So, hello everyone
welcome to another video I’m Marcos Alex
And I’m Murray For today’s video, were going to some event
Yeah, its Christmas. as you know you guys
its Christmas season, the season of love joy
happiness and most of all, sharing
yeah, yeah, exactly so, today were going to one event for christmas
like related with christmas its called Techno Christmas, you can see here
This event will be awesome And we’ll try to share this experience with
all of you guys and I hope you all enjoy
Yeah and its hosted by our college every year so we’ll also host it next Year
and hopefully the other year yeah but last year we missed it because
of some big problems but we wont talk about that now
and I hope you guys enjoy we’ll try to share this thing with you guys
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to tell another friend to tell their friends Yeah lets go Hi everyone! I’m here with Daniel and Bannet
So bannet lets start with bannet Daniel talks too much
Bannet, what do you? what is Christmas? I believe christmas is a time to remember
the birth of christ Jesus Time to celebrate
people get to know christ Jesus and hopefully he’s born in our lives again
everyday and we hope also more people will be born
again today Yes umm Daniel
you’ve been here for two years now what do you expect from this year’s techno
christmas our college’s techno christmas
First of all allow me to commend the guys who organized
the previous one First of all its a priviledge to actually
have such an assembly here To have such a celebration in a place where
its not usual what do you expect?
so what I expect this year is the true christmas feeling will be felt
yeah the true christmas feeling where we get to experience the joy peace love
of christ and christ and sharing and love
exactly all that And Daniel Daniel Daniel
wait you have a special someone in your life you’re not like most of us
yes, so what are you getting them this christmas? That special one everybody knows him
he is Jesus Christ **this is big brain time**
and this christmas im just giving him a special
place in my heart thats what im getting him
im giving him my heart yeah thats nice
Daniel has a special one whose your special one this christmas? my special ones are all back home I guess
and your sending them love yeah love and greetings, we chat and all that
and me your son here? for you i’ll buy you Parota
Parota for you ok its a wrap
thank you for staying with us thank you for you opinions
it doesn’t count though ah, who said that? but thank you (hey everybody out there)
Merry Christmas its christmas and this is my christmas spirit
Hiii everyone so im here with Salma and
whats your name? Salma and Gauri
first year girls and this is their first time in Techno Christmas
and this is our first time recording yeah we’ve never recorded Techno Christmas
and its usually amazing umm, salma what do you expect from Techno
Christmas a lot of songs
its my first time to attend like a christmas party
yeah, what do you know about christmas? I just know that its a festival for the christians
shes hindu , im muslim just a new year
its a birthday right? Jesus
yeah Jesus’ birthday yeah but like, a new year
Christmas is like a celebration we do every year like Jesus’ birthday
Just like you said when he was born and he brought salvation
etc etc we give presents to each other
we share we spread love even to the homeless
have you received any presents? Not yet, but if you give me one it will be
the first one would you mind? I need a present too
ok sure what do you expect from this event?
you’ve not told me what you expect from the event
i’m expecting fun finally here and songs maybe
dancing will you dance? maybe
if its fun yeah if we feel comfortable maybe
ok guys i hope i know it will be fun
and just stick with us stick around
don’t forget the present yeah i wont
i owe her a present and she owes me a present so yeah
Hi everyone so we’re here with our second party to interview
so guys what do you know about christmas? Christmas is just a day
for christ right? when Jesus Christ was born
yeah thats true thats true what do you think christmas is? Its not just a festival
but its an emotion for all the christians yeah they come together and celebrate the
world very happily with the parents and family
yeah we celebrate it with the family
we eat we share presents
do you celebrate christmas? yeah
in your home yeah yeah why not
every year? yeah every year
actually we gather all family members yeah that’s nice that’s nice
and what about you? do you celebrate christmas?
of course and do you give each other presents and things
like that? i give presents to my brother and my parents
and they give me back they return, you share presents
what about you? do you have a special someone that you give
presents to? during christmas? No
yeah today is Techno Christmas its like our first time to record but
we’ll probably be doing this it happens every year so
I forgot what do you expect from the Techno Christmas?
just a message what do you expect will be happening
There is drama skits
singing and everything
so you expect fun? yeah fun
what do you expect? More Joy
yeah Joy fun happiness thats what christmas is all about
thank you for… fun along with a message
and we hope people will be saved yeah thank you thank you
Hello Are all present here? happy Christmas
Merry christmas happy Christmas
Merry christmas good evening my dear friends
im really happy to be participating in these christmas celebrations
i think its the first time im doing so so I felt Very happy to listen to the songs
it was very pleasant see sometimes
you are unsatisfied with your life while many people in this world
are dreaming of living your life I hope you understood the meaning of this So the main theme of this skit is about God and his love
and his unconditional love so I welcome Babu and his team to perform
it so yeah guys
this was the event like after the program
we went outside to eat but I didn’t record
like we didn’t record because it was dark outside and also we wanted to record like
what people think or if people enjoyed the program
but we didn’t record because like it was dark and it was impossible to
record outside and also because they’re eating
and after eating they went to the hostels because its a little bit late now
but yeah the event was very awesome
and I also liked one thing the people learnt about christmas
like more about christmas like what is behind the celebration of Christmas
that it’s not just a celebration a lot of people knew that its just a celebration
and you’ll notice this like in the previous video that you saw
about the people that we interviewed in the beginning
like theyre just saying it’s a celebration
like they don’t know very well the reason behind and they learnt about that because of the
speech and if you want to see the speech
or the whole program that we had here you can see in the link in the description
it’ll be in Telegu and in english because we live in Anantapur
they speak Telegu so yeah but you can see the full video there in the
description and if you watched the video upto this point
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so see you in the next video Txau! MOZANYA wishes you a happy new 2020!!

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  2. In real life i am Daniel ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ. Great video guys, day by day doing better videos๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

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