TEENS REACT TO MEAN GIRLS (10th Anniversary)

(teacher) We have a new student with us, – she just moved here from Africa.
– Yes! – Welcome!
– I’m from Michigan. (laughs) Mean Girls? Mean Girls?! Every teenage girl
and boy needs to watch this. Why are you showing me this? – Hi, I’m Cady.
– I’m Janice. – (Janice) This is Damien.
– I love Damien! The map shows the school’s
central nervous system. I freaking love this movie. (laughs) Cool Asians, burnouts, jocks, the greatest people you
will ever meet…and the worst. – Plastics!
– (Cady) Who are the plastics? That’s not like that in high school.
No one is that segregated. She’s one of the dumbest
girls you will ever meet. – I’m kind of psychic.
– Really? – It’s like I have ESPN or something.
– (laughs) – Gretchen Weiners–
– I like Gretchen Weiners! And evil takes a human
form in Regina George. Regina George.
I love Rachel McAdams. – (Cady) Being with the plastics–
– Lindsay Lohan was so pretty! – (Cady screams)
– That’s me. It’s so sad what happened to her.
She’s so great! (Cady) There’s this guy
in my calculus class. – That’s Regina’s ex-boyfriend!
– Oh my god! Her ex-boyfriends are off-limits! I mean, that’s just, like,
the rules of feminism! Gretchen told me that
you like Aaron Samuels. – I could talk to him for you if you want.
– Really? You would do that? – You’re so hot.
– Dang, that’s shady! True friendship! I knew how this would be
settled in the animal world… – (jaguar roars)
– Whoo! (Cady) But this was girl world.
All the fighting had to be sneaky. The life of being a girl. There’s these new nutrition bars
my mom uses to lose weight. I really like how this movie was done. – What?
– You’ve been gaining weight like crazy. – (screaming)
– A real life troll! I’m sorry I laughed at you. I’m sorry I called you fat. I’m sorry that people
are so jealous of me. Ugh! Gretchen Weiners. The trailer makes it seem
so super chick-flick, but then you watch it and it’s
like the greatest movie ever! You know who’s looking fine tonight?
Seth Mosakowski. – He’s your cousin.
– What? He’s a good kisser! Incest, low key. Coco? Four for you, Glen Coco!
You go, Glen Coco! You go, Glen Coco! (laughs) I love this movie so much! Ah, I miss when
Lindsay Lohan wasn’t crazy. (Finebros) Have you seen
the movie Mean Girls? Nope. Parts of it! Yes. Yes, I have. Of course! 800 times. Um, is that a real question? (Finebros) What was
the movie about, very quickly? Girl drama. It’s about this one girl
who moves from Africa… Probably more South Africa
’cause, just saying. She’s trying to break into the Plastics… but then, of course,
she has to turn into them, which defeats the whole entire purpose. Um, mean girls. TRUTH! – (Finebros) Are you a fan of Mean Girls?
– The movie or actual mean girls? – (Finebros) The movie!
– The movie. Yes! I don’t know.
I’ve never watched it. It’s a good movie. Yes. Hands down, yes. I’m not one of those people
that can watch it a billion times. I had a really hard time
in high school and I was kind of able to look back at Mean Girls and be like,
‘Well, I’m more like the Janice!’ Plus, Rachel McAdams…so hot! Woman Crush Wednesday, every day! (Finebros) Do you have
a favorite character? I don’t know why you’re asking me this.
I haven’t seen the movie! Janice. Tina Fey’s character. Kevin Gnapoor. The really big sassy guy.
He’s like, ‘You don’t even go here!’ The dumb chick. ‘I can tell when it’s gonna
rain because my…’ (laughs) – (Finebros) How popular is Mean Girls?
– Oh my gosh! It’s really popular. I think it’s definitely one
of the most popular movies of all time. Even though it came out forever ago, there’s still people that love
it and can quote it. Everyone says, ‘You go, Glen Coco!’ Like, there’s shirts that say,
‘You go, Glen Coco!’ There’s beanies and t-shirts… One of the most popular memes
in the world is all of Mean Girls. People think that they’re
being super original when they quote Mean Girls, like,
‘On Wednesdays, we wear pink!’ Like, ha ha! I just came up with that. No, it’s been around
for literally ten years. (Finebros) Do you know any of the quotes
or things from Mean Girls? ‘So fetch!’ ‘You go, Glen Coco!’ ‘You go, Glen Coco!’ I always thought it was about
Conan, for some reason. ‘Boo, you whore!’ ‘- Made out with a hot dog?
– That was one time!’ ‘On Wednesdays, we wear pink.’ ‘That is NOT what Rome was about!
We should all just stab Cesar!’ (Finebros) This movie came
out ten years ago. Really? Oh my gosh.
Ten years ago! – (Finebros) How old were you ten years ago?
– Ten years ago? I was four! I was four. Six. Eight. Oh my gosh, that makes me feel really old! (Finebros) What is it about this movie
that came out ten year ago, – yet it’s still so popular?
– Because it’s still accurate today! It’s girl world!
Girl world never changes. In our decade we don’t really have
movies that are that iconic. It’s funny. But so many things are funny.
I don’t know! Every teenage girl in high school can
relate to some part of that movie. You’re gonna be labeled,
you’re gonna be identified, and you’re gonna be put in a clique. And it’s terrible, but it’s something
that just happens in high school. (Finebros) What is the definition of a mean girl when it
comes to a high school? Um, fake.
Two faced. Use other people’s insecurities
for their own personal gain. They have so many friends because
everybody’s scared of them. And that’s how they get popular, fear! Very judgmental and rude. I have a mean girl on my mind,
but I’m not gonna say her name. But she’s just a spoiled little brat. Someone who everyone perceives as nice, but is secretly
passive-aggressive towards you. And therefore it’s extraordinarily hard
to reach out to a person and be like, ‘I don’t feel comfortable. This person’s really picking
on me and blowing on me, but to the rest of the world,
they’re completely fine.’ (Finebros) What do you think
of the so-called mean girls? Hate them all. Well, they suck! My mom wouldn’t want
me to use that language. (Finebros) Do you think you would
be classified as a mean girl? No. No. (laughs)
I mean, I don’t–no! No…I don’t think so! (laughs) I’d like to think not.
I think I’m pretty nice. I mean, I’m definitely sarcastic. If I’ve been mean
to anyone, I’m really sorry! (Finebros) Mean Girls has a lot of actors
in it that have gone on to have successful careers,
including Lindsay Lohan. (laughs) “Successful.” (laughs) (Finebros) What are you thoughts about what happened to Lindsay Lohan’s career? Uh, she just lost her way
a little bit, you know? All these little Disney stars:
drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs. Soon they’re gonna OD. Honestly, when you first
turned it on, I was like, ‘Oh, sweet! Another movie with
Lindsay Lohan. Maybe she’s coming back.’ Oh, nope. This is from ten years ago. She kinda got really famous. She was probably one of the first
to really go off the handle. They just don’t take her seriously
as an actress anymore! I feel bad because I’ve
always liked Lindsay Lohan. (Finebros) So what would you say
to Tina Fey, who wrote this movie, or the director Mark Waters,
if they ended up watching this, with it being the tenth anniversary
and what you think about their movie? Great movie! I love you guys!
Suggestion: Mean Boys. Wow! Congratulations for being
popular ten years later. Thank you so much for making this movie! It’s changed my life and it’s taught
me how to deal with so much. Congrats on making the best movie ever. (Finebros) Finally, there’s a lot
of lingo from Mean Girls that has made it into our pop culture. Can you explain to the viewers
out there what does “fetch” mean? See, I’m not that familiar with it. Go grab a stick? What does fetch not mean? It’s British slang! Well, it’s supposed to mean
“genuinely cool and hip.” Like, ‘Oh, that dress is fetch!’ Like it’s nice.
Is that how it’s used? – Like, ‘Benny and Rafi are so fetch!’
– (Benny and Rafi laugh) (Finebros) And will fetch
ever be a thing? Fetch is a thing! Fetch will never be a thing. Fetch was never a thing,
will never be a thing. Stop trying to make fetch happen, Benny!
No! I’m done with this! I’m done with this, alright?!
I’m leaving! Oh crap!
I broke the chair! Thanks for watching me
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’cause they’re spoiled.

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