Tattoodo | Sessions: Big Steve at Fun City NYC Does a Sweet Fineline Cherub Chest Tattoo

My name is Big Steve
and I own Fun City Tattoo in the East Village. When I was young, I kind of,
I didn’t really have a clear direction and then when I was about 12,
my mom got a tattoo at Richie’s in Long Island and that’s when I kinda was like, oh,
this might be something that I want to do. So I started drawing more. Big Steve style’s kind of,
more well-rounded style, you know. I like doing everything.
I have like a little bit of ADD so I like to mix it up throughout the day, you know?
Pretty confident in doing whatever. Well for one thing I think
that we provide a pretty good atmosphere to get tattooed in and we’re not stuck-up,
we’re not pretentious, you know. We just want to come in
and have fun and, you know, give people what they want.
Make people happy.

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