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Hi folks. Welcome to yet another episode of Gourmet On The Road. And this is an episode with a difference. … and you’re going to join me for a ringside experience of the entire evening… … and also behind the scenes to see what it takes to put together an experience like this. So we’re here at Alloro, the Italian restaurant at the Oterra, Electronic City, Bengaluru… And we’ve put together a very special evening. And this one’s called Gusto d’Italia: Flavours of Alloro. We’ve put together a seven course menu with the chef… … and we’re expecting about 40 guests to
join us this evening. It’s about 6:30 right now, and the dinner
commences at 7:30. So let’s go and see what’s happening as the team gets ready for this very special dinner… … right here at The Oterra, Bengaluru. Let’s go! Well, the space is looking set. So this is where we will do the prosecco welcome… … with some sparkling wine. We also have the lounge right here. I can see a lovely wine rack there at the back. So guests are going to come in at 7:30, sip on a glass of prosecco before they make their way to the table… … for dinner to commence at 8PM You know, I like the visual aesthetics of this restaurant. It feels cosy, it feels warm. The bar’s going to be really busy this evening. Are you guys ready for the evening? Yes sir! Yes? Is the prosecco ready? Lovely. So we’ve got the prosecco that is chilled. As soon as guests come in, they’ll be offered a glass of chilled prosecco. There’s nothing like a glass of chilled wine… … as soon as you’ve arrived, to begin the evening. So we’ve got the proseccos, we’ve got the wines and we’ve got a whole bunch of other beverages… … that are gonna be served at this dinner tonight. As you can see the tables are all set for 40 guests that we’re expecting today You know, the tables are aligned perfectly. There’s a lot of personalised touches that actually go into dinners like these. So for instance… … we’ve got 40 guests, and each guest has been allocated a seat at the table… … with name tags that you see here. And then of course, you’ve got the menu for the evening. This is a seven course menu, so you’ve got the welcome that happens. You’ve got the antipasto. And then you’ve got six courses that the guests will be served at the table. An interesting thing, even the menu is personalised. So you have the name of the guest right here on the menu. So, there’s a lot of work that goes into putting together an experience like this. Also, to give you a sense of scale… … at this dinner we have 40 guests. These 40 guests will be served 280 plates! So in the course of three hours, there’ll be 280 plates that will find their way out from the kitchen… … to the tables and back. You know, that’s the logistic that’s involved in an experience like this. So how many teams, how many people do we have on the service team today? So basically, each table… 20 people into four teams. Yeah and each table will be handled by
one of the managers. So each table of 10 will have five servers… … so which means each server looks only
after two guests. That’s the attention that guests are going
to get at this dinner. Incredible! Hi Chef, how are you? I’m fine sir. Good evening! Good evening! I’m with Chef Suvaranjan Banerjee who’s the culinary architect of this evening. We’ll start off, of course, with the antipasti So you’ve got your… Yeah, these are the table dips. These are the table dips. So you’ve got
the maître’d butter. You’ve got the Tapenade. And what is that Chef? That is sundried tomato and garlic, and basil dip. Oh lovely! And you’ve got to do some fresh breads with this. Absolutely! You’ve got a woodfired pizza oven right in the heart of the restaurant. And that’s where the breads will come from. So, you know, I was just telling you about the detailing that’s gone into this dinner. So we sat about two months ago and we went through the complete tasting. And just this week, you know, we did another full and final tasting with all the dishes once again. The boys have been really practising hard. Across the table a lot of effort has gone into this particular event. And I’m sure it will bring in colours tonight. So Chef, this is the list? It’s basically the entire service sequence in the form of an Excel. You know who is the guest, who is serving, who is managing the table… … who is the runner to the table. And what exactly that guest is having. You should capture this spreadsheet right here. I mean, if you look at all the detailing that’s gone in. There are four spreadsheets here, each one pertaining to a table in the restaurant. Each table is organized guest wise, and each guest has been allocated a server. And of course, all the dishes that that guest will be tasting tonight. I mean that’s the kind of detailing that goes into curating an experience like this. Absolutely! This is the calm before the storm. We’re going to come in a little later in the
middle of service. And you will definitely see that kitchen is not going to be as calm and placid as this. We are composed right now. You’re composed right now. They’re going to be composed even then… … but a different kind of composure, if I may say that. So Chef, we’re going to leave you to get
ready for the dinner. Thank you so much and see you on the table. See you at the table and good luck everybody! This is going to be a fantastic dinner! We’re just preparing some antipasti over there. So as you can see these are all bite-sized appetizers that the guests will be served as they arrive. So we just want the guests to have a little
taste of Alloro… … as they enter the restaurant with a glass of chilled prosecco. So good luck chefs! Thank you! All the best! So as you can see there’s a lot of work happening in all areas of the kitchen out here. Hi Raghu, how’s it going? Everything is looking great! Fantastic. Thank you. So I’m with Raghu Nair, who’s the general manager for The Oterra. So are you excited about the evening? Oh very much! Yes? And I think there’s a lot of… I’m sure this is going to be fabulous evening. We’re going to rock! Absolutely, looking forward to this! Same here. Thank you. So most of our guests are here, and in a few minutes we’ll be seated at the table. Good evening. I’d like to welcome all of you to Alloro. Thanks for joining us for Gusto d’Italia. Well this evening is going to be special. To be honest… … Alloro is not a restaurant that I come to very often. But every time I come here, I go back with
a very special experience. And Suvaranjan, of course, joined this hotel a few months ago. And so I said, we have to do something special here at Alloro and that was really the genesis… … for Gusto d’Italia or Flavours of Alloro. And I know you’re going to have a great evening! This entire menu, all the dishes, has been inspired by Chef Antonio Carluccio… And his cuisine and beliefs when it comes
to Italian food. And I’m sure you’re going to enjoy a great evening. The team has put in a lot of effort. Please enjoy your evening. Thank you. So we’re all seated for dinner. The evening has just begun. We just had the Amuse Bouche which was a lovely Beetroot Tortellini. The evening has begun on just the right note. Cheers! So our first course is here and this is the Burrata that we’re tasting. Such a pretty dish as you can see. So I’ve got this Burrata which is the cheese, So you’ve got some olives, Kalamata olives. And this lovely orange dressing that’s been drizzled on the Burrata. You can see all that creaminess of the Burrata oozing out. Wow! The creaminess of the cheese works so well with the citrus that comes from the orange segments. It just cuts through the creaminess. I just love this combination. You’ve got the cheese, you’ve got the orange, you’ve got the candied olives. Mmmh! So you’ve got the creaminess of the cheese, you’ve got the citrus sourness of the orange. And then you have the salty, sweet flavour of the Kalamata olive. This is a great, great salad to begin the dinner with. Did you like it? The wholegrain mustard is a very good complement to the Burrata. The Burrata by itself is so rich and so creamy… … and to have the mustard, just you know, on your palate is lovely. Also, I like the freshness of the orange. So we’re in the kitchen and we’ve just finished the first course which was a Burrata. Let’s go in and take a look at what’s
happening in the kitchen. Next course will be the soup. Now we’re just waiting for them to clear the tables. So the soups are ready to be plated. You’ve got one side for the vegetarian
which is the Minestrone. And then you’ve got the other section for the chicken soup which is the Stracciatella. As you can see the service team is ready right here. Ready to pick up the soups, and take it back to the table. How many of us here in the service line? 20, sir. 20? 20 people in the service team and 40 guests outside. An incredible ratio when it comes to
service and detailing! Okay guys, when you approach the table, before you clear, check, “May I?” So the service team is now headed out to clear the previous course. They will come with the empty plates of the
last course… … and come back here and pick up the next course which is the soup. Okay guys, all the Stracciatella, I repeat, all the Stracciatella is over here. So if you have the Stracciatella as a choice, that has to be picked up from here. Once you come ahead, you have the Minestrone from here, so I’ll give you the Minestrone. Clear? Done. So the soup has arrived, and I’m having
the Chicken Straciatella. Quite an aromatic broth. Mmmh! How’s your soup? It’s delightful! Yeah? Never expected a Minestrone to be like this. It’s almost like a French style in a way. You know, the creaminess.. And the flavours are just so light. Gentle flavours. Wonderful! And my Chicken Stracciatella… … is equally satisfying. So it’s got this nice, savoury chicken broth. You’ve got these dumplings of chicken. And then you have the egg drops. And you’ve got some veggies… … just for that added crunch. It’s a tasty soup. And I’m glad that they’ve served only a half bowl of the soup. This is a seven course meal. So we want to pace our appetite for the duration of the entire dinner. Okay pick up! How is it? Very good. Yeah? Well they’re loving their Tortellini… … which is made with the Cavolo Nero, the black cabbage and the spinach. I’ve got my Risotto here with the lobster. The plate looks wonderful! Mmmh! The risotto is cooked perfectly. It’s al dente, it’s just perfect on the bite. And it’s creamy. Mmmh! What’s interesting is that the risotto also
has flecks of chilli… … and also a bit of the Gondhuraj Lemon. The lemon rind that’s grated onto the risotto. So you’ve got that rich creaminess… … punctuated by this chilli spike. The lobster’s cooked just perfectly. It’s juicy and it’s got that nice, salty, briny bite. It’s a great dish. And the portion size is just perfect… … for the fact that it’s part of a seven course dinner. This is a great risotto! I think we’re doing very well on time. So we sat down for dinner at 8 o’ clock. I think the first course, the Amuse Bouche
came out at 8:15. And it’s 9:30 and we’ve done the Amuse Bouche, we’ve done the salad… … we’ve done the soup, and the first plate,
the Primi Piatti. We also have Shefali here. Shefali are you
enjoying the evening? Absolutely, it’s a beautiful evening. I had the Minestrone soup. The Minestrone soup. It was a very different minestrone. It’s not your typical minestrone. No it is not. I mean, when you think about minestrone,
you think about… … a red broth, a lot of vegetables, some pasta… … maybe some beans, some fresh cheese being thrown into it but… This is a very different variety. It is… … a broth of the freshest produce of summer. And even the Tortellini was well appreciated. So I’m sitting on my table and I’ve got… … the vegetarians right opposite me. And so whenever you’re doing a dinner like this… … you know that the non-vegetarian food is always going to be great. But I think the challenge is always, for a chef, is to always please the vegetarian diner. The vegetarian palate. You know to get the vegetarian diner to go back happy, satisfied, delighted. Right? And I think that’s what’s happening. I think people love the Summer Minestrone… Oh yes. Of course the Burrata is a big hit, right? I mean… … there are people who say, “You know what? Give me three of these burratas and I’ll happily have that!” “That’s all that I want to have” And it oozes out! The minute you cut it… It oozes out. It was perfect. It was creamy. And then of course, the Tortellini as well. Super! So great! Great start! Same here. We’re halfway there. Yes we’re halfway there. I’ll probably drop into the kitchen a little later. Absolutely. I’ll see you there. Alright. See you. So I’ve just got my palate cleanser. This is a Sweet Tamarind and Mint Sorbet. You need a sorbet when you’re doing an extended meal like this, seven courses. You need something which comes in as an interlude… … as a bit of a break, in between all the dishes that you’re tasting. And what you want for the sorbet to do, is just give you that break on the palate. This one does just that. So you’ve got the sweet, you’ve got the sourness, and then you’ve got that mint. But the good thing is that it fades away, quite quickly on the palate. So you taste it, and in a few seconds, it’s all gone. And you’re ready for the next course that’s going to come in. So you’re plating one of the main courses here. So what’s really important now at this stage? At this stage? Co-ordination. Co-ordination. That’s it. Rest, everything is ready. We just have to take everything out. Ensure all the boys are plating at the same time. Somebody’s plating just 10 plates. Somebody’s doing eight. Somebody’s doing 18! So you know, it
depends on the combination. So it has to all go together. So once it is ready, the first part of the co-ordination… … or the toughest part of the menu that’s
going on right now. … and if you can pull it out, I think the rest is a cakewalk. That’s right. This is the lamb that’s being plated right here. That’s the seafood cream, with some seafood. Oh yes. That’s for this thing. You can already see the fish has found its
way to the plate. So the fish has come from the oven. Its finding its way on to the plate. So the mushroom is being plated right here. You’ve got the porcini cream, which is the mushroom sauce, as a base. And then of course, you have that portobello And then you have the oysters, and then you’ll have the truffles that’ll be shaved on top, is it? This is smelling so good. I can smell that… … earthy, heady aroma of the mushrooms. This is smelling so good! The chicken is being plated now, even as we speak. So you’ve got the peppers… … and then you’ve got the chicken. This is the Balsamic Grilled Chicken. So, there’s an incredible amount of energy right now in this kitchen. There are four dishes that are being
plated, in different quantities. What is important is that these four
dishes come together… … on those 38 plates, and those 38 plates troop out… … at the same time outside the kitchen to the diners who are waiting in the restaurant out there. We’ll see them on the other side, in the restaurant. If you guys are done, just move in, move in. So I have my second main course which is the Chilean Sea Bass. You’ve got this seafood sauce here. Let’s taste the fish first. The fish is grilled perfect. And the skin, almost fried to a crisp. And you’ve got this… … rich, decadent, seafood sauce. Just brilliant! I think all the flavour of the fish… … you know the fish is flaky, it’s gentle in its flavour. And then you have the skin of the fish,
which packs in all that flavour It’s delicious! This is a rich seafood sauce, so you’ve got some mussels, you’ve got some shrimp. I think for all those here who love their seafood, this is going to be a brilliant dish. As our guests were enjoying their main course, the kitchen staff were busy plating the dessert course. Tiramisu with Coffee Semifreddo So this is the perfect pairing of dessert and the music. It is. Isn’t it? There’s a silence so people are enjoying their dessert. Yeah It’s called a ‘sweet silence.’ The sweet silence! So the dessert course has just arrived and as people are enjoying their dessert… … there’s this hush of silence that’s
descended upon the room. That’s a good sign. It means people are enjoying the Tiramisu. Mmmh! It’s a very unusual presentation for the Tiramisu isn’t it? With the berries and the coffee. So I think the tartness of the berry just kind of cuts the creaminess of the mascarpone. Yeah. And of course you have the… … Coffee Semifreddo. It’s got just enough coffee to cleanse your palate of all the creamy mascarpone. I think it’s a great contrast. So you’ve got this rich creamy Tiramisu. And then you’ve got Coffee Semifreddo. It just kind of cleanses your palate of all that creamy… It just kind of refreshes your palate. So the verdict on the table is that the Tiramisu… … and the Espresso Semifreddo… … has been a fitting end to the wonderful meal here. Not the end though, we still have a cheese course, that’s finding its way to the table… … before coffee and petit-fours. So we have our final course for the
evening, the cheese course. I’ve got the Blue Cheese, I’ve got the Brie, the Cheddar, and the Parmesan. Just the sort of, just the sort of end… … to an indulgent evening. So what we’re going to do next is go into the kitchen and bring out the service team… … and the kitchen staff… … and the chefs. You guys have converted 40 people who
didn’t know Alloro… … into ambassadors for Alloro. That’s what you guys have done. So you guys deserve a huge round of applause. Fantastic! Fantastic! Really good! Ladies and gentlemen. Have we had a great time? Yes. Have we had a great time? Yes! Louder! Alright. So it’s time to bring out the artists.
The magnificent… … ladies and gentlemen at the Oterra… … who’ve been responsible for staging, for curating such a fabulous experience! I must thank the team here at Oterra. Raghu… … you’ve got a fabulous team here! I think all the guests who leave Oterra
tonight after this… … beautiful meal, I think go out as ambassadors, as emissaries for The Oterra. And Chef Suvaranjan… … you’ve still got that Italian magic… … 10 or 15 years on from the time that you first began. I think this has been a brilliant meal. Thank you once again, to all of you… … for staging such an impeccably… … wonderful, magical experience here at Alloro. Thank you. Thank you very much for being such a lovely audience. It’s been an amazing evening. From the moment we… And beautifully curated by Kripal and Food Lovers. Another event. … I have had in recent years. … Italy kind of came to me. In six courses, and wines and the
experience and the people. Thank you so much for a great evening. Thanks for the, you know, six course meal, and you know, it was like… … we almost were in Italy. … Gusto d’Italia, run by Food Lovers, curated by Kripal and the Food Lovers team… … along with The Oterra Hotel and Chef Banerjee. It was just outstanding. This by far will… Thank you very much again, Food Lovers. Kudos and well done. … simply superb menu. The wines that went with. This is one of its kind where the wines are
not paired and… … the guests were allowed to choose their own wines. I think that gave also a freedom to guests and the customers to choose. Fantastic evening! … so far as the food quality, or the service quality was concerned. Everything was… … top notch tonight. And I’m really enjoying it! I think I can give a pat on my own back and say that we have done it! Thank you. Looking forward to see and to do more of these kind of events with Kripal and Food Lovers team. And thank you very much Kripal, you’ve
been fantastic and… … you know your team was fabulous for the last one week, you know, pretty much… … in touch with us and making sure that everything is going well. Thank you, thanks a lot. Cheers. So, this is what it takes to curate, to put together an experience like this. We’ve had 38 guests and I think we’ve got… … about 75 to 80 staff here from the
kitchen to the service… … to bring those plates, to bring that
seven course dinner… … and stage it to absolute perfection. Fantastic! This has been a fantastic evening… … here at Alloro, at The Oterra, Electronic
City, Bengaluru. So until the next episode of Gourmet On The Road, stay safe. And happy eating! Fantastic chefs! Fantastic! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe, share, and leave a comment. If you’d like to support Food Lovers TV… … do log on to foodlovers.in and hit the Support Food Lovers banner. Links in the description below. Happy eating!

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