Thapki Kaç Evlilik Yapacak Kimlerle Evlenecek?

In Love A Dream, how many times will the Thapki
character get married? There is not really what happened to thapki
in the show. In the face of thapki, who set out to marry
Duruv, he suddenly finds bihaan. So thapki makes her first marriage with Bihaan. The two later fall in love with each other
very badly. Tapki is getting pregnant but losing her first
child. Then they have twin girls. Of course, knowing what is possible to be
happy is that one of his daughters died because the girl is kidnapped. Then your bihaan dies. Meanwhile, Bihaan’s real name is Manish Goplani. The size of the player is 1.78 and the height
is 75. He has no lover. The age is 28. Religious hinduism and zodiac sign scorpio. After giving this information, let’s move
on to the second marriage of thapkinin. He is making his second marriage with Aryan
khanna. Manish Goplani plays the character of Ayran
Khanna. So Bihaan is dying and this time he is entering
the series with the character of Aryan Khanna.

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  1. Ay ben şok her şey karma karışık olucak ama tapkiyle duruv evlenseydi herkes öldü zaten hiç anlamıyorum🤔

  2. Bihan olur ve ona oxsuyan la evlenir cox pis ele duruvnan evlenerdi rejisir nece savadsizdi 😡😡😡😡

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