Testing out DANGEROUS After Dinner EXPERIMENTS!!

(calm, soothing music) – Yo, what’s up guys? Welcome back. Today is my birthday. Yay, happy birthday, me. So we rented out this house in LA, got a little rowdy last
night, not gonna lie. A little bit tired this morning, a little bit hungover. Oh first of all, before I go anywhere, because it’s my birthday, I thought I would release some V2’s. So, for a lot of you
who didn’t get a chance to buy the V2’s on the first run. This is still the first run, but I do have some personal
stock leftover, not much. So for a lot of you who didn’t have a chance to buy any V2’s, the link’s below, you can go ahead. This time, however, you’re
not getting a signed deck, you’re not getting a V1, it’s straight up just singles. They’re live on the site
right now if you click below, you can go ahead and buy some decks, while supplies last. Next bit of business,
we’re lookin’ at this, Dangerous Experiments. So what this is, is basically
a bunch of different cards. They got all these cool little drawings, and they’re all basically, I would say, dinner party challenges. Me and Wes are gonna do a few of these and probably see how
many we can do actually. Some of these are actually
really interesting that I didn’t even know about, so, let’s go. Aright, here with are with Wes Barker. And Wes is like, the perfect guy to try these experiments out with. So what we’re gonna do, is
we’re gonna pick a few from here and try to successfully get them done. I’ll show you guys which
one’s we’re going to attempt. Equilibrium of a Toothpick, the Scotch Hop. – I’m lookin’ forward to that. – Egg on a Tightrope, the Foreskin Spin… No, the Fork Pin Spin. (claps) You like that, right? – Yeah, that’s good. – I was savin’ that one for you. Sole Objective, Trivet Triumph, and the Table Vivante. Let’s go boys. You’re gonna be in enough
to lay on his legs, Will you’re gonna be out enough. Ready boys? Lean back. – Here we go. – When I say go I need you to like, lift your ass. Ready? – Whoa. – Lift your ass. – Oh my gosh. – We gotta drink these? – Let’s go boys, cheers. – Chug, chug, chug. – Whew! – Put the glass on your belly. (laughter) – Let’s see who can last the longest. I’m good dude, I’ll take a nap. – Is this an erection free channel? (laughter) Where’s the car at? (laughter) – Get outta here. On the count of three, we sit down. One, two, three. Alright, success. Number two, let’s go. So this one here is basically a life hack, if you’re missing a corkscrew, to extract the cork out of the full bottle of wine using your shoe. What could possibly go wrong, let’s go. Start by removing the
foil around the cork. Good quality cork is long
and made of one piece. Insert the base of the bottle into the shoe at the heel end
and hold the two so that the shoe is vertical and the bottle is horizontal, got it. Pound the cork out by striking the heel of the shoe against the wall in a steady and regular motion, after
six hits there will be a clear progression of the cork to the speed of its exit will depend
on the quality of the thrusts and the shoe,
when the cork is more than halfway out, return the
bottle to semi upright. Ready? Go. (pounding) – Let me get five shots. Ready? – Oh! (laughter) – What? How is he doing it? – Hard, hard! (pounding continues) – Nothing! What the fuck. – Hey! Woo, let’s go baby. – Oh! I’m gonna break this wall. Yeah! I win second place. – Yo look at your shirt. – Oh fuck. – Alright if you’ve noticed, the progression of this video, Wes’ shirt is getting soaked by more and more alcohol as we go. So now that we have a cork, we’re going to attempt the Egg Tightrope. Basically, this egg is
going to end up balanced on the bottle of wine somehow, on the corner of the bottle of wine. Using a cork, two corks and an egg. Place the egg pointy side down. Place the egg pointy side down. Okay, if I lose I’ll give you 50 bucks. If you lose, you eat the raw egg. – Great. Let’s use forks the same size. – And it’s cork and forks
on the rim of the bottle. With a few small adjustments, the whole thing balances upright, okay. (Wes laughs) That’s all they’re giving me. – Holy crap. Holy crap, this is tough. Holy crap. – Thing is like, if the
table shifts at all… – Holy crap this is freaking crazy. Imagine if they’re just lying and this never works. – Yeah. Literally though, there’s like, the smallest amount of
wobble throws it off. – [Man] You wanna tag me in real quick? – See what I mean though? How it like, starts to wobble and it throws everything off. I think we chalk this one up to myth. Yeah, not gonna work boys. Alright, (claps) moving on. – Now I’m really upset. – I’m upset as well but I
really believe this is a myth. There’s no way it’s holding
for more than two seconds. – Why don’t you guys do the next one, I’ll get this one to work. – Really? (laughter) Alright, so Dom’s gonna
work on balancing the egg. We’re gonna move on to the next challenge. So next one is the Trivet of Triumph here, that’s what it’s gonna look like. Pretty simple. I think this will be simple enough. – Easy enough. – So one.
– Just three in there. – They kinda overlap, eh? Two, it’s like we’re
making a little tripod. – Yeah, that was easy. This one said you have to put ramen in it, is that true? (laughter) – How are they spaced out like that? Oh, here we go. One, two… (forks clanging) – True waste again. There you go, yeah! That’s nice. – Looks nice right? Oops. We’ll get it, we’ll get it. – Is it plate and bowl? Or just bowl. So I think you grab two and you kinda move them open like this. – Yeah. – It kinda moves it into position while you’re forcing down. Like this. – Yeah, oh that, now we’re good. – [Man] Oh my God. – Okay, let’s go. Hey, the Trivet of Triumph. – Oh, look at that. – Homemade tripod life hack baby. And now you can eat ramen. (imitates eating) – So there’s literally no
reason to ever do this. – No, but it’s cool. – (laughs) It is cool. – That one’s pretty awesome actually. – We actually didn’t even
need your help for this one. (laughter) – Alright, next. This one’s done, woo! So you guys may be
familiar with hopscotch, but do you know Scotch Hop? Basically, this is like a magic trick. There’s water in one of these cups, whiskey in the other and by laws of magic and physics, they’re going to swap places. Right? – So good, yeah. (laughs) – Alright, let’s go. Let’s try it. (pours drink) – You know Jameson’s $14 in this place? – Really? Amazing. – Dude, just (mumbles). – [Man] Careful, careful. – Alright let me just read
this before we soak it. – This is the most whiskey I’ve ever… – Water is heavier than whiskey, so it will flow straight down, creating a pleasing visual effect. After the water is finished
dripping into the whiskey, causing the latter to move upwards, the content of the two glasses should be completely transposed. A rough mixture of whiskey and water, while an acceptable drink, is not the desired result. Gently replace the card so that it completely covers the
mouths of both glasses and remove the whiskey glass, restore the tumbler to
it’s upright position. Wait, okay so we just
like, after we’re done. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Same way we’re gonna
get it on there I guess. – Okay so we cover this one up and put it on that one, yeah? – No, the whiskey goes on top. – Are you sure? (mumbles) Invert the water glass and place it directly over the first. – Oh. – Carefully, gently pull
the card over slightly so that the liquids are
just exposed to each other, so just a bit. – This is amazing. I’m really excited right now. – Oh God. – You know what you’re doing? – No, I have to place this… – I love how we’re using this card. – On here. – Yeah. – Our only instructions. – Yeah, go for it. Trust yourself. – Hold the other side of the card. – Believe in yourself. – Alright we’re gonna, oop. Put it in the middle. – Yup – Has to be completely flush. Alright, we’re gonna slowly move the card. – It just has to be like,
a little bit showing. Here want me to hold the bottom, I’ll hold the base. – Yeah, hold the bottom. – Now you got the top and the bottom. And then just a little bit
so it starts creeping by. A little bit more, there we go. Now we got action, we got action. – Do you see it? – Yeah, let it be. Okay go a little bit further.
– More? – A little harder. – Yeah, once it stars
coming out then we’re good. A little bit more. Maybe get the camera on the other side. – Yeah come over to this side. – Yeah there we go, now we’re good. Just leave it, it’ll go. How good is that? It’s just in, just a bit. It’ll switch, hopefully completely. – Because the water is heavier. – Water’s heavier than whiskey? – Yeah.
How’s that even possible? – Look at this side here, Nick. – That’s so cool. – Yo this is crazy. Water and whiskey trading places. – Oh yeah this is awesome. – I want it to be like… – So wait, the whiskey was on the bottom. – Yeah. – Okay, so it’s moving up. – And I want it be completely clear, and then whiskey. And then I’m gonna drink. – [Man] I don’t think
it’s gonna get complete. – It better. – It says like, in the
best cases, it will be. Completely. In worst cases it’ll be a little diluted. – That’s probably what we got here, not the best case. – Well because we lost some liquid. – I think you’re just gonna have two shitty, whiskey waters. (laughter) – If it doesn’t go perfectly clear, Chris is gonna eat a raw egg. – It’s really interesting
how you can actually like, you can tell the difference
between two liquids as it comes up and down. – It’ll have to keep, yeah. Okay. – It’ll eventually separate,
like if you left like ice there, melting in your whiskey glass, eventually I think the water
would go over the whiskey. Eventually over time. – I guess, I guess. Do you wanna do something else while this, you wanna take 20 minutes? We can take a break and just let it go and then come back to it. – I think so. – Yeah, alright Alright, so we’re gonna let
this experiment continue because as you see, the
liquids are still transposing. We don’t have time to sit around and wait for that to happen so, we’re gonna move on to
our next experiment. Fork, foreskins, Fork Pin Spin, geez. There we go and that’s what
that is gonna look like. So apparently, a plate is going to spin, using a toothpick, cork… Supposed to use a needle here, we don’t have a needle, we only have toothpicks so, maybe we’ll a toothpick
instead of a needle. – It’s like a big wood needle. – Big wood needle, for sure. That’s kinda cool itself. Oh, look at this. (drone whirring) Never a dull moment when hanging around with the boys. Totally normal. I wanna see how this is gonna work. No! – Do you want me to break
that and make it smaller? Can you push it in more? (drone whirring) Should we do this not here? – Doing it right here, buddy. – How? Is it supposed to spin? Did we read the card? I’m just happy with that. – Alright. – I’m happy there. – Get a nice shot of that. – [Man] Yo. – And take your time cause it’s not gonna break any second. Don’t touch the table. So the whole thing is, this is supposed to spin as well. If that thing’s gonna break…
– Should we move that? – No, we shouldn’t. (plate clangs) (Wes screams) (laughter) – I had a manly scream, I said (screams) – Alright, well, that
was a moderate success. I think we’ll stop there for that one. Let’s move on to the next experiment. Alright guys, last experiment. Now this one, you
might’ve seen, this is the Equilibrium of a Toothpick. Oh… – Well mine’s more crooked than yours. – Definitely not touching right? Here’s the idea, we’re gonna burn the end of that. Yours fucked up. Here we go, look at this. – [Wes] Okay, that’s pretty cool. I didn’t know that was gonna happen. Look at that. That’s pretty cool. – Well, that about
concludes our experiments. Wes, I say we celebrate with a glass half full of whiskey and half full of water. (Wes laughs) – I’m in, oh good at
least we didn’t drop any. – Cheers buddy. – Cheers brother. – Ugh. Guys, thanks so much for watching. Follow Wes, go subscribe to his channel, he’s got a whole bunch of pranks and funny magic stuff coming up as well. And thanks for watching. Subscribe, like, all that stuff and get ready for the next video. We’ll see you then, peace, we’re out.

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