hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I’m gonna show you my Thanksgiving table scape that I was finally able to
put together for the last couple of days and I’m very excited to share with you
here we go welcome to our dining room it’s not a
very big space it’s pretty cozy but I love it and we don’t really eat here
very often we hear about twice a year for Thanksgiving and Christmas and maybe
when I have a gathering with my friends then we sit up here but other than that
we eat on our island which is between our kitchen and our family room that’s
where I do all my projects all the time but I do love the way the dance given
the court turned out this year I love it first I was thinking about painting the
pumpkins but I didn’t and I think I made the right choice I was going to go with
lighter tones but I decided to keep the orange and I loved it the look that I
was going for was elegant and rustic which are my two favorite looks in that
order I really really love everything to look elegant
but I also like that rustic look and I think I combined both looks pretty well
as you can see I decided to use a burlap runner which is very appropriate for
this look I got this runner some time ago from Amazon what makes this tablescape unique are
the wood slices that I have throughout the table right here I have it in the
middle with my focal point which is my white pumpkin this slice right here is
10 inches and I got it from Hobby Lobby 50% off of $11.99 so it cost me about 6
bucks I also have wood chips slices throughout the setting and they are
serving almost like tables scatter and I wrote last faith love family on them
things that you were grateful for for Thanksgiving and I also have a here on
my place settings with my guest names and I also have them here for my
desserts these two ceramic pumpkins come from Dollar Tree as well as my black
candle holder this beautiful greenery bushes as well as the four inch wood
slices were purchase at Michaels and all of my plastic pumpkins I purchase a
Hobby Lobby and these are actually pumpkin picks and I just cut off all the
picks and just place them on here and this one right here is basically this
one I just painted it with Estonia metallic go for a pop of gold and I’m
not sure if you can remember this pumpkin this pumpkin right here what’s
the one that I use for my fall wedding centerpiece and I just turned it over
and I pull the actual stem from a pumpkin and glue it on here yeah that’s
how that happen and that’s basically it guys it just repeats on this side and I
do have a couple of burlap leaves and this comes from a bouquet of leaves from
Dollar Tree my table setting consists of a faux wood
charger from Walmart there were each one 97 and I really
really liked that price such a great price for such a beautiful charger and
can you believe that this dinner plate and this salad plate with gold rims are
from Dollar Tree yes from Dollar Tree they are so beautiful very simple but
very beautiful and here I have a wood slice with my guest name well this one
is with my husband’s name and I did use a little bit of wood stain I used it
around the edges and right here on the top I decided not to use it in the
middle because I like the lighter tone there and and then I tried it with my
mom’s and I just didn’t like the dark one plus it smear some of the writing
here and my handwriting is bad as it is so yeah so this one has my mom’s name
Mirasol and then I wanted to write mom on the other side I thought that will be
cute but yeah I kind of tested it with her name and yeah I’m kind of messed up
so I’m gonna have to do it over plus her name is a little bit it’s not Center so
I’m gonna make this one over again for my mommy so yeah and yeah and to finish
it up look at this glass this wine glass will go rinse also from Dollar Tree can
you believe it Dollar Tree is stepping up the game so this table setting here
is $2 $2 $4 $5 and Dee would slice was $2.99 399 so four plus three seven
dollars look at that look at that beautiful in this corner I added about
four leaves bouquets to my vase and this bouquets are the ones that have the
burlap leaves from Dollar Tree and here I had this frenches that I purchased
from Dollar Tree some time ago and I glue individual leaves also from Dollar
Tree on them and actually a couple of the branches has garlands a couple of
these are Garland’s they’re darker ones are garlands that I cut in half and I
just glue going onto the ranch and this is how this came about and here’s our
small buffet table that you guys you should see on my quick and easy projects
videos and there’s a mirror there that you guys never see because I usually
look a mess and I don’t want you to see me and I have a couple of lanterns that
I usually keep in our family room but I thought it looked great with this look
this year and then I have a 14 inch cake stand would would slice case pan this
one actually got from home good long time ago
and then I also have the greenery bushes here and some of the wood chips or the
wood chips slices this one says peace this one says faith
health again things to be thankful for and I got a couple with hearts and some
of dollar trees ceramic pumpkins and this one is also from Dollar Tree and I
have them on some cake stands I bought all purchase from home goods as
well and here’s the pumpkin pie my family’s been dying to eat but I have
forbidden them from touching it until I was done shooting this video so they can
finally eat it today they’re gonna be really happy in this corner I added some
leaf garland to this stand this is where I keep you know wine glasses
and a couple of decorative plates and I thought the leaves will add you know
more mood to the room and I love that and right here we usually pull this
liquor cart and that’s what we call it the liquor cart out you know in case
someone wants something other than wine which is what we mostly drink and here
in Georgia people love hard liquors so we decided
to buy a few bottles and we keep it there and we roll it out you know for
gatherings and I just um I have this sign that says a season of thanks that I
got from Hobby Lobby last year and then I just got a few leaves and some plastic
pumpkins that I have left over and whatever I have left over I pretty much
sprinkle it on there yeah guys this is Pat this is my
tablescape for this year very simple very elegant rustic came very festive
for Thanksgiving I hope you guys enjoy this video and hopefully I was able to
inspire you or give you ideas for your Thanksgiving table scape this year and
this year I’m definitely adding you guys to my list of blessings because I am
truly grateful for all of your support this year have a happy Thanksgiving guys

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  1. Wow this is soooooo pretty. I thought all the pumpkins were ceramic, they look really expensive. You have a very artistic eye. I always look forward to your videos each week. Everything you do is wonderful. πŸ™‚

  2. Tyra hope you and your family are all well. You are so creative and also am a lover of chic elegant design. Love your thanksgiving tablescape. I love the ocean and ocean life, could you come up with something for my living room please. Have a blessed Holiday season

  3. I would like to know if you could think about doing a burgundy black and gold centerpiece my daughter is getting married and I am doing her centerpieces for her bridal shower so it would be so nice if you could help me out thank you

  4. LOVE your tablescape! I LOVE the traditional colors of fall and you nailed it! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Thank you so very much for the blessings and I am as well blessing you and your family.
    Enjoy your decor because it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. Thisvis just absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! I luv the way u take inexpensive thing and just make them look absolutely amazing…I enjoy watching you make these masterpieces….keep up the good work

  7. This is a beautiful table setting,love your great ideas,amazing looking,appreciate u sharing.Enjoy your day πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚πŸŒΊπŸ

  8. When she said she got her runner from β€œamazon” I thought she β€œamamason” I was like like ooh where’s that store lmao.. her accent threw me off

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