Ted Cruz: The Democratic party is defined by Trump hatred

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  1. The problem is the whole vote count promised by the democrats . With a population of 3.1 million only about 50,000 voted . Democrats know that if they admit this they are toast .

  2. Bernie did have his results out. Look it up. It came out around midnight. So that’s misinformation that dems don’t know how to count. Bernie’s camp does.

  3. I have so so much respect & admiration for Sen. Ted Cruz. After our Great president finishes his job in 2024, I'd 100% support & vote for Ted to continue his work. To continue w/ Trump's economy. We have some wonderful republican politicians. Ted is one of them, Romney is not. But they're disgusting corrupt like Pelosi and Maxine "Peach Fody Fie" Waters & so many others. Let's Keep America Great!

  4. Thank you Mr. Cruz for your hard work and for defending the president, the constitution and the American people. 🇺🇸TEXAS FOR TRUMP 2020🇺🇸 End the impeachment sham and tell the dems that "We the people " want them to get back to work and do the job we pay them for.

  5. Ted is as crooked as trump and trumps a clown that’s why so many people hate trump he wasted more money on golf and his clubs which the tax payers are picking up the bill

  6. Ted ran against Trump, that said I am glad he can still support our President. If Ted runs again for presidency, I will think strongly about him being one.

  7. Whose the party of hate? If a Democratic New York native president had confused Kansas and Missouri in his Super Bowl congratulatory tweet, Fox News would have set up a 56-point font chyron about coastal elites’ contempt for the heartland and left it there for a month.

  8. Democrats live in an alternate bizarre world that is incompatible with
    reality. Down to earth common sense people are beyond their ability to
    connect with.

  9. Democrats live in an alternate bizarre world that is incompatible with
    reality. Down to earth common sense people are beyond their ability to
    connect with.

  10. Democrats live in an alternate bizarre world that is incompatible with
    reality. Down to earth common sense people are beyond their ability to
    connect with.

  11. Hey, just to make it clear, YOU! are the cheater and not the President. YOU! are the liar and not the President and YOU! are the joker and not the President. OR! do you still do not understand what you are doing OR! are you just playing your dumb aas and opening your eyes so wide but still you can not see. YOU POOR AND SO DUMB LITTLE PENCIL NECK, YOU BETTER JUST GO HOME AND PLANT SOME DANDELIONS IN YOUR BACKYARD.

  12. So..Schiff proclaims Trump will cheat AGAIN. WHY doesn't someone remind the public…HE DIDN"T CHEAT THE FIRST TIME! He gets away with these sweeping accusations….as if they are FACTS….and NEVER any accountability to HIS LIES!

  13. My entire life has led me to believe that the longer someone takes to complete something, the more likely they either got help or fear the results.

  14. Dear Adam Schiff you cheated the impeachment process and the American people. You loser….. To bad Trump is about to take 10 – 15% of your electorate.

  15. With the Net interruption… who can tell ? ❤❤❤👣🕊🌎🥰
    One can't even PU ?😡🤬🐘🥓

  16. The awe of Congress is dead, no honor, lies are common.
    Solution: We the people, seek one good lie detector!
    Can technology fix Congress – especially for the chair of the house select committee on Intelligence.
    Electric chair – oh – you lie – zap ⚡️

  17. Daddy Ted got a beard but lost his hairline a bit, it is fine, if Trump doesn't go for 10 more years, you should vote either his sons or Ted.

  18. The only evidence that we have of cheating, is that of the democrats. Everything that they've accused the President of, without evidence, there is a lot of actual evidence that it was them who tried to cheat. They make accusations but NEVER seem to state any actual evidence to back up their accusations.

  19. Adam Schiff show's math is off, it is actually 0%. Adam Schiff should have to show his math, the equation, or equations, he used l, to calculate that, "100%", figure, … let's see your math, unintellience, Adam Schitt, show, get a math translator if you need one, or did Jeffery Epstein give you that number, based on his "math expertise"…

  20. What a projection! T. Cruz just described his own party, defined by the lies hatred spewed out by Donald tRump every day.

  21. UK calling. Ted is right…the election will solve it….happened here 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Hysterical. We don't hate Trump. He's actually a very sad being who is the epitome of the seven deadly sins. It is his behavior which draws such ire.

  23. I love the integrity of Ted Cruz. Even going through what we are all going through with the Impeachment, he still praises Adam Schiff for being an effective a good attorney. That integrity, sadly, is lost on most Democrats.

  24. Ted Cruz seems like a stand-up guy. As a Canadian I'm hoping for representatives who put their constituents first. Seems like there are far too many self involved in politics today.

  25. They are so busy impeaching while their own house burns down. Just like if your house was on fire but you were worried about if your neighbor's business so you let it burn down.

  26. This is Ted Cruz. The same Ted Cruz that voted no for helping people hurt by Hurricane Sandy, but when Texas needed help asked and rightfully received it. Ted Cruz was main reason the government shut down a few years ago when Colorado was having devastating flooding and couldn't get government help. No, people dislike Trump and Cruz because they only want to help their own and the heck with the rest of us. Limit deductions that people in high real estate local tax areas once had and give a bulk of the tax cut to millionaires and corporations. Once upon a time, there were republicans that you did not agree with but you could negotiate with. Now it is everything for them and if you didn't vote for me, then get lost.

  27. Green eggs and ham Schiff story teller problem is he paints with lies deceptions bias and assumptions. Only takes two to be a conspiracy to unseat a duly elected president.

  28. I really enjoy Cruz’s pod cast. It’s very informative! I hope it continues even after this impeachment SHAM.

  29. Imagine the house passes it's fourth impeachment this term. The senate is still doing discovery for impeachment #1. That's not hyperbole, that's exactly the precedent the House wants to set. SHAME

  30. Mr Senator Cruz, you will go down in history as one of President Trumps loyal supporters. We appreciate your support for our President, America is at it's highest point in history and can only get better. "Trump 2020"

  31. And Dems define Trump as Treasonous and highly Corrupt….I want refund for all the useless expenses he spent golfing on my tax return……ONLY FOOLS WILL FOILLOW A FOOL…..So What are you????

  32. Trump however, is just and example of love and beansprout, like his Trumpeteers.

    Donald J. Trump


    Our case against lyin’, cheatin’, liddle’ Adam “Shifty” Schiff, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, Nervous Nancy Pelosi, their leader, dumb as a rock AOC, & the entire Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrat Party, starts today at 10:00 A.M. on @FoxNews, @OANN or Fake News @CNN or Fake News MSDNC!


    3:37 AM – Jan 26, 2020

  33. Bloomberg should just pay everyone else to quit with pocket change, that would be funny, you know most of them are in it so they can get rich and have power.

  34. Tes Cruz for President. /// but to be real the DNC is doing something shady. My point is maybe the # came in starting to have maybe Yang on top. They trying to hide or re shuffle the number to make their pick, sanders and warren. Shady… 😂😂😂

  35. I just assumed they’ve always cheated. Democrats are dishonest and unpatriotic, they hate the constitution and our way of life.

  36. From Idi Amin to Ceausescu, from Gaddafi to Pol Pot. All world despots had things in common with Trump. Terrible gawdy taste an unbridled ego and adversion for the truth and a need for self enrichment.

  37. Any of these senators left or right that doesn't see the last three years has been a fantasy of Adam Schiff supported by the press just have not been paying attention at all.Every charge has been edited and taken out of context.
    I have watched it all, the press made it up and Schiff ran with it, how many times just during senate hearing have we heard Trump asked Putin to hack Hillery, (watch the video all of it), it was a joke and it was also a week after everyone already knew Russia had hacked the DNC,
    How many times have we heard, Trump's a racist just look at Charlottesville "there are good people on both sides (Look at the video again all of it),Trump condemned racism and hatred of all kinds and asked the country to come together.
    And how many of these Democrat senators said QUOTE Trump said the second amendment said he could do anything he wants, and again taken completely out of context, it was in an interview with ABCs George Stephanopoulos and was referring directly to the firing of Comey nothing else.
    and you can go on and on. and don't take my word for it review the videos are all out there. look them up
    The claim that Trump withheld military aid and because of this Ukrainians died, an article in Defense News on May 23, 2018 Ukraine showcases American Javelin missiles. Ukraine has had the missiles for two years.
    Mainstream media has been playing Schiff like a fiddle and the Democrats have been dancing their asses off to their tune
    The claim Trump is breaking the law and making the country less safe LOL who has been breaking the law, who has been calling for the removal of ICE, Who is not backing the law enforcement officers across this country and instead supporting illegal immigration, Democrats, we are safer then we've been in years.
    And how much safer and successful would we be as a Nation if Democrat politicians would quit acting like spoiled children and would do their jobs by working with this President. do the research yourself don't rely on the media.

  38. Ha, Cruz distanced himself from Trump per FISA'S using an adverseral relationship…….per usual. Could Cruz sail to b Vice, hmm

  39. You know, i had no idea Cruz was from Texas… and then i was doubting if he was a real Texan or not, then I saw the grey in his beard. only a namby qamby lady boy from california dyes their beard.

    Cruz is officially a Texan now.

  40. Come on Ted cruz! The reason why people hate trump is simple. Trump is a symbol of white supremacy. And this is after the first black president…..
    So yeah people are angry because You conservatives let trump drag america to its ugly past.

  41. There should be no comeback for theses Dems after the amount of anti Christian behavior they have shown the people and your President. Very dark stain on their record in history.

  42. No one even thought about Trump before he brought all his partisan hatred, lying, and corruption for personal benefit into the White House where it bankrupts farmers, jobs leaving the country, raises taxes on Americans, and ruins the economy. (Wall St. has been on $billions daily welfare from the Fed since last September to delay everything collapsing). But Fox doesn't report THOSE stories does it? You're deflecting from the reasons people are dissatisfied with Trump.

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