The 5-Day Knowledge Broker Millionaire Challenge Pre-Party

Hey everyone! Welcome to this five-day
challenge to becoming a knowledge broker millionaire. My name is Jesse Eker, I am
your host for this five-day challenge and tomorrow we kick off with day number
one of the challenge. Today’s video is really short and sweet. My job today is
to kick this off with a little pre-party get you guys warmed up, get you into
momentum so that we go strong going into the days so that you know exactly what’s
going on. Now, this five-day challenge is all
gearing up to go to the big event on February 27th where Tony Robbins is
going live with Dean Graziosi they’re gonna bring everything that we
work on together over the next five days bring it together so that you can
solidify and really become and ingrain that knowledge broker system into your
life. So I hope you’re excited for this five-day challenge. It’s going to make
the shifts necessary in your mind in the thinking and what you’re doing and a
little bit of learning as well so that you can get on the fast track to
becoming that knowledge broker millionaire. Now what the heck is a
knowledge broker and why do I keep saying that? So, a knowledge broker is
someone who shares information or knowledge their own knowledge wisdom
principles or someone else’s knowledge with our principles and shares it
with an audience that’s really interested. And that’s the simple way to
put it. So if I’m really good at making keto-type dinners like a certain type of
food I’m really good I’m making that I can, you know, teach other people how to
do that as well and they’ll now be able to make those keto dinners as well. You
see this all over the internet nowadays. This is called self-education, something
that you’re probably very familiar with. Books, online courses, live events, these
are all self-education, which goes against traditional education
traditional education as you know is school systems and then the normal
education system, but what we’re finding over and over and over and over again as
that system just doesn’t work it’s outdated it doesn’t fit into our actual
lives how many of us actually learned about managing our money through school system? How many of us actually learned how to communicate our feelings through
the school system? How many of us actually learned about our health the
nutrition through the school system? I sure didn’t and I have bachelors and
marketing and small business entrepreneurship. I’m in a marketing
business and I don’t use one thing that I learned from school and that’s what it
is we’re paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to school people are going
knee-deep into loans and debt because of the promise that school system is going
to create a better life, but we’re finding that’s just not the case anymore
and if you want to make a better life for yourself self-education is the
answer. So what’s happening is self education isn’t blowing up, it’s a three
hundred and fifty-five million dollar a day industry and Forbes is saying it’s
going to a billion dollars a day by 2025 so this industry of self-education of
learning from other people is blowing up and trending up and up and up now you
might be saying well it’s a ready huge well it’s getting even bigger and this
week we’re gonna show you how you can tap into that industry, tap into being
able to do that so that you can also make an impact so you can teach people
what you know and love or you can get other people and facilitate them
teaching your audience what you know and love and so that you can make it impact
and create some profits at the same time. So, let me ask you this question: would
you like to make an impact in other people’s lives? If you do raise your hand.
And would you like to make money making that impact? If you do raise your hand. If
so you’re in the right place because this week we’re going to show you how to
do that and that’s what a knowledge broker does it facilitates teaching your
lessons teaching your knowledge teaching your specialized knowledge your
experience variances or other people’s experiences
and packaging it together to create a system for other people to learn from. So
I hope you’re truly excited for this challenge. Now how does this challenge
work? Okay so every day there’s gonna be a video it’s gonna go out in the morning
8 a.m. Eastern Time. It’s gonna be a video like this under five minutes and
it’s gonna share with you what we’re doing for that day and then it’s gonna
give you one small doable action that you need to do that day to move to the
next day of the challenge. Every day is gonna move you closer to becoming that
knowledge broker millionaire and getting us closer to that live event on February
27th where Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi who came up with the knowledge
broker system who’s gonna help you ingrain it and make it even stronger for
you and make you sure that you’re on the right track to become the knowledge
broker using their system. So the second thing that’s gonna happen throughout the
five day challenge on the same day every single day for five days is I’m gonna
come live in this Facebook group I’m gonna come in live I’m gonna answer
questions I’m gonna talk about our day I’m gonna I’m gonna talk to you guys and
see how we can solidify it even more of what we’re learning and what we’re doing
and then we’re gonna just wrap together we’re gonna join together so that we
could amp up the energy for the next day. So that’s every day live in the
afternoon I’m gonna come on around 4:00 p.m. Eastern 1:00 p.m. Pacific time I’m
gonna be coming on live every single day so every morning there’s gonna be a
video for you to watch this so you can take action and every afternoon I’m
gonna come on live and we’re gonna talk about the day we’re gonna talk about
what you did we’re gonna talk about how do we move forward for the next day and
make this even stronger all right and that’s it we’re trying to make this as
simple as possible we want to make sure that it’s an easy and doable and you get
small little wins because here’s what happens when we make things too hard and
complex we just don’t do them so the goal is to make it simple and doable
because if you do do the action you feel good about it you feel great about it
you pumped about what you’re doing you start
to gain this momentum to move forward every single day and that’s how you get
more confidence is you get wins so we make the actions nice simple and doable
so that you go ahead and start to build that momentum for yourself all right so
there’s two things I want to cover right now. First, if you’re gonna be in this
challenge I want you to commit to the challenge I want you to commit to
playing 100% in this challenge commit to being here it’s five days long you can
do anything for five days the actions are simple and doable as I’ve mentioned
you can do this all right so commit to playing at 100% I promise you if you
commit to it you’re gonna feel great about what you’re doing you’re gonna
resonate with what you’re doing and you’re gonna be in full on momentum
getting to that live event with Tony and Dean so commit 100% the second thing
that I want you to do right now is I want you to comment below this video
what are some of the may be stories or beliefs maybe non-supportive beliefs or
stories that are coming up for you already when I’m asking you that you can
participate in this self education knowledge broking system what’s some of
the stories that are coming up for you for me to say that you can share your
knowledge your experiences your lessons your principles your wisdom with other
people now here’s a common story that we get all the time I’m not an expert why
would someone listen to me I’m no Tony Robbins or Dean Graziosi or T Harv Eker
who’s my dad I’m no expert like them why would someone listen to me that would be
a common story or I don’t know anything that would be worthwhile that people
would pay for that would be another common story or a story that would come
up so what stories are coming up for you maybe I’m not good at speaking on camera
or I’m not good on speaking on stage to be able to deliver this I I don’t know
how to create content what I’m wondering and what are those calm what does that
story once that bill leave that’s coming up for you put it in
the comments so that we can share it together so we can see that we’re we’re
relatable we’re all humans these are things that come up for everyone and so
I want you to please participate in comment and share that belief or story
that’s coming up with you so that we can ingrain it as a community as a team
together so that we can move past it so we can overcome it and so we can go into
this challenge strong thank you for being here I am pumped for this five-day
challenge I hope you’re excited to commit 100% to being there and I will
see you tomorrow morning thanks again and bye for now!

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  1. What limiting beliefs/stories do I have that are holding me back?

    I don't feel ready.
    I don't know enough.
    I don't have a program created for my coaching program yet.
    I fight to be consistent and not be leveled by my emotions and mindset.
    I struggle with time management and scheduling.
    I have a lack of tech. My phone is a bottom of the line model.
    I am barely staving off eviction from my apartment and utility shut off. How can I finance my dreams.
    I find it hard to focus when my kids are always in need if my attention.
    I haven't figured it out yet; and it's been almost 3 years since I was told my work is good enough to be published, but I need to pay for it.

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