– (buzzing)
– Jeez, it’s gonna hurt me? – If this is what originally
came out, I’d be like, “I’m not getting that [bleep].” ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you are not
reacting to a video. Instead, you’ll be reacting
to this. – Oh, oh my gosh.
I haven’t seen these since elementary school. – Oh boy.
I have never seen one of these before. – Whoa.
Look at this cool thing. You can see through it.
That’s so cool. – This is like a magical
time traveler type moment. – An iMac, okay.
My uncle actually, he used to have one of these
in his basement. – This is old, right?
This was the first Apple computer? – Macs, they’re usually white.
I’ve never seen red with Mac. It stands out. – Must have been in
elementary school, these were–
just came out. They’re very bubbly,
very 2000’s. – (FBE) So, this is the
iMac G3, first sold by Apple in 1998,
making this year its 20th anniversary.
– Okay, cool. Damn, the year I was born.
This thing’s almost as old as I am. – I wasn’t even thought of
when this came out. – That was two years before
I was born, so this is older than me. – That’s crazy how much
has happened in twenty years. – (FBE) A lot of the initial
excitement for the release of this iMac was the
simplicity of the machine compared to PC.
It didn’t look anything like other desktop PCs
at the time, so before we have you
turn it on, what do you think of the design?
– Oh whoa. I didn’t even see that.
That’s actually really cool. – It is really cool to me,
seeing how it works on the inside. – I feel like that would
freak people out though, ’cause you can see every
part in your computer. – It’s got the little emblem.
Oh my God, wow. I don’t even think Mac
has CD holders anymore in the laptops.
I have to illegally– I mean, I have to watch
movies on Netflix. – I know it was easier
to transport, so I know that was
a big plus for everybody, and it’s also colorful. – It looks ugly as hell,
but I’m assuming at the time it must have been the coolest
thing ever. I mean, look at this mouse.
Look at these little speakers. They’re so cute and then
it’s got a disc drive on the front. It’s got everything you need. – (FBE) Okay, so now,
go ahead and turn on the computer.
It’s on the screen. Where you put the headphones.
– What the heck? – (FBE) I’ma let you
figure that out. There you go.
Oh no, you just– you were almost there.
That’s the disc tray. – Oh.
It was blending in with the bottom. – (buzzing)
– Oh, [bleep]. – (FBE) The speakers are
worn out. – Let’s see.
Actual buttons. – (buzzing)
– Oh. – Jeez, is it gonna hurt me? – See, I’m not completely–
– (buzzing) – The speakers are a little
old. – I love how it’s still
the same sound, though. (imitates chime) – I love listening to this.
It’s great. How nostalgic. – The aspect ratio on here’s
bothering me a little. – Oh, look at the little
smiley face. Oh my gosh.
Finder. This is so weird. – I love the color.
It’s all synced red. Takes a little bit, though. – Takes a long time. – Uh, it’s got puzzle pieces.
It looks like I’m gonna do coding on here. – It’s very simple.
The task bar at the bottom? – (FBE) So, this is running
Mac OS 9, which at the time was promoted by Apple
as the best internet operating system ever
due to its search capabilities, its integration with Apple’s
online services, known as iTools and improved
open transport networking. – Wow. – Oh yeah, high speed
internet right here. – Does the desktop look
familiar to you at all? – The only thing that
looks familiar is Quicktime. – Quicktime Player.
We’re watching movies. – This kind of looks similar,
but definitely not down there. It’s so basic. – This little control panel
at the bottom though is kind of a little different.
It’s more of that little bubbly effect. – The logo for the finder
is the same. It feels very dated.
I’m sure this was the modern type on
these kinds of machines at the time. – It’s funny how much
of a bigger deal email was then. It’s still big, but I feel like
it’s more for business and school things.
I don’t know anyone who still sends emails
to their friends. – It just looks very basic
and not– and very flat.
Now, all of the little icons are their own kinda thing
and they’re pretty. But I like how the apple
in the left corner is colored. – (FBE) Now go ahead and
open up the untitled drive on the right corner.
– Okay. Oh, whoa.
This mouse is so weird. – This mouse is so weird.
It’s round and usually, you click like that,
but no, you have to have old grandma claws. – It’s very slow.
I feel super lethargic. Ugh, the drag time
is so slow. – Oh my God.
You gotta really move this thing. – I just noticed,
how do you– you can’t scroll this.
This doesn’t have the little scrolling thing.
I just noticed that. – Ooh yes, I remember this now.
It’s a rough look, man. I’m really glad graphic designing
became a big thing. – Oh, it doesn’t move
around with you like the new ones do. – Oh, that is so cool.
You’re able to see where you’re gonna move it.
Honestly, they need to do that on the computers now. – Is this the X button up here
to get out of the folder? That’s so weird. – There’s not really a back
button. I think you just have to
close out and just go back. I guess you can’t really save
what you have unless you just click back at that. – There’s like four–
three squares to choose from. You’re like, “Do I
minimize it, make it smaller,
or just exit out?” – I like this style better
than how it is now. Did people ever have fun
with these and make little designs with them,
like make a little staircase and [bleep]? – This makes me lose hope
for their future computers. If this is what originally
came out, I’d be like, “I’m not getting that [bleep].” – I guess it would be
user friendly, ’cause it’s basic, but if you were to go from
Macs today and then go back to this,
it would be so hard. – (FBE) Now, we’re gonna
try to go online. – There was internet? – (FBE) At this point,
Apple had not released Safari yet, so all their
machines came with a different browser.
The browser is currently on the desktop.
Can you find it? – I’m guessing it’s gonna
have to be somewhere down here, ’cause none
of these icons look like– unless Sherlock 2 will
lead me to it. – Is it this one?
Netscape Communicator? – All the other ones look
very familiar to me and that’s the only one
that doesn’t. – (FBE) So, it’s actually Netscape
Communicator, so that was the big browser
back then. It doesn’t work on this computer.
We’re gonna use a different one, but have you heard of
Netscape before? – Uh-uh.
I ain’t even heard of this before. – Not at all.
Literally have never heard of it. – I’ve never heard of it,
but from looking at all of these, that seems like
the main one that you would use for the internet. – (FBE) This application actually
doesn’t work on this machine, so you can go ahead and
open the Internet Explorer. – I used to use Internet
Explorer. – Oh, what the heck?
Jeez, could you make it more complicated? – Ooh, look at that.
The worst browser in history. – It’s pretty easy to understand
compared to computers nowadays just because they literally
say what each button does. With Apple computers nowadays,
with MacBook Pros and all that stuff,
you just have to know. – (FBE) So, we actually can’t
connect to the internet, since this computer has
no Wi-Fi. – Shook.
Couldn’t tell. – Back then, it’d probably
be very frustrating not having Wi-Fi. – (FBE) How important
is Wi-Fi to your day today? – It’s super important.
It’s crazy realizing how much we rely on technology. – It’s pretty important.
That’s what you need to go on Instagram
and Snapchat. – I tried to go without
my phone for a couple days and just, it wasn’t even
that I couldn’t, but the amount of things
that I use it for in school and with my parents and
stuff like that, you actually can’t not
use it. – To think that if you
wanted to connect to this thing, you had to really go
out of your way to find somewhere to plug it in.
To think that you might have to do that with
your phone, find a plug in to connect it to,
it’s crazy. – (FBE) So now, we’re gonna
have you open the application called Sherlock.
– I thought the computer was supposed to be fun.
I don’t wanna open anything else.
Are we done with this? – (FBE) So, this was also
another defining feature of this. It’s named after Sherlock Holmes.
The software was used to search files, but it
also enabled users to search online, but it will
group multiple sources together, so you can only–
you’ll search one thing, but it’ll search through all
those sources that you see there in the box.
– So, like a big, old database. – It’s like Google,
but OG. – Can we go shopping?
Amazon? They had Amazon back then? – Barnes & Noble?
Yes, yes, I wanna comic book. – That’s pretty smart
for this computer. The fact that this is
able to do that much, I feel like a lot of people
nowadays will probably underestimate this. – (FBE) So, now we’ve
surfed the web and checked out the computer
a little bit, you can go ahead and safely turn off
the iMac now. You don’t do it like that.
You don’t turn it off the same way you turn it on,
so let’s see if you can figure it out and if
you know how. Let’s give it a shot.
– So, it’s not that button? Apple maybe, no? – Apple system profiler?
No. No, that’s not right. – File, edit, window, desktop? – Oh, oh, oh.
The little rainbow thing. Why is it so complicated? – All right, let’s try this
toolbar. This is hard. – Hang on, I can do this.
Help, oh, got it. Okay, shut down. – (FBE) All right, so to turn
off the computer, you have to go towards
the bar up there. You see where it says
“Special?” – Gosh dang it.
I was close. – Special?
It’s special to turn off your computer? – I knew it was gonna
make a sound. It doesn’t even shut
off quietly. It came on like it was
rumbling and it went off like it was
about to die. – It wasn’t as archaic
as I thought it would be. It had pretty much a lot
of the same features, just slower, more complex,
boring versions of them. – It’s kinda hard, I feel like,
to push forward so much. Apple has already done a lot
in the tech area. Apple really opened up
those doors for all these other companies to
do that. No one would have thought
to make something so retro looking, so cool and then
do something else with it. I feel like it probably would
have came later on if it hadn’t been for a company
like Apple. – Thank you for watching
this episode of Teens React and shoutout to
Dustin Turner. – Subscribe and hit the bell
so you never miss an episode and shoutout to Jacob Carlson. – See you guys. – Hi guys, JC here,
producer at FBE. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of Teens React. Make sure to check out
FBE2 for daily vlogs about the office, podcasts,
update shows, and so much more. Don’t forget to check it out.
Bye, guys.

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