Thank you, Arlene Schnitzer.

Can you imagine Portland today without the
Portland Art Museum? I can’t. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would
be like. There was a time. in Portland when the Museum was considered
for the elite. Not for the masses. It had an impact on the community at large. And I was very aware of this and really tried
to change the atmosphere and the attitude. For the Museum to constantly allow your
up and coming artists to be exploited and shown, I think that’s very important. For years, it didn’t happen. It didn’t happen. And look at the difference it’s made. I think it’s very important for the Museum
and for the community to keep your vision going in what’s happening. It doesn’t mean you have to accept everything,
but I think you have to have a responsibility to at least show it. I want to inspire other people and other families
to do things for their community. If you don’t do it and I don’t do it, who’s
gonna do it? You owe something. You can’t just take in the fresh air. You have to be responsible. There’s only one way to show it. It’s either put up or shut up. You have to show a community that you care
about the community and things like the Art Museum. You can’t imagine a Portland without the
Art Museum. And one of the things that makes me excited
is the Rothko Pavilion. I always found it kind of thrilling that
Mark Rothko was raised in our community of Portland. And so it makes me especially happy that we’re
gonna have a pavilion named here for Mark Rothko. I think he’s one of the greatest artists of
our time. My father even told me that when Rothko was
a little boy, he used to sit on my Dad’s lap, and he was always trying to draw something. I think the Rothko Pavilion can only mean
great things for the Portland Art Museum. A very meaningful moment in my life in this
city, and thinking ahead to what’s possible, is when Brian Ferriso from the Art Museum,
came and asked for our support. And of course, it was our pleasure to support
this great endeavor of the Art Museum. I’m proud of what this community has done
for art, the artists, and organizations that support art. I am proud. I think for a smaller community, like Portland,
I think we’ve done a remarkable job. Good citizens are the riches of a city.

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