Tea Party Themed Birthday Party for Bunny’s 2nd Birthday (At Home, DIY – Menu, Activities, Favors)

hey guys it’s Melissa here and it’s the
big day of our little daughter Bunny’s second birthday
it’s her actual birthday and we are doing an at-home very simple small
birthday party but I shouldn’t say it’s simple I’ve gone out of my way to do an
at-home birthday party that’s a tea party theme so I’m in my little tea
party suit and we’ve set up the house and I just wanted to take this
opportunity to show you what we’ve done so far what we’re serving and what the
kids will be doing the party today is featuring all kinds of finger foods
including tomato cups which you see all the time in our lunch boxes and I’m
still getting some stuff set up but I’m gonna talk you through the plan the menu
everything is like kosher style no meat but we have fish eggs
I have gluten-free dishes we have a vegetarian coming so there’s a lot of
variety of the foods and also kid-friendly foods so I thought it would
be worthwhile to go through that and I’ll take you all around from here I’ll
show you the setup in the dining room if it’s not set up yet it’s gonna be set up
soon and basically I normally like to use the items that I have but I did
treat myself to a few paper goods to make it special I really love the
Caspari brand paper goods and they have these paper tablecloths that coordinate
with any color you need so we’re using our green jadeite dishes and our cake
stands but then these little flowery things I added in and it’s you know you
don’t need to buy flowers then so that’s a lot of fun we’re having crudité
veggies I can really spend a lot of money on vegetables I got the purple
cauliflower with hummus tomato cups these veggie straws that everybody loves
for gluten-free people which we have attending I have gluten free crackers with
eggplant dip and then the finger sandwiches are going to be coming out
but I just sliced and diced a bunch of different types of breads I had made in
advance tuna salad and egg salad and roasted mushrooms these wild chanterelle mushrooms that my daughter loves I’ve
peanut butter and jellies here that I know the children will love and Lox so
I’ll bring those out shortly this station is where the kids are gonna have
their lunch but before they have their food I wanted them to do a little fall
setup of play-doh so I did homemade cinnamon play-doh I can list that recipe
for you down below it’s really smells great and then all of these fall things
that we’ve been gathering during the week that we spent no money
I have pine cones magnolia tree cones I’m gonna let the kids unpack this
because it’s more fun the box of acorns and oak leaves I have a bag of very old
ancient should not be consumed cinnamon sticks so I’m gonna let the kids play
with those and I also got out just a few things from my play-doh set letters and
numbers stamps rolling pins and jewels and a few cookie cutters the other thing
that I’ve done is I got out the Hat boxes so that anyone who comes in their
fancy tea party outfit can grab a hat I have a pretty big assortment of old lady
hats which even the boys love and all of these old lady hats including a great
green parrot one and Flowery ones just a prop set up for a tea party that I
thought you should know about I have our old-school CD player here I can pop
children’s CDs in that and that kind of keeps the move lively and I keep a box
of scarves a tissue box full of again old lady’s stuff so I have all kinds of
silk scarves here that they can use for like dancing or freeze dance over here
we baked pumpkin bread with one dented can of pumpkin I have one loaf sliced
some marshmallows that we picked up with a credit at williams-sonoma those are
not kosher a fruit platter the kids are on their way with the grandparents
they’ve picked up the cake at the bakery and some little mini fruit tarts that I
am NOT making and then I’m gonna take you back in the kitchen for my last
activity that I’m sharing and party favors come with me
so I also wanted to make the kids work for their food so I’ve proofed
night or left out overnight a package of mini croissants from Trader Joe’s my
mother cleaned out her freezer and they came to me so I didn’t even have to buy
them I’m gonna preheat the oven and let the kids put these in right away when
they arrive and then I picked up at Costco this giant heavy whipping
cream we’re gonna pour it into my butter churn which you could find at an antique
store or something it’s really fun the kids love a crank like cranking ice
cream so they’re gonna make their butter and in the fridge I have the crab apple
jelly that we made earlier this week from our own crab apples so that is
their little sweet tea treat I have lemonade concentrate that I made in the
summer I did a video about this where I was putting away stuff for later I made
lemon juice with sugar water and froze it and then I thawed it we’re gonna
have lemonade for the kids today I am boiling a huge quantity of water for tea
for the adults people can choose their tea and pour their hot water I have
coffee I have milk and I have party favors the party favors are really fun
we love doing tea with our kids like decaf tea so we use mint leaves or dried
flowers that are for tea and these tea balls are fun because the kids can
unscrew and rescrew them it’s almost like a toy in itself and I actually was
able to order a six pack of these each child will get a tea ball several honey
sticks a little cute snack a little chocolate cracker snack and they’ll get
a bunch of mint to take home so they can do a tea party later today or tomorrow
if they want to continue the fun we’ll give you some shots of all of these
things set up but before people arrived I wanted to have a moment to explain our
plans thanks so much for watching I hope you have a wonderful day and maybe a
possible future tea party for your child’s birthday or a special occasion
bye bye

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  1. Oh my gosh what a dream birthday party! So thoughtful and lovely! Can we get a photo of the cake!? It’s always my favorite part!!

  2. What a lovely thing to do for your children! I used to have real tea parties with my children when they were little; they are now 26 & 27. They still talk very fondly about our tea parties, as I'm sure your children will too some day. It's so important to create beautiful memories with your family. Thank you for sharing! 😁

  3. What a wonderful party! A cute sandwich for a tea party is to cut bread with a flower cookie cutter. Cut the middle out of the top piece (use the lid from a narrow neck bottle, like Worcestershire); spread the other slice with peanut butter, top and fill the hole with a dollop of red jelly for the center of the flower… (You could use tuna spread, fill the center with yellow cheese .)

    Fairy sandwiches are fun too. You spread bread with butter, sprinkle with sugar and colored sprinkles or edible glitter, cut into triangles (remove the crust if you wish, leave them open face b/c they are 'pretty'). Not so healthy but for an impromptu tea party they fill the bill.

    Flower shaped butter cookies, dipped into a sweet whipped cream/cream cheese based dip with add ins (dried cranberries would be pretty, or mini M&Ms) makes a fun sweet treat for a children's tea party.

    I came across these ideas after my children were grown, saved them, but never had grandchildren (sad face) so I've never gotten to use them.

    Oh, one more thing I was served at a tea room: they made sandwiches, removed the crusts, cut into rectangles and used curling ribbon to wrap the 'package', tying it into a bow that was easily removed b/4 eating. Wouldn't little ones love that?? And mini drop scones were served too, with 'fake' clotted cream (whipped cream plus butter and a bit of sugar).

    Sorry for the long comment!

  4. Tea parties are the absolute best! I love how you use the tomato cups for lunches and for events- such a smart technique to not reinvent the wheel when it comes to tea snacks.

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