Tangled Party Ideas

{ tshebirthday}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160 girl’s favorite princess. She’s even growing
her hair long!\par \par } {\pard\plain \ql \ul\sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
EMOTIONAL ELEMENT:} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
role playing is at the core of “princess” appeal, combined with using the imagination-inspired
decorations to transform the birthday location. Dress up is the key activity using Tangled
brand merchandise\par \par } {\pard\plain \ql \ul\sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
NARRATIVE} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
: birthday girl just loves } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
Rapunzel} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
. Her combination of spunk, humor and beauty is perfect. This little girl wants to dress
up like } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
Rapunzel} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
and even role play her favorite scenes from the movie.\par \par }
{\pard\plain \ql \ul\sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160 SET:}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160 Upscale suburban home. Interiors: \par \par
} {\pard\plain \ql \ul\sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
CAST} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
\par – Female Mom “Joan”; early } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
30’s} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
; Attractive but not } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
supermodel} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
, no accent. \par – 6 } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
y.o} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160
. Birthday Girl “Sandy”; Caucasian; Non-speaking\par – (7) additional non-speaking 5-7 }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160 y.o}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160 . }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160 girls}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s1\fi0\ri1440\li2160 , multi ethnicity. \par \par }
{\pard\plain \ql \b\caps\sb480\f98\fs24\sl180\s2\fi0\ri1440\li2160 \par \par \par \par \par \par \par \par Intro
– anywhere – Setup/invitations\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
An excited Mom talks to camera. \par } {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
Mom\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
Sandy turns six this year and begged me to stop cutting her hair because she is }
{\pard\plain \ql \b\sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 so}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 into }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 Rapunzel}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 . When it came time for her birthday and I
told her we would make it Tangled } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
themed} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
, she couldn’t wait to get the invitations out to her friends.\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 We see Mom attaching a small favor to }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 theinvitation}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 envelope. \par }
{\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040 Mom (v.O.) (CONT’D)\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 Sandy thought }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 Rapunzel}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 looked so beautiful on }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 these…and}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 putting some confetti inside each was like
a sprinkling of magic!\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
INSERT: We see Sandy handing an invitation to one of her friends. (Can shoot this outside
so it looks like Sandy is dropping it off at her house.) NOTE: shoot before birthday
talent is in “shoot” clothing.\par } {\pard\plain \qr \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s7\fi0\ri1980\li7920
Cut TO:\par } {\pard\plain \ql \b\caps\sb480\f98\fs24\sl180\s2\fi0\ri1440\li2160
INt. Entryway – Birthday Letter banner / balloons (Foil Tangled and Latex Tangled) / Life Sized
Cutout / Printed Streamer\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
A colorful letter banner reading hangs prominently in an entry-like space, surrounded by Tangled
balloons and streamers. \par } {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
Mom (V.O.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
Sandy is a huge Tangled fan, so I wanted to be as excited as possible as soon as she came
down the stairs for her party. I think I accomplished that task!\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 Sandy runs over and hugs her mom.\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040 MOm (V.O.)\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 I combined the birthday banner, special streamers
and these great Tangled } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
ballons} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
… } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
which} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
also I thought would be great to let the girls take something home too.\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 We see Foil Tangled Balloon spinning slowly…\par
} {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
Mom (V.O.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
Mixing in a few of these shiny stars wasn’t a bad idea either…\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 We see more Tangled latex balloons in purple
and pink..\par } {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
MOm (V.O.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
The purple, lavender and blue go together so well. I love it! But this was just to set
the tone before…\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
We see Sandy’s friends come through the front door excited to see all of the balloons and
Sandy!\par } {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
Mom (V.O.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
… } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
on} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
to a very special Tangled birthday activity!\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \b\caps\sb480\f98\fs24\sl180\s2\fi0\ri1440\li2160 Int. AcTIVITY ROOM (earlier)- Room deco / CUT
OUT / Scene setter / swirl deco\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
As Mom walks across the room, we will use the ‘magic effect’ to finally reveal the fully
decked out room. We see the now completed activity room: there are Tangled swirls everywhere,
and the Tangled Scene Setter is visible against a wall, as is the Life-size Cut Out, and lanterns
are mixed in throughout.\par We see the girls come streaming into the room }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 ooh-ing}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 and }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 ah-ing}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 about how much they love Tangled.\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040 MOM (V.O.)\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought
the girls were in the kingdom of Corona itself!\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 The room is overflowing with lanterns, swirls,
licensed streamers, generic streamers and purple and pink decorations.\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040 MOm (V.O.)\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 The first thing I did was use put up the Tangled
scene setter on one of the walls. The girls absolutely flipped when they saw it. Her hair
flowed all the way across it and down the other side! \par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 We see the girls posing in front of the scene
setter.\par } {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
MOM (V.O.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
I used the lanterns and lantern garland because it reminded the girls of }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 Rapunzel’s}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 birthday wish…\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 We see quick shots of the Tangled swirls…\par
} {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
Mom (V.O.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
I adore the dangling pictures of } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
Rapunzel} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
. She’s spunky, funny and beautiful… a great role model for any girl.\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 INSERT: Shots of the kids jumping around as
they poke at different balloons… lots of activity, kids milling around, the room is
visually “full” of Tangled deco.\par } {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
Mom (V.O.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
But the thing that got them most excited was this!\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 INSERT: Shot of Life Size Cut Out }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 Rapunzel}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 .\par We see the girls surrounding the cut
out and trying to hold their hair just like }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 Rapunzel}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 . Two girls try to put the ends of their long
hair together and laugh…\par } {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
MOm (V.O.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
And now here comes } {\pard\plain \ql \ul\sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
my} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
favorite part…\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
We see Mom standing their smiling.\par } {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
MOm\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
Ok} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
, girls… who wants to play dress up!?\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 The girls scream.\par }
{\pard\plain \qr \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s7\fi0\ri1980\li7920 CUT TO:\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \b\caps\sb480\f98\fs24\sl180\s2\fi0\ri1440\li2160 INt. Activity room – Tangled }
{\pard\plain \ql \b\caps\sb480\f98\fs24\sl180\s2\fi0\ri1440\li2160 wearables}
{\pard\plain \ql \b\caps\sb480\f98\fs24\sl180\s2\fi0\ri1440\li2160 and favors\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 We see a table in the corner of the room overflowing
with Tangled hair clips, brushes, hair ponies and headbands. \par }
{\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040 Mom (V.O.)\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 Party City had all of these beautiful hair
accessories and all I did was set up a table and turn it into a “dress up station”. It
was super easy!\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
Mom and the girls are helping each other do their hair.\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040 Mom (V.O.)\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 One of the things I love about }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 Rapunzel}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 is that girls get to be playful }
{\pard\plain \ql \ul\sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 and}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 make themselves beautiful… Tangled makes
beauty fun!\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
SERIES OF SHOTS:\par A girl takes her friend’s long hair and runs the Tangled brush through
it.\par Two girls hold another girl’s pony tail and tie a pony holder on it.\par A girl
with shorter hair gets some clips put in it and finally…\par We see Sandy, the birthday
girl, getting a Tangled tiara put on her head.\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040 Mom (V.O.)\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 It was so nice to see the girls helping each
other, but phew! Who knew getting so pretty would make us all so hungry?\par }
{\pard\plain \qr \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s7\fi0\ri1980\li7920 dissolve to:\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \b\caps\sb480\f98\fs24\sl180\s2\fi0\ri1440\li2160 Int. Dining ROOM – table deco / deluxe party
kit / basic cake kit / pinata & favors\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 We see Mom ushering all of the girls into
the room… it’s quite a site, all of these girls look so pretty. \par }
{\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040 Mom (V.O.)\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 The girls were having such a good time, I
just couldn’t wait for them to see all the food and even more Tangled decorations…\par
} {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
We see a completely decked out Tangled table: complete with (Tangled table cover, plates,
napkins, cups, banners, centerpieces, crepe streamers, balloon centerpieces, include wands
as table sprinkles.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
Mom (V.O.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
Party City had so much to work with…. (} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
whispering} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
) I thought I might have overdone } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
it…until} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
I saw the girls delighted reaction! \par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
We see the girls reactions as they take their seats and pick up even more Tangled-related
items.\par } {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
MOm (V.O.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
I think those smiles speak for themselves.\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 As two girls are blowing blow outs at each
other, Mom enters with the basic cake covered with Tangled Birthday Candles.\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040 MOm (V.O.)\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 I made Sandy’s favorite, red velvet cake,
pink icing, but what she really loved were the Tangled candles!\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 We see Sandy blow ’em out and pull them off
to lick the icing.\par } {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
Mom (V.O.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
Watching the girls have such a great time, completely immersed in their own magical Tangled
} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
world…amazing} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
!\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
The kids cheer and blow Tangled blowers at one another. Everyone is thrilled!\par We
see CLOSE UP shots of kids eating cake, taking off a Tangled candle and resting it on the
table with all of their other Tangled goodies.\par }
{\pard\plain \qr \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s7\fi0\ri1980\li7920 DissOLVE TO:\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \b\caps\sb480\f98\fs24\sl180\s2\fi0\ri1440\li2160 Int. activity ROOM – Tangled pinata / favor
pack / noise makers \par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
We see Mom hanging the Tangled pinata as the girls surround her more than ready to start
pulling at strings…\par } {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
MOm (V.O.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
I didn’t want to just fill the pinata with candy, and Party City had some really cool
pinata favors… \par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
We see Mom stuffing the pinata with one final }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 item…should}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 be a Tangled branded item.\par }
{\pard\plain \qr \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s7\fi0\ri1980\li7920 Cut to:\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 We see Sandy standing next to the pinata.
She pulls strings on the Tangled pinata. The pinata falls open! \par }
{\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040 Mom (V.O.)\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s5\fi-140\ri4320\li4320 (smiling)\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 I’m going to go ahead and venture a guess
here… but I think the girls } {\pard\plain \ql \ul\sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
loved} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
the pinata and all the prizes!\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
The girls laugh and scramble to pick up their favors, waving wands at each other, putting
on their hair bands, etc..\par } {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
MOM (V.O.)\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
And these made it easy for them to take everything home…\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 We see the girls leaving Sandy’s house carrying
their favors in the Tangled Favor Buckets… \par }
{\pard\plain \qr \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s7\fi0\ri1980\li7920 CUT TO:\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \b\caps\sb480\f98\fs24\sl180\s2\fi0\ri1440\li2160 ConCLUSION – anywhere\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 We see a montage of the girls: two girls do
each other’s hair. One stands next to the Cut Out as Mom takes her photo. Two girls
wave wands at each other and laugh…\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040 MOM (V.O.)}
{\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040 \par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 Today was an unabashed success! And I feel
great that Sandy and her friends had such a wonderful time.\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 Mom stands with Sandy surrounded by Tangled
balloons and swirls…\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
MOM} {\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040
\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
Thank you so much, Party City for letting Sandy be }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 Rapunzel}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 today… \par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160 Sandy waves and runs off…\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \caps\sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s4\fi0\ri1800\li5040 Mom (CONT’D)\par }
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 (}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 whispering}
{\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600 )\par I just hope she lets me cut her hair
} {\pard\plain \ql \ul\sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
sometime.} {\pard\plain \ql \sb0\f98\fs24\sl180\s6\fi0\ri3600\li3600
\par } {\pard\plain \ql \sb240\f98\fs24\sl180\s3\fi0\ri1440\li2160
Mom looks to see if Sandy heard her. She didn’t… Mom winks at camera.\par }

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  1. We're glad you like it! Rapuzel is one of our favorite Disney princesses, and all the girls in the video had a blast. We really had fun.

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  5. I did the exact party for my little cousin over $200 would u believe that and most of her friends didn't even like the decor so I wasted so much money for nothing wow

  6. The party's are cool but it kinda seems the moms in there sound like there bragging but sometimes that's the way people are it's okay tho I shouldn't bother any one ๐Ÿ‘

  7. i tried shopping at party city today for all the tangled party supplies and they were sold out ๐Ÿ™ boomer I had to buy it somewhere else

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