This is beautiful. Thank you. And I see that you coordinated with the camo. Well that’s …
That’s our thing. You’ve got to coordinate. That’s our thing ’cause we’re on tour so our theme is: we’re war-ing up anything that’s gonna come against The family structure. So when you renewed vows, he upgraded your ring? Yes Rambo, ring cam please. Which way do I go? Right here.
Turn it around. Now you have to understand that I borrowed the first ring. I borrowed it from my mom.
You were young. I was young I couldn’t afford one. You’re so understandable, thank you. Well, this is good for you. This is not what I’d advise or what’s good for me. But I’m growing up as I go along. How many years is it for you? 20 years. Well good for you. That’s great. So I understand love, lust, lost, and all that stuff. We very much vibe on that. But also … anyway. I don’t want you to have to do that. My thing is to bring hope and inspiration to families, that family can work. So who is at the house now? At the mansion cause now you all are very wealthy. Well my son just moved home- Him and his family ’cause he’s building a house. And it’s different. We’ve been empty nesters. ‘Cause he’s used to walkin’ around with nothing. I’m used to getting up, going to the kicthen how I want to go to the kitchen. Right? I don’t wanna have to put on pants. We’re empty nesters, I love that feeling. Just let it dangle and hangle. I love it. Don’t you love it? Yes. You could just get up. You get up and you walk to the kitchen. Booty clappin’ like a church crowd. I love it. I’m sorry for touching. Whoever this wish I wish she could just make me one. Make me one. She can.
She can. I’ll tell her you said that. We just need your measurements. I can tell you 42- 36, 24, 36. 29, 36. You fine. So what’s in the book? The book is talkin’ about the ups and downs that we’ve had. We talk about the knock at the door, we talk about the art of arguing because there is- Which is an art to arguing. We’ve had some really heated stuff but we don’t argue to tear each other down. Now we used to ’cause I used to let her have it. That comedian thing … being sarcastic is like, and I’ll just be looking at him like, “Ugh.” I used to talk about the mama, the daddy. No, David Brown, Mann. But we’re excited about the book cause it’s so many things and we’re letting our guard down. To let some things know that people haven’t read or heard about us that we haven’t talked about. Real talk. We’ll take you on our 30-year journey. Tamela, I wanna hear your pipes. You wanna hear my pipes? Give me a gospel version of how you do it. (audience cheering) ♪How you doin’, how you doin’♪ Good enough. The new memoir and album are available November. Everyone in the studio audience is getting both. (dance music)

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  1. So ANYBODY that has God based life and values… she gone intentionally try to pick at them 🙄🙄 Same thing she did with Megan Good, Keke Palmer, etc etc.. She just a ugly person bro.

  2. wendy is the world's cynic!!! if she didn't want a happy-as-larks, God-blessed couple on the show, why was she there? this B is STUUUUUPID!

  3. After 25 years of marriage, she’s entitled to that. The fact he’s willing to honor her request says everything about his character as a man.

  4. I view Wendy often, but this is the first time I really think she acted like a jealous, mean b word. Nobody cares about your measurements. Trying to inadvertently make a point.

  5. Wendy how is your marriage doing your husband side chick lives not too far from your house you also gossip about many people I hope your husband comes back to you I don't want to be mean like you are sometimes with your guess but good luck in your marriage

  6. This is the Golden Calf of Tyler Perry! This actor comedian is the funniest man on the planet! He reminds us of the baddest kid in everybody's classroom! They are so beautiful, together! And, Tamala is not scared to look georgous! You deserve to be happy! Yal, are the greatest couple! I love you! I love you, both, equally! Keep singing! And, Mr. David, I can't see, Mr. Brown, here! But, I can't wait to see the reruns! They always be new to me!

  7. I love the Manns. Their ministry of marriage, family, and professionalism is breathtaking. Thank you father Most High for the favor of the presence of your gifts on the earth. Life, happiness, love, joy, peace that surpassed l understanding would all be suffering without them. We are truly blessed to just hear them on media. Blessings

  8. I love this!!! warring against anything that comes against the family structure…better be careful how you come for this couple and their family

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  11. Those demons were trembling….this couple is a power house…you see they were dressed for the occasion….I DECLARE WAR…SHOOK UP THE DEVIL IN HIS OWN CAMP!!! KEEP SERVING THE LORD…ONLY WHAT YOU DO FOR CHRIST WILL LAST!!!

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  18. Weddings are expensive. If you have to postpone the extravagant celebration until you can afford it; I applaud that.

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