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*singing* Welcome to! we are making a can cake which is
basically a cake made out of a 12 pack of your favorite drink – guaranteed
be a hit! here are the things you’re going to need first get some wide ribbon and some thin ribbon, a bow, three different pieces of cardboard cut 3 inches 6 inches and 9 inches in diameter some scissors, strong tape, regular tape and
wrapping paper, and of course your 12 pack clear yourself some space and get started first you are going to wrap your cardboard keep one side smooth but then you don’t have to worry too much
about the other side, just make sure it gets covered then do the exact same thing with the
other two pieces don’t worry too much about getting it perfect then get your nine-inch piece turn it smooth-side down and start placing cans around the edges you want the pretty side of the can facing out and you’re going to need about 8 cans
take this layer yep, that’s 8 okay now you’re gonna need to put some
strong tape on the bottom to secure them to the base so go ahead and get a big strip of
tape put it on the bottom of the cans like that and squish it down that’s going to make it sturdy so that you
can actually take it to the birthday party now get some wide ribbon now you’re going to cut a strip long enough to
actually tie a bow now don’t go skimpy, cut it long enough.
you can always cut it shorter later tie your bow we’ll make it pretty later then tape down the six inch piece of
cardboard on top of this layer pretty side up now you’re going to go ahead and do the same steps with these four cans making sure the pretty side is out, taping
them down to the tier base and then wrapping them with the ribbon of wide ribbon mind you then grab the top piece and tape it down
too with the strong tape then you’re going to take your thin ribbon and
cut it in pieces too you want these ribbons to be about
twelve to eighteen inches long, not too long but not too short either get some different colors because that makes it fun and tape them all to the top using
regular tape and when you’ve finished securing that
grab yourself an extra strong piece of tape again put it on top and add your bow and then curl that ribbon makes it pretty great. okay now it’s time to fix those
bows in the front you’ll want to make them a little bit smaller and you want to trim the edges to be just
about as big as the loops are up top so make your loop and trim those edges to be the same size straighten it out isn’t that pretty? now grab yourself a card and you’re going to need a candle now if you just put the candle on top
like in the bow, it’s gonna fall out so instead get yourself a tea light
candle, burn it a little bit, let it melt, put your birthday candle in there and then hide the tea light in the bow tada! *singing* *singing*

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  1. Made this as part of a his and hers housewarming gift – a towel cake with spa products for her and a beer cake for him.  They loved them and everyone was asking how I did it!  They couldn't believe how easy it was.

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