Terry Crews’ Best Anniversary Story with Wife of 30 years | The View

Wow Cause everything’s on the floor Thank you, I Love Brooklyn nine-nine, you know I do the show was on one network for five seasons But then foolishly cancelled it and then like 20 minutes later Another network picked it up. You said that Twitter saved this show explain well, first of all, I mean, you know When you have to create a character just like creating a human being It’s really living the whole thing And we were doing well and all of a sudden we got canceled out of the blue. It was a shot It was like having a heart attack and you start to realize oh my god, Terry Jeffords just dead I mean, that’s the mentality that we were thinking and then 20 less than 24 hours later we were revived by the internet hundreds of millions of posts and comments and tweets and From very famous people all the way down to your neighbor. They were like Brooklyn nine-nine back on and they gave us new life We’ve been going ever since we I mean and we got picked up for season eight right before season seven even premieres that’s so it’s so Don’t be said no to You no, I loved it. Because you know, we remember when you all first started we had y’all on at the other shots Right because I this show made me laugh. It was just it just just fine That was a funny scene Is a classic first of all, he’s one of the best actors of all time eat illegitimate is us and the whole thing It’s just the honor to be working with the best in the business Ed the internet on fire when you posted this picture of your body It’s just so depressing to see how you’ve let yourself go The funniest thing about this, is that when I posted it You know the internet they don’t play now they came back. They said he looks like a chewed-up tootsie roll Melted KitKat. Oh my dad Is not gonna let you get away but when it’s funny is fun Say not to you, what do they look like? Exactly, like you’re sculpted from marble, whatever you and your wife Rebecca who is incredible She’s been here before you celebrated 30th wedding anniversary. That’s incredible Stevie Wonder was also incredible but 30 years What is the secret and it’s just incredible? Well, it was in quote We had a bit a huge blowout, but I’m gonna tell you this Stevie Wonder saying all this stuff But that wasn’t even our best anniversary our best anniversary and I’m gonna tell you what happened This is crazy three years earlier. We went out to dinner a private dinner and we got an argument She took out of here. Give me the valet ticket Okay, here you go. Go ahead then. Yeah, she grabbed the valet ticket. She goes the whole restaurant Uh-oh just happened the waitress like you still want your meal. I said, yes I do Ate the rest of my meal the whole thing And then I wit called uber wind got some ice cream on the way home now and I walked back in the house and I see if she’s sitting on the bed watching TV, and I’m like Okay, and I roll up up next to her and I go you good. She said I’m good Yeah, that was that was the moment. I knew we would be together It’s not that was the best anniversary of all time and no words are better than a lot of work it was Did you have a good pick-up line when you met her oh I was really corn Yeah, we we grew up together is where I like to say she’s amazing she’s our last time so what did you have Oh, no, she was playing a piano at my church at the church I went to and I was like you play that piano really nice Okay What happened my way in you know what I mean? Because I treated her with respect and I knew I said, this is the one I’m so sorry. I took my time I was not gonna miss that Everything rolled out the way that I did even in the toughest of times because you know, I think you saw

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  1. WHITE WOMEN are 1000xs better than BLACK WOMEN…even light skinned Men now see this 😘👸🏼🙏🏿

  2. Aww it was so beautiful when he teared up about his wife saying “I knew I was gonna be with her forever” ❤️

  3. This man's wife was performing with her band a few years ago at the San Diego County Fair. He was in the audience to watch that performance. People were so happy to see him and showing him lots of love. He couldn't have been nastier and more "bothered" if he tried. He was rude and nasty, seemed so annoyed by everyone, refused to speak to folks, take pics or sign autographs. Some people simply walked up for hand shakes and he wouldn't even do that.

    I was so surprised by his demeanor because he always seems so kind and friendly. Maybe it was an off day for him? He ended up leaving the audience section and walking back stage.

  4. There was an hilarious episode Terry crew was in on my wife and kids. Michael almost kill himself trying to keep up with him

  5. Really enjoy this segment with Terry Crews 🤩😎🥰‼️ Once again Lunatic Meghan and her 🤬toxicity attitude 🤬 is noticeable at the table 😡😳😡‼️ Please rent an heavy duty CRANE 🏗 and REMOVED this white- privileged -oaf 🤨‼️from the 🪑 chair. Allegedly Speaking 🤷🏼‍♀️‼️

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