Team Fox 2019 MVP Awards Dinner

(music) Team Fox is the heart and soul of our of our foundation. It makes our mission possible For many, Team Fox is such an important part of your Parkinson’s journey. It’s a source of inspiration, a source of new and old friendships. It’s a galvanizing force to bring together family and a wider community. For me, a lot of these accomplishments were a way for me to show that Parkinson’s isn’t my fate. It isn’t determining what I do in my life. And you know what it’s introduced us to so many incredible people, look around. (music) Being silent gave Parkinson’s disease a power over us it does not deserve. It made us afraid and isolated, and it kept us from a community who could change the whole tone of what we’re facing. Since becoming part of The Michael J. Fox Foundation and Team Fox, we’re no longer quietly fighting a disease. We have a support network of close friends and family, and we have support from people worldwide who are raising money, fighting for research and finding a cure. PD might be something that my dad has to live with forever. But because of The Michael J. Fox Foundation, one day people will refer to Parkinson’s disease in past tense. Yeah, that’s right. And whether you live with PD or you sport a loved one, it is so powerful to know that you’re part of this mission using your creativity, your skills and your energy to make a difference. Thank you, guys. Thank you to everyone for your engagement, for your passion, for being such a true reflection of our community. Thank you for all you do. You keep our hearts full and our determination high. Year after year you find the most creative ways to use your talent to support our mission. I’m deeply grateful. And we’re going to get this done. (applause) (music)

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  1. Happy b-day Michael J Fox…still looking good after all these years… one of your biggest fans..

  2. This is so amazing. Keep up the good work and I hope one day a cure will be found. I don't have Parkinson's disease but I get from time to time like some sort of epileptic attacks but when I do all the medical checkings it shows that everything is alright with my brain, heart, blood, veins and the doctors tell me it is not epilepsy. And even with the medication they gave me I get the attacks. The only funny thing is I never know when it will happen. Sometimes it's 2 to 3 times a day and sometimes just once in few months. You slowly lose your ability to speak, then you can't control your body moves and then I faint and can't remember anything what I said or done before it all happens.

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