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  1. It'd be a game changer if all the se models were updated with this more pronounced carved top. I can barely tell the difference between this and a core model.

  2. It would have been extremely cool if you guys had also thrown in a rosewood headstock veneer in the mix.

  3. Bryan… your playing during these demos is, IMHO, always inspiring, but… WOW, both the into and the outro explorations you were playing here really had me transfixed. Each end SO melodically tasty and full of feeling. Thanks! 

    So… when's yer album coming out? (Wishful thinking!)

  4. That updated carve is beautiful! Love the switching and pickups too! I plan to eventually put a second coil split pot in my SE24 so I can get similar options.

  5. The only issues with these are tun8ng stability compared to US and there is that buzz when the note rings… it’s what holds them back. Looks are getting much better

  6. Why are these not 85/15s TCI…. let me guess. Held that back for the next Custom 24 SE upgrade…

    Could be any pickups used here… these could just be junk unnamed pickups…

    Why is there a buzz on the high pitch strings particularly?

  7. WOW! I didn't know it was an SE till you said what it was. I didn't believe you afterwards. Still can't afford one, but wow!

  8. Sigh, for some more money, we could get that CE24 with no maple top. Unfortunately they stopped that line ups. Apparently people look for PRS either for birds or beautiful maple top whether it's laminated (SE) or thick wood (Core).

  9. SE Model is made in an Indonesian factory owned by a Korean company called Cortec.

    This company is notorious for firing employees illegally in South Korea.

  10. I think of a Whale Blue Custom 24…and all the years I lusted after a PRS before I finally got it together financially to buy one!

  11. I'm from Brazil, this model of guitar is my dream. But over here this costs R$6.000,00. And with the minimum wage of R$950,00 it's pretty impossible to have one of these.
    So you guys that can in fact get of on these, make it worth it!

  12. I’m curious to know if these guitars have rolled fingerboard edges. I can’t notice in this video or website photos and there’s nothing about that in the specs.

  13. Pre-ordering mine through zZounds. January can't some soon enough! This will be my second SE….but with the release of the SE hollowbodies…I'll be rocking 3 SE's before summer is over next year. =)

  14. So I just ordered one of these! Can't wait to get it!
    Always wanted a PRS so hopefully this hits the spot.

    Great playing.

  15. Would buy if hoping every SE guitar has just pattern regular necks
    Also why real abalone? I know its awesome but for a basic work horse being the SE how I see it I'd want maybe like S2 pretty off white plastic ones to keep price down too?..
    idk just a thought

    Ohh well never mind I guess it's for the 35 edition makes sense

  16. Would this be suitable as a do it all guitar? Recently sold my one guitar, looking for something a bit more versatile. I mostly play rock/metal/blues 🙂

  17. As far as I can tell, one of the main differences between this 35th anniversary model and an SE Paul's Guitar, is that Paul's Guitar uses a mahogany neck and this is a maple neck. Is mahogany a preferred wood for a neck? How does it differ? Cheers!

  18. prs guitar care about their customers …and though i dont have one i will gift myself one someday in my life ……i just wish paul will live a 1000 years …dont want prs to end like apple …

  19. So I pre-ordered one and I have Never ever played any PRS brand before. Why..because I have an addiction and too many guitars to play but this demo caught my attention. let’s hope PRS has sympathy and just gives me the thing so I can go to rehab…….

  20. To my ears these pups lack the low end the 85/15s pups seem to pick up. Is it just me? Entirely possible. Personally I have an se baked maple and this pre-order in my cart and I have to choose only one. I’m torn, I feel like I dig the 85/15’s more… anyone else?

  21. I preordered one, but I'm concerned that the color in this video is not an accurate representation of what customers get. In the pictures and videos I've seen from people who've received them so far, the color is more yellow than the deep caramel shown on this video and on PRS website.

  22. I've just pre-ordered one and an S2, LOVE THESE! Can you tell me what amp/pedal was used to get that gorgeous overdrive tone? I want to buy whatever he was using lol. Thanks

  23. Disliked the video because I was about to get one of these but after watching other videos which they represent the REAL product I was totally disappointed by the quality and finish. This guitar is NOT what it is as shown here! please PRS don't let down all the love you get.


  25. The pictures being posted of people that received their 35 anni SE’s look nothing like this one. The pics they posted look like a tobacco burst finish.

  26. I love the color of Black Gold Burst. However' I saw another unboxing video.. supposed he purchased the Black Gold Burst… BUT what he got looked NOTHING like the one in this video.

    I had the same isse when I ordered at GC..what I got was not the same color. What gives???

  27. Between the U.S. Govt now enforcing state sales tax on EBAY and PRS continuing to improve their lower end models they are creating a mess for anyone looking for resale value on any Custom 24's etc for the $3,000 – $5,000 market…. MAGA TRUMP 2020

  28. So are all 800 dollar PRS 24's foreign made, and all 4,000 dollar models American made? 999 at Guitar Center means it's foreign made right?

  29. Just got mine today. Worth every penny. The best sounding split coils. Plays lovely cleans and crunches up nicely.

  30. Damn, this actually sounds better than the 35th anniversary CU24 video. Hopefully it Feels as good as the core models too.

  31. I am seriously considering this guitar, however, the amazing color of the one in this video is NOT what I am seeing in online retail shops. This guitar looks to be a much deeper, more rich color. Is that due to the video lighting or the variances of the wood? Or both?

  32. I've now seen two of this model and neither looked anything like this guitar, at all. It was an anticlimactic experience. The TCI split is really incredible but the guitar itself is a non event to play or look at. Just my opinion, perhaps my expectations were not realistic. The exact guitar Bryan is playing is exactly what I wanted and expected. My disappointment in one way undermines my profound respect for PRS and does little to squelch my wanting one. The hunt continues ✌️

  33. On yesterday, a post appeared on the PRS Official Blog about the PRS at NAMM

    A photo is shown, that depicts the SE 35th ann as it is in this video or in the official photos

    Any attempt to submit the comment below

    "The SE 35th ann in photo appears identical to those shown in the official video or photos, but it still deeply differs from the guitars that have been delivered.
    We (that have placed a preorder) would like to know what it's to be expected and, above all, the exact reason why this is happening"

    only results in the following message:

    "The following errors were encountered
    You are not authorized to perform this action"

  34. I just watched some customer unboxing of these and they look nothigbg like this at all, this is very very deep. The customer ones are almost yellow and frankly look shit compared to this.

  35. I really need help! Can someone tell me the difference between this guitar and the SE Paul's Guitar? The only difference I can see is the two extra frets! It has the same pickups, same scale length, same switching etc. Its almost identical. I'm going crazy trying to decide between these two. Tonally they will be no different at all as far as I can see. Same price too!

  36. On the Thomann site, the first "B-stock" guitars have appeared, at a price of 929 €, 70 € lesser than the "A-stock" guitars. I'm wondering if the "B-Stock" group includes the yellow guitars…

  37. Can we make sure to have this one when we order it ? cause I’ve seen some unboxing and I’m afraid for my recent purchase…. plus it’s a b-stock… I really wanted a reliable guitar for my class, and I’ve been lurking on PRS for so long not to try with this one…. My order is from Thomann. If you have any elements

  38. At last, on yesterday I managed to go to the dealer's shop.

    The dealer said that he's waiting a couple of 35th ann at least, and I'll be able to choose the one that meets my expectations. I f none of them suits my needs, he will simply give me back the advanced sum.

    This said, there was a 2019 Core Black Gold Burst on show. Not a ten top; but the difference between it and an SE (ANY SE, even the best seen on the Web) 35th was remarkable.

    The price is 3400 €, about 3800 $; so I was wondering…

    My perplexities about the price are essentially two:

    1) the neck pattern is the "thin" one, that it's not my favourite. I played the guitar for a few minutes and I haven't had a definitely positive feeling; but I'm pressty sure that after having played for a while I could overcome thi difficulty. It's only a matter of habit

    2) the guitar, as a matter of fact, is a "B-stock" to all intents and purpose, because has been on show for months. So the requested sum may be a bit too high.

    What do you guys think?

  39. I got one with terrible quality: gaps of glue between fretboard and birds, uneven filing of fretboard sides, bubbles/gaps under neck lacquer, lacquer drops, terrible dirt inside cavities, guitar wood cannot hold screws of backplates. Totally disappointed. Prs support does not respond to my email. And cannot return easily as i already paid 40% of guitar price in delivery costs and import taxes. My previous Korean PRS was perfect. That times are gone. Chinese Squires ara better quality than my guitar.

  40. On the gbase site you can see the photos of a real 35th ann, in stock. The guitar looks beautiful, but they indirectly bear out, once again, the issue about the finish:

    "We typically have multiple quantities of this item in stock. Aesthetic properties, such as wood grain, will vary from piece to piece. If you are concerned about the look of the instrument you will receive, please contact us directly…"

  41. Is it possible to buy replacements for those plastic guards around the pickups in a black color? Thats really the only part I'm not a fan of, if I could swap those out that'd be awesome

  42. @PRS Representative,who manages this Youtube channel,please reply – what amp the intro music/song been played tru?

    Also..please tell me/Us – IF and Where ,i could at least listen to the full version of the Intro Music/Composition/Song:)
    I'm sure not only be,but A lot of people would of Really apprciate if anyone from PRS could help us out on this one.
    Thank You

  43. So this will be PRS # 4 for me; I have one on order and waiting for it to come in. I love the design of this guitar & I hope I can do the instrument justice. Currently I own a PRS S2 Studio, PRS Core Starla, & a PRS DGT. I find these instruments some of the most comfortable to play.

  44. I have the guitar and love it just had to change the tuners to locking because I could not keep it in tune. The new replacement tuners are awesome.

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