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  1. ok there is a lot of guns i would rather carry like i am life member of 1911 religion as well as new member of bucket of despicable, bur excellent video again a ton of fun, i guess that is the point good job

  2. Where'd the sleeves on your T-shirt go? I don't get why you don't just cut them off like you really want to, or go with a tank instead. So we're not "purposely" trying to show off our guns, but we're "purposely" trying to show how they make sleeves pointless… Right. Sorry, I can't help but laugh at that shit. Muscle-heads (at least the steroid using ones) already get into too many altercations any time alcohol is involved, we don't need any with REAL "guns".

  3. I have a question: What makes a 'short' shotgun legal, but if you make a ''regular'shotgun shorter;you go to jail?

  4. I used to be a fan of the Judge, until Paul Harrell reviewed it. Don't think it's practical without the 6 inch barrel. But, with that much barrel it wouldn't be practical for carry, or for shotgun rounds, I think the gun falls under the same category as the can-cannon and ballistic knife. It's just a highly sophisticated toy, meant for responsible people.

    That said I still want a few of them.

  5. Really neat Taurus Judge. Might wanna advise all of your friends to get one as soon as you can. For things are not looking good for Taurus here in Brazil and they might close up shop.

  6. Holy crap this is awsome I hope you keep doing this your good at it one day your going to be big and I think all of your subs think that way to so just keep on trucking through

  7. loved my Taurus judge. really fun to shoot. and really doesn't kick. my 4'10 wife even loved shooting it. traded it so I could get my daughter her first gun and one for my mom. plan to buy another soon as I have the money.

  8. Outstanding Brother,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kaaaaaaa fricken POWWWW…..LOL Love it…My wife is going to have fit now when I blast the F out of the gas grill….Love that propane Blast …LOL

  9. πŸ™‚ That was awesome! I`m not a fan of the PDX1 but I do like the Hornady Triple Threat….My favorite is the Winchester 000. If you get a chance, try the Brenneke slug. Great video, liked and shared!

  10. I have the Taurus Judge poly public defender , I’m looking to find a 6 or 7 shot cylinder to upgrade from the 5 shot that comes stock with it but I’m not having any luck online , can anyone please help me or point me in the right direction to find one to buy

  11. As Darth Vader would say "IMPRESSIVE" Thank You for this video. d((6__6))b ~~~couple of years late but my Son-In-Law got me back into guns & I'm GETTIN' The Taurus Judge 4me, 4Sho'~~~again Grrrr8 Video. I subscribe today & I just retired 66years old, only played music because I worked 3rd shift, Now I look at gun videos like yours. I really like the SLOW MO part!!!

  12. Dam id die to have that gun my sons favorite six shooter is a judge he loves the judge and it is a good choice for close combat

  13. Everyone says these are worthless because they are not accurate enough to carry. Like you couldnt use it as a survival gun because it not accurate enough to hunt with(the .410 shot).
    Is this true?

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