Tetsuya Naito is driven to take on Hiromu at Anniversary 3/3!

シンゴ 俺の存在を
忘れてないか? Naito, let’s go one on one, bastard. I’m already looking at what’s next for me.
Do you know what’s coming up? I’m eyeing that NEW JAPAN CUP victory.
Remember that. Ishii, that old-fart is lively as hell, as usual. YOSHI-HASHI, you’re from Naito and my generation,
but you’re not showing enough out there. Are you aging that quickly, YOSHI-HASHI? Also, one more person…
Will Ospreay… I haven’t faced him since the SUPER Jr. final,
But I don’t remember much of that match. Now I’m reminded of how upsetting it was to
lose to him in Ryogoku, last year. Ospreay, I’m excited to face
you in the ring, again. He’s got a British title,
but I hold these two NEVER titles. Let me make this clear, I’ve surpassed you. So, how did Hiromu-chan respond to me today? Hey, Okamoto from Tokyo Sports,
you heard him, right? What did he say, then? I was at the other corner’s comments. What? So why are you here, now? Do you only work when you’re
called to a family restaurant? If you don’t do your job here,
I won’t call you to dine, anymore. Sorry. What about the others?
Did you heard what Hiromu said? He said that you, Naito- See, this guy listened. He works for New Japan… Although you’re asking him to risk something,
you started this. What gives you the right? Got it. That’s it? He also accused you of going low. That’s it?
Is that all he said? You know, I’m really busy.
I gotta leave soon. He also said,
“Are you taking any risks, Naito?” “And you will call me out as
the next challenger if I beat you” “You started all of this, anyway.” “But at the same time,
you’re not taking any risks, Naito.” Got it. That’s it? Well, honestly, I did wonder what he would say.
Every time I provoke him, in the ring, He always reacts more than I imagined he would. So that hypes me up.
I can’t stop messing with him. But today seemed kind of normal, for him. But he doesn’t need to put anything on line.
This is just for pride. And what we’ve fostered in our relationship.
We should let all of that out. I’ve been waiting a long time to face Hiromu… 1 or 2 years…
No, since the day I met him, 10 years ago. And it’s finally happening.
On March 3rd in Ota-ku Arena. Hiromu, everything we’ve done, and your pride
as Junior champion, let it all out. I’m ready for it. And I’ll give you some advice,
so that you can step up. You need to go through this, yourself. Next up is Okinawa, right? And Mito, Koriyama…
I don’t know if we’ll have warm-up matches there. Even if I don’t face Hiromu there,
just come at me, backstage or anywhere. His unpredictable nature is all part of his charm. Well, everyone, see you all in Okinawa. ADIÓS

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  1. if Shingo Takagi defeated Ospreay at New Japan Cup, he would get a British Heavyweight Titles opportunity and if Opreay defeated Takagi, he would get a NEVER Openweight Titles opportunity

  2. YOSHI-HASHIいつ腰にベルト捲けるの!?
    もう叶わない夢なのか!? 今の新日の主役は

  3. I am so excited about this match. I'm sure it's going to be really good. I like both of them so much and I can't wait to see this.

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