That’s Why They’re Single!” Married at First Sight Couples React to Season 10, Episode 10 | Lifetime

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  2. Taylor is like "Been around the world I, I, I..I can't find my baby, I don't know whennn.. I don't know whyyyy, why he's gone awayyy" 😂

  3. I embarrassed you over the internet now get over it. This is why she is single. It's not a good look.

  4. Jamie n Beth has no room to talk abt anyone bc they were the worst couple on their season. At least Amber n Matt got divorced.

  5. Are you going to reboot Kim of Queens with Addison as a mentor to newbies?! That’s the word on the street

  6. Zach is hard to watch. Brandon is a man-child. Michael is living several lies(he took about 10000 sips while speaking to Dr. Pepper😬).

  7. That Tantra scene with Zach and Mindy was uncomfortable to watch. His ears turned red because he was being touch by someone he is not attracted to. This is was not a good idea! Mindy is delusional; Zach does not have a connection with her. She has one with him!

  8. Micheal seems like a pathological liar. He also sounds like Kevin Hart. Meka complains alot but I see she’s not exaggerating about his lying problem.

  9. We living in a society where people will do anything for money$$$
    Marriage at first sight is not biblical….its of the devil. The Love of money! Shameful and a disgrace!

  10. People are different, the hard you are on them, the more you pushing em on wrong side, Mekka you're to o strict on Michael, have you try asking him about his childhood?maybe you could understand him more then help his lies.

  11. Tylor, you have hypocrites friends if they cannot be able to tell you when you're wrong and right.
    Your video posted on midia was wrong sister.

  12. Meka needs to be single. She's a mean spirited person.  Zack and Taylor need to date each other as they're both scammers seeking fame.  Michael needs counseling.

  13. Meka, you seem like such an angry little woman. Lighten up a bit. Michael hasn't been perfect, but I think he is afraid of every little move he makes with you. Would it kill you to be a little nicer!?

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