Hello and welcome to TheTerminatorFans.com It’s the 10th Anniversary of the L.A release
of Terminator Salvation. Loved by some, hated by others and underwhelming
to many – who felt that it had failed to fully capitalize upon the opportunities for style,
story and substance (not to mention its lack of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s presence in the
flesh). To us at TheTerminatorFans.com it remains one of our lesser disliked non-James
Cameron installments to the Terminator franchise. Salvation was the first in a planned trilogy
which was to lead us into a full future war with Christian Bale at the helm as the adult
John Connor, and the late Anton Yelchin as young Kyle Reese (in the lead up to Kyle being
sent back to unwittingly impregnate Sarah Connor – all in the name of saving the world). Let’s not forget Sam Worthington’s turn as
Marcus Wright – the hapless human/terminator hybrid harboring guilty family secrets. The movie dedicated to Movie and
Terminator legend, Stan Winston, who sadly passed away on June 15, 2008 – and whose impact
upon the Terminator franchise can never be erased. Though Terminator Salvation is no longer considered
part of Terminator movie canon (as the new Terminator movie Terminator: Dark Fate stands
as a direct sequel to James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day) Terminator Fans can still
venture into the non-canon extended Terminator universe, should they so wish to. What do you think? Will Terminator Salvation still hold a place
in Terminator’s multiverse for you? Are you happy to forget T:S ever happened? Will you be watching Terminator Salvation
to celebrate the anniversary? We’ll put any relevant links in the description
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  1. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. I was like in the 5th grade when this came out and looking back it’s no wonder why Christian Bale was upset with one of crew members on set.

  2. I liked Salvation a lot, at least they dared to do their own thing, the ending was a tad rushed and ridiculous (heart surgery on dusty outdoors cough cough) but the acting was great and i like Sam Worthington´s character, Bale was unsuferable but Anton Yeltchin did a great job as a teen Kyle Reese, the design of the machines was great also (except skynet itself), yeah sure… it was a mix bag but it was its own thing and i respect that.

  3. I watch it every now and again but the film just don't work. The mute kid annoyed the fuck out of me.

  4. i do like TERMINATOR SALVATION is not bad film that take place in the future war and the original ending was dark and
    wonderful .

  5. See I actually did not mind this movie, I don’t really see why it is so bad, I get it was without most of the people who created it and I’m not a fan of director who directed it, but I honestly enjoyed it.

  6. Why didn't Clare Danes and Nick stahl comeback as John Conner and Kate Brewster they did a much better job in the roles in T3 then the miscast Christian bale doing his batman voice all the way though the movie which became irritating and Bryce Dallas Howard's robotic performance Danes and stahl should return to the series in the new future sequels after dark fate.and a Terminator film without arnie isn't a Terminator movie period. I like to discount this one as a non real entry in the franchise it looks more like it was made by the terrible b movie studio the asylum.

  7. I just wish it would have been as dark and scary as the future scenes in the originals. Also i didn't like the new terminator models like mototerminator or the snake thing in the water. Marcus was also quite stupid idea and skynet's plan with him didn't make any sense.(his makeup/cgi was also bad) i still the t-800 fight and t-600 scenes and it was nice to have young kyle reese in it

  8. If TS had this in their films:

    1. More war between T-600 and the Resistance, I mean like totally like a warzone. That'll be super epic! War scenes just like Saving Private Ryan.
    2. Focus on developing new story instead of pushing these 'Terminator-nostalgia' of T1 and T2
    3. Focus on how Skynet advancing to win the war cleverly, not by killing JC and bait him to the factory to kill him
    4. Less focused on Marcus Wright, more depth towards the Resistance.

    5. More war. More war. More war. I wanted to see the war!

  9. The worse Terminator Film ever made… It's complete a mess and make no sense… Everything here is Wrong… From the Ewok trap Terminator caught to The Terminator with Heart Bull shiet!
    It's horrible…
    The MCG is. A stupid guy used car sales man… I just hate this movie…

  10. Terminator salvation was a great movie. Someone had the balls and gave us the future war we wanted to see and the movie should have continued in this line. Sorry but just going back to the beginning crap is getting boring and dark faith better be better then T2 or it will be a bigger flop then terminator genesis

  11. Do you guys think they will do a new version of the terminator theme for dark fate? Or keep it the way it is from judgement day?

  12. I really enjoyed terminator salvation special effects looks amazing storytelling in movie and i loved first time we see T-600 in series

  13. A good film Terminator ! For me he is the best of series after the classics of James Cameron

  14. I really disliked this. The T-600s looked crap, there were no plasma rifles, it mostly took place in some Mad Max daytime world. I remember Anton Yelchin did a good Kyle Reese though.

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