Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Song: Best Thanksgiving Music Collection for Thanksgiving Dinner

Title: Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Song: Best Thanksgiving Music Collection for Thanksgiving Dinner

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  1. Hi friends, wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy this peaceful music collection and share it with your friends. #happythanksgiving   #thanksgiving   #thanksgivingdinner   #thanksgivingdecor   #thanksgivingrecipes  

  2. Oh wow…thanks for adding me on as a friend and the music is lovely….I hope you have plenty of holiday cheer my friend…

  3. Thanks I am enjoying this prepping for the big day and will play this for TDAY Breakfast! Just the right spirit for gratitude and love!

  4. To everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! Let's remember not only the pilgrims but who the source is for our many blessings, God!

  5. " We Gather Together, " see ither HOly songs for this day, and have a blessed day tomorrow, and fill your tummies,with treats,I have made some for myself m being alone for the dinner, I have chicken too.and biscuits.

  6. I am grateful for all of you out there, my family,friends, co workers. So, so grateful. Peace and Love to you all. John and Byron

  7. I played this on my 65" flat screen TV in my family room while I was in the kitchen getting ready for the BIG feast for Thanksgiving 2017. I'm I'll be playing this AGAIN this Thanksgiving!!!! It's so nice to hear this while enjoying a BIG meal, and great family and friends to share this special holiday with. Thanksgiving, The Fall and Christmas are my most Favorite holidays. May you and your family have the BEST Thanksgiving 2018 ( in advance )

  8. Happy thanksgiving everyone and give thanks for the Native Americans who had to die blood and soil to give a prosperous future for the white men and especially the African Americans who had to be in captive to produce production in this economy.

  9. 9 more days till thanksgiving !:)A day to be thankful of all and what we have ,a a warm hug for all of those Indians who died from us white people ,and a warm hug for all of you Americans!!!!

  10. 2018 for me now. Probably 2019 for you now though. What ever year it is for you, thanks giving or not, have a good thanks giving.

  11. have a happy thanksgiving evryone that evryone can lestan to the music its very lovey and nice wacth this sub fans bye

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