Textually Active 2

Shoutout to the friends out there who just… ignore text messages. I’m not that annoying person on your phone, who’s always like: “Hi! I know I’m the one that’s always initiating texts…” No. I text with a purpose. “Hey, what time’s the party tonight?” “Hey, we still on for tomorrow?” “Yo… Sorry for making out
with your sister… is we still coo?” When those are the kind of texts I send you, and you hit me with the R or the I, that’s frickin’ annoying. It’s not like we don’t have our phones on us all day long, and check it every five minutes. And why come, every time we hang out, you glued to your phone, texting other people? Do you think this is a game? Ain’t nobody logged into PlayStation Network. So don’t be looking all confused
when I pull a U, on YOU. You hit me up like: “Yo, what time’s the party?” And I hit you with the: [crickets chirping] Don’t be looking all confused. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That’s BIBLICAL! Texting is serious. It’s in the Bible. And something else that’s starting to bother me now, is when your “P.O.I.”… doesn’t check… your snap story. And you be lookin’ sexy af. You think I always be looking this sexy? Laying around my house… on a Thursday? Nope. Do you think I exfoliated my lips for Andrew? Nope. The one person you want to check the story, Guess who doesn’t check it. Some random little kid named Aarash from a third world country will randomly add you and check your story, and he don’t even have internet. This ain’t a game! Ain’t no Xbox achievements up in this piece. “I can tell by this video that this is the annoying guy you
give your phone number to and instantly regret it.” I’m not that dude! We’ve all had that person we’ve given our number to, and within seconds, we’re like: “Agh, dang it! What was I thinking?” Make sure you’re not that annoying dude. And what’s up with those friends that make plans to you like: “Oh my God! I’m gonna be in town tomorrow, let’s hang out!” Tomorrow comes, and I don’t hear JACK! Or Jill. Then I look at Snapchat, and you chillin’ with Homer Simpson
up at Universal. I look at Instagram, and you runnin’ from baby dinosaurs
in Jurassic Park. (laughs):
This is not a game! And one more thing that just—
URGHHH Is when you text somebody, and they hit you with the I or the R, and then they go and text back in the group chat that you’re in. I love when they realize, like: “Oh crap! You’re in here too.” and then they go and text you back
right after they text the group. Hey girl, I don’t got time for your nonsense. I already deleted you off my MySpace Top Eight. Next person that does that, I’m gonna 6-2-3 you
right in the temple. You ever been dragon punched
in the Adam’s apple? You ’bout to. just ’cause I do YouTube,
don’t mean nuttin’. Er’body in here could get it. Don’t try to ACT like ya’ll
don’t already know I’m from the STREETS. I’m done.
But if I text you, or we make plans, act right, or go night-night. ♪

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  1. What is 6, 2, 3 supposed to spell out? (Pretty sure it has to do with the letters on the phone dial but don’t know what he wants to spell out from that)

  2. waittttttttttttttttttttttt u from diego martin…………………….trinidad wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well look thing

  3. the only time I don't text someone back is if they say come here or come here I don't respond because i'll just go there and it no text back needed

  4. Lol… 623, lost it.

    I just found your channel recently and have been loving the small/random inserts.

  5. I swearrrr he has videosss for every occasion I just love himmmmm 😩💓💓💓😇😇😘

  6. I was in the process of being left on read when I began watching this, so I turned on captions and took a picture of the screen when it says “shout out to the friends out there who just… ignore text messages” and sent it to them lol

  7. "Do to others as you would have them do to you". Bullshit. I want mila kunis to suck me off but if I "do to others as I would have them do to me" I'm getting a jail sentence and a restraining order for life. The bible sucks dick

  8. The worst is when your friend is texting other people as there at YOUR house… or my friend listens to music as there at my house and text people! Like wtf. THIS IS NOT A GAME

  9. I’m a pretty attentive person, so if I just leave a message on “read”, it means I was genuinely busy, have no idea how to respond, or…last but not least, that I simply do not like the person.

  10. Watching this video I ignored a friends text because they said hey I’ll call u let’s play Xbox. Give me a sec it’s almost been a hour and I’m pist I told them not to inv me at this point and they said
    I forgot

  11. Yah I now how u feel I just get ignored forever it’s like are we friends and do they really want to hangout at all but I just expect It and I don’t even text them every day it’s some times man and they text other people every time but I expect it

  12. U should do a part three and four and five and I’m so going to do that pull a them on them 😆☺️

  13. 1:50 or when u asking ur POI out to lunch and then they say sure I’ll hit u up when I’m ready and then u don’t here jack

  14. i think the reason why they go on their phone when you come MAYBE ITS BECAUSE YOUR BORING IN REAL LIFE lol jk mate

  15. i know how this is because literally im dealing with it except the person im talking to has suicidal thoughts and you can see where this rabbit hole ends.

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