Thanksgiving Dinner Inside Gum | 3 Course Meal Gum

hey everyone it’s James from fun foods
and today I’m gonna show you how to make bubble gum that’s flavored the same as
all the flavors you would find on a normal Thanksgiving Day dinner plate in
the past I made Willy Wonka themed dessert such as everlasting gobstoppers
and lickable wallpaper and I’d never made the three-course meal gum before
but this is about as close as I got to it and I just decided to make it a
Thanksgiving one so I hope you watch this and enjoy this video so today we’re
gonna be cooking a whole turkey this is my first time cooking a whole turkey so
if it’s your first time perfect we can do this together this was a frozen
turkey I let it sit in the refrigerator for at least five days I actually did it
for seven days but according to the package it needs at least five days it
can stay in the refrigerator for another couple days which I let it do and this
is a 15 and a half pound turkey so it’s quite large some people say you
shouldn’t wash off your turkey in the sink because then it will contaminate
the other foods that might come in contact with your sink but I plan on
sanitizing my sink after I wash off my turkey so if you’re gonna do that you
should be fine some people say if you just put it in
the package that or in the container that you’re gonna cook it in the heat
will kill off any bacteria which makes sense but we’re still gonna wash off
that’s what we’re gonna do so let’s get it out of its package and wash it off I want to bring this over to the sink so
that I can open it up and do it from there so this stage I preheat my oven to
325 degrees Fahrenheit and what I’m going to do is a very simple just
buttering this but I’m gonna get that butter underneath the skin so I have
some softened butter here this is just softened at room temperature and it’s
about 3/4 of a stick now I’m using gloves just to make things a little
easier and you want to get underneath that skin but try not to break it
and rub it all in there and then take the rest of the butter and
just rub it all over the top of it so taking off one glove because I have some
chopped up cilantro just going to put it on there not a lot just a little and
then we’re gonna put this in the oven and just follow the directions on your
package mine says about three hours and 15 minutes to 3 hours in it’s 45 minutes
so here we go so my turkey took just under four hours
to cook and you can see it has this nice golden-brown skin which is perfect
that’s what we want but the most important thing is make sure it’s at
least 165 degrees Fahrenheit temperature stick a meat thermometer in there and
make sure also it comes with this little pop-up temperature thing when it pops up
it tells you it’s done it’s a safe temperature to eat but I like to check
it with a thermometer as well just to be sure I let it sit out for about 30
minutes I’ve just covered it with some foil and that lets it rest now we’re
gonna cut it up next up we need to make our turkey flavoring and in order to do
that I’m gonna do it a bit differently than I did with my turkey flavored ice
cream if you haven’t watched that yet go check it out I’ll put a little card up
there this is gonna be a little bit different and instead of making a puree
we’re gonna try to make an extract now normally extracts takes weeks to make
this has to be done in an hour less than an hour I saw online there’s a way of
doing it and we’ll see if it works so what we needed to do is start out
with a mason jar here and I have some pieces of that turkey I made and I’m
really concentrated on the turkey fat in like dark meat the real flavorful parts
so make sure you get all that fat put in this jar as much fat as you can I have
some white meat but not a lot really concentrate on that fat so that fat has all the flavor in it if
you’re vegan turn away now we probably shouldn’t click this uh here we go so
you put that in the jar you don’t have to fill it all the way up but just put
as much as you can in there you’re really just trying to extract all that
flavor so also have about 1/8 a cup of Turkey drippings that was just drippings
from when I was cooking my turkey it’s basically just turkey fat again now what
I’m gonna do is pour in some vodka now you don’t have to have expensive vodka
for this we just want to pour this in until it covers all that Turkey there we
go next up you want to use a pressure
cooker for this and if you have one of those racks that they use for like
jarring it’s good to use that put it on the bottom I don’t so I’m gonna put this
metal um it’s basically a cracker for ribs and put that in the bottom just to
separate my jar from the bottom a little bit put my jar on there and make sure
it’s on there good and we want to fill the bottom of this with water the bottom
of your pressure cooker so it took about 4 cups of water you don’t have to fill a
lot it’s just enough to cover the bottom part of your jar and let’s close this
down turn this on and we want to cook it on high full
pressure for 40 minutes so we’ve had our jar in there and I’ve had it in there
for about an hour because I wasn’t happy with it after 40 minutes so let’s open
this up and take a look at it there you go
you can see that vodka is reduced down and the heat and cooking it should have
cooked out the alcohol to pull this out if you have one of those little clamps
you can use that I’m gonna use an oven mitt carefully pull it out and you can
kind of see that the coloration it’s mostly clear it’s like a broth like a
chicken broth that’s pretty good we’re gonna test it out in just a few minutes
though one of the things we need to do is strain this so I have a strainer here
and just another Bowl and keep my oven mitt on I’m just gonna strain out all
that turkey and we’re left with what should be like a turkey broth then we’re
gonna let this cool down completely and try it out and see if it tastes like
turkey flavoring so I’ve let this cool down completely and to me it tastes a
lot like vodka and turkey broth combined it’s not a good taste I don’t want that
taste at all so I’m gonna try something else I’m gonna try to boil out the rest
of that vodka so I just have a small pot here and I’m pouring all this into that
pot we’re gonna put this over the stove until this reduces down at least half
way all right you can see I boiled it down and we’re gonna try this out in a
minute but I’m gonna strain it again another time okay that’s perfect it doesn’t have the
vodka taste at all that all that alcohol has boiled away which is probably took
about two minutes boiling it and it has no vodka tastes all I taste is Turkey
now what we got to do is start off with a medium bowl and inside that I’m gonna
put these bubblegum pellets gum pellets I should say I’m gonna put four
tablespoons of that in there and one tablespoon of light corn syrup now just
take this put this in the microwave 30 seconds out of time stirring in between just give it a stir alright so that’s
our gum paste now we got a flavor it to flavor it we’re gonna take our extract
our turkey extract in this case so I’m gonna put about a tablespoon and a half
of Turkey because I really want that flavor to go through starts to harden up
like mine is I’m gonna put it back in the microwave another 25 to 30 seconds now
I think this gum should be yellow you can color it any color you want or keep
it the same color it is there but I think yellow be good and working fast
I’m gonna bring in a baking mat here a silicon mat and we’re gonna put 1/2 a
cup of powdered sugar on here just make a little well in the middle now just
scoop out our Bubblegum stuff here put it right in the middle it’s quite sticky
but try to scoop out as much as you can and just to let you know this is a mess
to clean up by the way I remember from when I did my Mountain Dew bubble gum
that mmm it’s messy okay so now you don’t want to touch with your fingers
yet because it’s still quite hot so try to use your spoon or use some sort of
stick of some kind to kind of move it around that powder sugar and when it
gets to the point where you can touch it which is starting to get to that point
but just be careful not to touch it with your fingers directly now we’re just
going to knead this until it’s no longer sticky now we’re going to do is roll
this out so we can cut it into strips so there’s our turkey flavor bubble-gum
what do you say we make cranberry flavor and some other Thanksgiving flavors place these in do not put the lids on
them close our lid we’re going to turn it on high pressure and for 40 minutes
to an hour we’re gonna take a little taste of this now it’s extremely hot so perfect no more vodka taste it tastes
like cranberries and a very strong flavor of cranberry all right so that’s boiled down now I’m
gonna give it a try and see how taste has a little bit of that corn taste I
taste a lot of butter actually all right so all that’s melted down good now we’re
going to do is add in our cranberry sauce and I’m gonna put about a
tablespoon of that in there so concentrate it cranberry sauce that’s
our flavoring mix that in use some red food coloring now let’s give this gum a try and see if
the taste like cranberries yeah I’m impressed so so far we got Turkey and we
got the cranberry hopefully the corn will work out and then we have a whole
Thanksgiving meal well as much as we can make I think and now I’m going to try it
out and see if it actually tastes like corn I don’t have high hopes on this one I’m not really tasting a lot of corn I
think it’s in my mind because I know it’s supposed to be corn I don’t know I
don’t really taste a lot of it not like the turkey and the cranberry sauce one
but it was worth a try so when it comes to the taste test I’m gonna try this out
but I’ve tasted each one individually after I made it the corn doesn’t taste a
lot like corn I think but the turkey did taste like tar the turkey right here
tasted like Turkey the cranberry sauce tasted like cranberry the corn is the
only one that really didn’t have a strong flavor but I’m gonna try all
three together just to kind of simulate getting my Thanksgiving Day meal and a
gum yeah that’s weird
all the flavors are together all wants I can’t even distinguish anything now
it’s just all kind of mixed together the cranberry sauce does have a very strong
thing so that’s the only ones really standing out okay we’re going to start
with this one each one take a piece of the gum and go
ahead and try it out it’s the same same one same flavor obviously that one
doesn’t have a color chew it and see what do you think do you can you pick
out a flavor you can’t pick out a flavor okay that
one was corn flavor corn yeah which is the least flavorful one now that I said
that you said I kind of taste a little bit okay you get it all right so here’s
the next one and the color will not tell you what it is because any clue I’m not good at this game do
you do you want to hint something do that time but I can’t remember where it
was if I give you a hint you might be able to pinpoint it already something
you might find on a Thanksgiving Day dinner plate turkey certainly yep mm-hmm
okay for the last one here we go there we go do you know what it is that’s the
same hint cranberry cranberry sauce mmm good
well thanks everyone for watching to see how to make our Thanksgiving Day meal
and a gum I hope you enjoyed this video and if you enjoyed this video you’ll
probably enjoy my lickable wallpaper video go click on it right here and
check it out happy Thanksgiving my Soloway online ah
the subscribe button if you’re not I can’t talk can’t decontamination I can’t
talk um what start over

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  1. this gum reminds me of the gum from charlie and the chocolate factory when its a meal all in one with desert of blueberry pie

  2. Your parents are awesome for trying the gum! Maybe they can start ranking the food on a 1-10 scale? It's good to try new things.

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