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  1. Very nice. I was disappointed to see no mention of the Four Horsemen. Also, I thought #3, Turn Toward Each Other, might have missed how simple it could be, to look up and acknowledge when your partner's bid for attention might be as small as "look at the bird outside!" But overall, great synopsis. It would be impossible to cover it all unless it was an hour long!

  2. So Jane's love map revolves around Horses, Drugs, and Religion? I also like how donuts are critical to Ben.

  3. Great info. Thanks so much. I vlog about my travels, art and life in New York if anyone is into that kind of thing. Cheers!

  4. I want mines to work. And this one should. I'm N a relationship with someone, & our marriage should b on the way. This will B my first marriage, her third marriage. If I had someone younger than me, then it'll b our first marriage evenly.

  5. Imagine if every delinquent kid had a responsible adult in their life, which use these 7 principles to make the kid love them. Every kid should have one-directional "marriage" to an adult.

  6. Insightful video. Honestly, this advice is applicable to all relationships, romantic or not. Keep up the great work man!

  7. These are principles we follow in our relationship 😊. It's always good to get tips before marriage.

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  13. We are struggling in our 30+ marriage. I wish we had read this a long long time ago. It was recommended by our couples councilor. It really hit home for me. Hopefully, time is still on our side. It just makes sense. Ordering the book today.

  14. 1: Enhance your love map ( knowing all the details about each other lives, like favourites tv shows, current goals, what stresses each other’s out. Ask your partner’s questions to know about each other

    2.Nurture your fondness and admiration

    3. Turn toward each other instead of away ( giving your partner your full attention

    4. Let your partner influence you : take a deep breath( listen to each other, show empathy, don’t criticize and really think about your partner’s view point

    5. Solve your solvable problems: Soften your “ start up” when bringing an issue make and receive repair attempts,( when things are getting out of hands let your partner know you need to take a break, on your break soothe yourself and each other, compromise: sharing each other view point to come up with a solution that is best for you. Be tolerate of each other’s faults

    6. Overcome gridlock : Accept and adapt, acknowledge, listen and show respect, come up with a temporary compromise and thank each other for sharing.

    7 create shared meaning: create rituals of connection, like holiday celebrations, going out to eat, morning routine. Work toward a common goal: helping the community through volunteers work or building a house boat. ( any goal you both agree on that involves both of you

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