TED-Ed Clubs: Celebrating and amplifying student voices around the world

There are over two billion school aged
individuals living in the world today, that’s more young people
than any other time in human history. And it’s this generation’s creativity,
their actions, their art, their poetry, their protests, their questions,
their code, their dreams. It’s this generation’s ideas that will
define the future of our world. One well-articulated idea can reach
and inspire millions. That’s why TED’s youth and education
initiative, TED-Ed, has created a program that’s
dedicated to sparking and celebrating the best ideas of young people
around the world. “The essence of TED-Ed was to create
more confident individuals.” “It was our club, it was run by us
and it was for us.” The program is called TED-Ed Clubs. It supports students in
identifying their passions, learning public speaking skills, connecting with a global network
of classrooms, and sharing student ideas
in the form of short TED-style talks. Here’s how it works: Participating students and teachers gain
access to a free and flexible curriculum they can use to start a TED-Ed Club
at their school. Each suggested meeting
uses TED talks to help students engage in critical thinking exercises
and gain invaluable presentation skills. In the final meeting, students are invited
to give their own TED Talk. And if they record their talk,
they can upload it to TED-Ed’s award-winning platform, where it can be referenced on a resume,
a college application, and shared with participating
clubs around the world. Over two-billion young people empowered
and encouraged to share their ideas. Imagine that future, and bring TED-Ed
clubs to your community today.

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