Ten Years | Anniversary 2019 – League of Legends

Hi everyone this is Colby
playing League of Legends open beta Pretty cool game here. We got to introduce you guys to Faker
if you haven’t seen him already. He might be just
the best mid laner in the world. Starting my first cosplay I’ve got a lot to figure out I’ve just been building up and working on my skill set. We’re playing TFT today. This is my very first round. I’m nervous as heck. Yes. Assassin. Kill them. Alright, let’s do it baby. It’s to game on. It’s amazing because this Worlds has been historic Yes! The Movi Star is exploding with excitement! Teemo on duty I’m French. I’m French. I love this series. What? The upset is complete as the kills come through. The SKT dynasty is over. Dude, we get killed in an instant. A lot of people feel like dynamic queue
kills the competitiveness of League. This game is so f******g frustrating. I made some really bad mistakes and I died a lot for no reason. There have been times where even I
don’t believe in myself and everyone’s telling me I’m washed up. I’m really sorry to all my fans. I’ve let you guys down. All we’ll have to do is get better you know. I got beat so bad the last game. Hopefully it goes a little bit better than before. Can’t end on a loss, one more! It was these guys who made me keep going and
believed in me. May your mana points overflow and your AOE stick May supports cover your flank, may your marksman aim true For me, playing League is a way to break barriers I’ve done things I never thought I’d be able to do Anything is possible! Are you Ready?

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  1. Sólo puedo decir GRACIAS RIOT, este juego ha sido una gran parte de mi vida, me hace muy feliz y me alegra ser fundadora de este juego desde sus inicios, para mi es el mejor juego de todos y no me canso de jugarlo, me ayuda siempre en mis momentos malos, me dio mucho sentimiento este video 😭❤

  2. How do i want get out to Gold if i don't even manage stop to cry after see this video!! MAN IT´S SO FUCKNG EMOTIONAL T.T


    True is that this is get tear in my eye <33 thank you for be here for us

  4. There's a time when we need to take aside our bitterness to our loses, hatred to the trolls, our complaints about the poor balance of the champs, or all the bad decision that they've done in each patch…. Sometimes we just need to sit back and appreciate how much effort and dedication given to the game, from the art to the music, and to the beauty of the universe.

    Happy anniversary League of Legends, and thank you Riot Games!

  5. If You look closer at the white beam it has like red and blue glow. Honestly it may be anything. Im sure they made that teaser for later hype.

  6. This video editing is a masterpiece. Honestly I have no clue why I got so emotional but at the same time I just got so hyped. I feel like I can beat faker.

  7. I literally just had a confused tear run down my cheek. Similar to when Cortana died in Halo 4. Say what you want but the community surrounding a lot of video games becomes such a family and a big part of peoples' lives. Keep doing what you do Riot games and everyone who plays.

  8. Congratulations league of legends im always here for you guys…
    Really love and my only favorite game

    I like the background music: The boy who shattered time

  9. The white nexus lightbeam at the end looks like it could be TFT, because the center island looks bluish-white.
    Maybe there's a central nexus there that keeps the islands floating, etc.

    For all we know, it could be just a general tease to new gameplay modes or Riot gameS in general.

    It would be nice tho if it was a new crystal-scar-type map where the players fight in a battle royale around a singular nexus in a circular arena. . .

  10. Plz answer me 😀🙃🙃 .. Legends of runeterra LOR card's splash art is amazing !! Are you guys going to release it in league displays? cause we need these wallpapers everywhere !! And plz update the k/da akali prestige edition wallpaper in league display to 4k the current version is bad !! LOR is❤❤🥳🙃 .. Great game 🙃🙃😀😀

  11. While I watching this.. near the end of the video… this thing is getting to my Nerves even the Orchestral Music…

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