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  1. This a great thing that God has done. But we have to constantly bring it to our rememberance because history tends to repeat itself. I dont know if its because we have not learned. But it will, it may not look exactly the same, but the root of it, is the same. The saying is, "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck". Never forget!!!

  2. Ah, a Google Doodle commemorating the 25th Anniversary of one of the first big historic events that happened ever in my life! I was just a toddler of seventeen months then, and my mom was seven months pregnant with my sister, meaning she'll hit the quarter century mark at the tail end of this year!

  3. It's kind of sad how there is a piece of the Berlin wall in Seoul, when North and South Korea are still divided due to the Korean/Cold war that is still ongoing. This world is something else I tell ya hwat.

  4. Just another propaganda piece by the Powers That Be trying to give us the allusion that we live in a fair and upright society. We don't. You're being lied to constantly and at the highest caliber by people who are shaping you for their own agenda.

  5. I visited Berlin in 2011 on the 50th anniversary of the borders closing, and the wall going up. My father was born in West Berlin as a military brat in the days following the wall going up. He wanted to be there on the anniversary.
    I have said many times that Berlin is a city that bears its scars from both World War II and the Cold War, You can still see the signs of which side of the city you are in based on the architecture, and some of the older buildings still have burn marks from the bombings. I honestly think that is for the best. While the marks have faded over the last 25 years, I doubt (and hope) they never fully disappear. If the reminders disappear, then so will people's memories of what happened. No one should forget, lest we repeat the mistakes of the past generations.

  6. I do have to admit that I've been watching this quite a few times, it even brought me to tears. I'm not German and neither old enough to be have been part of this historical event, yet I feel a overwhelmed from scenes such as this. Unity for freedom, unity for love, unity for progress are all beautiful acts of humanity. They make me content and appreciative of the world for a time.


  8. The euphoria lasted maybe 1 year. By 1991 ex-GDR residents were labeled "Osties" and told to stay in former East and stop stealing jobs. Single working mothers were especially targeted after state sponsored childcare programs ended. Neo-Nazi groups flourished all over the country, and the reunified Germany to show it had reawaken ignited the war in Yugoslavia. It's funny that as far as most are concerned after the counter-revolution it ended with "And they lived happily ever after".

  9. I was in Germany in the Army when the wall went up. On my way to work that morning I saw a combat brigade headed to Berlin on the Autobahn. At work I mentioned it and was told that it was secret and to put lid on my mouth. We went on alert. Sad memories.

  10. conmovedor. y la musica fascinante. a quienes puedan ayudarme porfavor la descripcion dice original score by  nils frahm quiero saber si la pieza utilizada en este video es parte de alguna obra suya mas extensa? 

  11. We must remember, that all this begun in Poland with the "Solidarnosc" of Lech Walensa, the man who get the http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobel_Peace_Prize and http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presidential_Medal_of_Freedom . After the changes in Poland, the Soviet Empire get down, not after the Berlin Wall, after Solidarnosc. Remember this please, it is for us, the polish people really important. We know, it doesn't matter if it is important for us or no, but we do not want to change the history

  12. The Google logo, at the end, using the symbol of peace as one of its letters) seems… a little… wrong. It looks like they claim that victory, the fall of the wall, for themselves, or at least claim that heritage.
    It's like Google wants to tell us they had a part in this, that they are peace activists, and totally against Stalinist methods. Like, they would never do such a thing as global surveillance on anyone and everyone they can, to better they hold and further their power.
    I may be exaggerating, but I still think it was in poor taste.

  13. Great video, I've been in Berlin a month ago and i've seen the last pieces of the wall. I just can't imagine how those people suffered. We should never forget what happened.

  14. why would any other country want a piece of that shabby wall? Didn't know other countries gave a sht about germany that time…

  15. What a dishonest film. No mention of the fact that the wall was Soviet communism's tool to oppress its own people. Also not even a half seconds gratitude to the millions of us and other free world soldiers who resisted communism for some many years until it fell.

  16. Meanwhile in the DDR the level of crime was not as high as in USA. Does peace mean social inequality? At least in DDR there were order and discipline.

  17. And here comes year 30! There should not be any barriers specifically built to tear people apart. If only this would happen in Korea and Israel/Palestine as well. They should follow this example shown in Berlin and live as one nation.

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