Tera Kya Hoga Alia – Ep 126 – Full Episode – 18th February 2020

I want to be Mrs. Agra.. I shall be Mrs. Agra.. I want to be Mrs. Agra.. I shall be Mrs. Agra.. I want to be Mrs. Agra.. Mr. Alok! She has suffered
a new trauma! If she doesn’t regain
consciousness quickly she might never
regain consciousness. No, Doctor!
Tara has to recover! Her horoscope says,
her fortune is favouring her. Why is she repeatedly saying that she wants
to be Mrs. Agra? Who’s preventing her
from becoming Mrs. Agra? Mom, the organisers of Mrs. Agra
contest had called her. They said, Tara
can’t participate in this contest. – What? But why did
they disqualify Tara? Because Tara doesn’t have
a marriage certificate. She asked me several times.. ‘Where’s the marriage
certificate?’ – Mr. Alok.. If she isn’t allowed
to compete in Mrs. Agra contest she might surely die regardless of whether she wins
the contest or not. No, Doctor!
No.. I will not let that happen! Did you see that? Did you see her act? She’s a great actress! Alia, this seems
like a game of chess. – What? She makes a move
after you make a move. The only difference is,
you’re playing a fair game and she’s not playing fairly. I am warning you.. Please play cautiously or else,
she might steal your king. Do you think this is a game?
Do you think this is a game! I have tried so hard
to get rid of Tara. But she turned out
to be very cunning. She took advantage
of her accident and she pretended
that she cannot walk. We tried so many methods to
get her out of the wheelchair. ‘Alia, I am challenging you’ ‘you cannot
separate Alok and me.’ I applied a balm on her legs
which causes burning sensation. I fed her Laddus
which were extremely spicy. I immersed her legs
in ice-cold water as well. And then, I succeeded in getting
her out of the wheelchair. But.. But she didn’t stop pretending
that she’s lost her memory. The doctor is unable to figure
out that she’s pretending and Alok doesn’t believe me. Alok always worries
about her illness and he always supports her! Hey! I am practising. You’re getting in my way! Please wash your face.
I am scared. No. I mean,
I’ve to go to school. I came here during the lunch
break. It’s been three hours! I have been toiling since then.
– Why are you afraid? – What? Why are you scared?
– I am not afraid of you. I have
applied a face pack. I have to get a manicure
and a pedicure done as well. I don’t have enough time because I have participated in Mrs. Agra contest.
Right? – Yes.. So.. You have to do
all the chores.. – Yes.. I always do all the chores. Earlier,
you used to do few chores. You’ve to do everything now! Just think about it.
You’ll become famous if I become Mrs. Agra. When people see you
walking on the road, they’ll say ‘Look!
That’s Mrs. Agra’s husband’. Stop making faces! Finish the chores! My face pack.. My face pack.. Nandan.. You have landed me
and Satsangi in trouble. My wife has become
so strict already. She’s making us follow
a very strict diet and we aren’t allowed to eat
oily and fried food. I am miserable.
– That’s very unfortunate. Do you know who’s responsible
for this? – It’s not me. Who is it, sir? It’s you! Really?
– Yes. Am I responsible
for everything? – Yes. All right, Brother-in-law. I will leave
this place, forever. I’ll never return. You may go! You’ll return after two days.
– Really? – Yes. Are you challenging me?
– Yews. You know, I am a lawyer. I am Advocate Nandan.
I am good at my job! You’re an unemployed lawyer! Convince my wife
to stop aspiring to be the winner
of Mrs. Agra contest. Is that clear? You’re a
good-for-nothing lawyer! Did you see that?
Poor Nandan. – I know. Nandan got rebuked,
unnecessarily. – Yes. Nandan, you won’t get employed until you’ve a chamber
of your own. Every lawyer has a chamber
of his own. A lawyer without an office is not regarded
as a lawyer! When Nandan gets an office he will get many cases. Sir, even I know
what a chamber means. I am a lawyer. He is right.
– Do you see this, sir? But he doesn’t know that a huge investment
is required to set it up. Nandan, I know
that it requires investment. But, I will get it done
at a cheaper rate. Trust me. I am acquainted
with a lawyer. ‘Khoosat..’ Khoosat?
– He will help you out, okay? Arrange for Rs. 10 lakhs. You will have
to pay for the chamber. And I am there for you. Get it?
– Rs. 10 lakhs? How will I arrange
for this huge amount? What will I do?
Tell me. Nandan..
– This is heights.. I am doing
whatever I can. So, you wish..
You wish to say.. “Double shot!” That without
the marriage certificate.. Without the
marriage certificate.. You want me to allow Ms. Tara to participate in this
contest. I should allow her. Yes, sir.
Because we don’t have it. What!
What? “Double shot!” What do you mean you don’t
have it? What do you mean? How will they have
the marriage certificate? They are not married. What are you saying?
What are you saying? What do you mean
that you are not married? What do you mean?
– “Double shot!” Yes.
Let’s go. Hey..
– Yes. Look, Mr. Sharma.. Ms. Tara is unwell.
– She is unwell. Unwell.. If she is unwell then get her treated
in a good hospital. Get her treatment done. What’s the need
to participate in the contest? What is the need? Due to her obstinacy Tara is participating
in Mrs. Agra contest. In fact, she was participating. Think about it. I am thinking
as to where Alok has gone. I wonder if he has
gone to their office. Sir, take a seat.
I’ll explain. Sir, the matter
of fact is.. But even if he has
gone to their office they won’t get convinced. You should pray
to your God that even if he has
gone there he shouldn’t meet
Mr. Sharma. Who is Mr. Sharma? Don’t you know
who Mr. Sharma is? The company to organise
this contest.. – Yes. He is the owner. I have learnt
that he is very emotional. He gets influenced
very easily. Oh, God!
– Yes. Okay.. So, this is the matter!
This is the matter. Yes, Mr. Sharma. If she takes stress
or gets a shock then she may die. Or it’s also possible that if she wins the contest then she may recover
out of happiness. Sir, it’s the matter
of someone’s life. You are organising
the contest. If anyone loses her life
because of this contest then will you be
able to forgive yourself? Sir, I think
Tara should be given a chance to participate
on the medical grounds. Mr. Alok..
Mr. Alok.. – “Double shot!” For this contest it’s important for a girl
to be married. It’s important. And Ms. Tara is unmarried.
She is unmarried. Sir, Tara isn’t
aware of this. She believes
that I am her husband. And she is my wife. And that we are married. Sir, I request you. Allow Tara
to participate in this contest. What if she wins? What if people learn
that she is unmarried? Then?
– People will respect you. Everybody will say
that you allowed an unwell girl to participate in the contest
despite knowing everything. People will consider you
their role model. All right. I will take Ms. Tara
back in the contest. I will take her back.
– “Double shot!” Anyway, she will not
be able to win it. She will be out
after two rounds. Because in order
to win the contest one needs to have
the experience of being a wife. Right?
– Thank you, sir. You are a..
– What! You are a great
human being. It’s okay.
It’s okay. Mr. Alok.. Ms. Tara should
learn this as soon as possible. It should reach her ears then to the mind. ‘Mrs. Agra contest, 2020.’ ‘Winning prize
Rs. 10..’ ‘Rs. 10 lakhs!’ That means the winner will get
the prize money of Rs. 10 lakhs. It is of no use to me. I am not even married. If I was married I would have made my wife
to participate in it. ‘Wow!
What an idea!’ ‘Who says I am not married?’ ‘I will bring my wife.’ ‘And she will participate
in the contest.’ I want to become
Mrs. Agra. I want to become
Mrs. Agra. Oh, God! I don’t understand
why she wants to be Mrs. Agra. What will she get? Come on, Durga. You can only
think about sweets. Tara will become famous
when she wins the contest. If she wants to be famous then she should
become a cricketer. – What! Yes. She is not so young. Then she should
try in films. She can work
in TV serials. What else? Durga, let it go. Poor Tara is alone
and has no support. I hope nothing happens
to her. I want to become
Mrs. Agra. I will definitely become
Mrs. Agra. Tara. Tara, open your eyes.
Come back to your senses. You’ll definitely become
Mrs. Agra. And you know I spoke
to Mr. Sharma. The owner of the company which
is organising Mrs. Agra contest. And you know what
he said? He said that you can
participate without the marriage certificate too. Tara, open your eyes. Mr. Alok.
Whisper that into her ears. So that she clearly hears it and understands it. Alok what are you doing? I am whispering
into her ears. Tara I have spoken to Mr. Sharma. The owner of the company which
is organising Mrs. Agra contest. And I have convinced him
as well. And you know
he said that you can participate without
the marriage certificate too. Really? Yes, Tara. Really, dear.
– Yes. You’re telling the truth, right?
– Yes. He agreed? – Yes, I spoke to him
and convinced him as well. So, I can participate
in Mrs. Agra Contest? Yes. Mother-in-law, Alia did you hear that I can participate
in the contest. You’re telling the truth, right? Thank you so much. Doctor, now I am feeling fine. Thank you so much, dear. Hey, don’t stand.
Take some rest. No, I don’t have much time. The contest will take place next
week. I have to start preparing. Okay, I’ll take your leave now,
Mr. Alok. Come on, Doctor.
I’ll drop you outside. I am going to the garden
with Rohan. I will come along
with you. Come on, Alia. Yes! Alia. So, how was it? Did you have fun? You tried many things,
but I made a powerful move. Your plan of ousting me
from the contest was really good. But I turned the tables. How will you stop me now? Well, now I will definitely
become Mrs. Agra.

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