Texas Tribune 10 year Anniversary – Station outreach

Every Thursday, my alarm goes off at 4:00
and I’m in here by 5:30 or so, in time for my first of eight or nine hits. We provide kind of a political snapshot on
what the Tribune’s working on. We started off in like four or five markets. Now we’re in nine. I’m all over the state, just sitting right
here trying to inform people on what’s happening. It just speaks to our mission of creating
and fostering an engaged electorate and letting people know what’s happening here in Austin
and beyond, how their politicians, politics, and policy are potentially impacting their
lives. Texastribune.org – we’re primarily a website,
right, but doing these hits and allowing us to go on, and getting these requests from
TV stations, allows us to tap a whole new market, reach new viewers who maybe have never
heard of the Tribune and can learn about our coverage.

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