The Absolute Worst Thing Raj Ever Did On The Big Bang Theory

Of the four main men on The Big Bang Theory,
Raj Koothrappali, played by Kunal Nayyar was perhaps the most socially awkward. Raj’s difficulties with women resulted in
some painfully uncomfortable situations — one of which involved Raj doing the absolute worst
thing he’s ever done. “You went out with him, I didn’t.” Throughout The Big Bang Theory, Raj the self-proclaimed
romantic of the group tries to have a successful relationship with a woman, but falls horribly
short for a number of reasons. On more than one occasion, he requests that
his parents organize an arranged marriage with a woman from a “good Indian family.” And every single one of them ends up failing
miserably. A list of his other romantic mishaps include:
dating two women at once, rifling through a girl’s closets and drawers when she leaves
him alone in her house; leaving one girl for another after the briefest of meetings with
the latter, and then coming crawling back to his ex when a girl turns him away; pushing
women way out of their comfort zone; referring to women he’s not attracted to as “fatties
and uggos”; and spying on his fiancée and that’s not to even mention him fantasizing
about his friends’ wives and girlfriends throughout the show, even almost hooking up with Penny
one night. “What were you thinking?” Easily the worst thing Raj did, however, was
to Issabella. On the season 10 episode entitled “The Brain
Bowl Incubation,” Raj meets the beautiful maintenance worker when she comes into his
lab at Caltech to clean late one night. Despite the instant spark between them, it
becomes clear that Raj has a problem with Issabella’s job. After hitting it off with Issabella in his
lab, Raj h elps her clean the bathrooms. During their cleaning session, he decides
to ask Issabella out on a date, but she explains she doesn’t have time to date while working
two jobs. Before leaving the bathroom, he tries to convince
Issabella to change her mind, and she again turns him down. The rest of the gang quickly picks up on the
fact that Raj has met someone, “You’re dating somebody who is it?” But Raj makes a fatal and cruel mistake when
he fails to correct their assumption that she’s also an astronomer. Uh, what? For a supposedly intelligent man, this is
a stupid move. Still, Raj cooks up a plan to surprise her
and get the date he wants. It’s a little pushy and desperate after she’s
already turned him down twice in the bathroom. When Issabella next walks into his lab, he’s
set up a romantic dinner complete with flowers and a tablecloth for them to enjoy. Things seem to be going swimmingly… and
then Howard walks in and casually mentions, “Oh, yeah, the astronomer. Raj told us about you…” You can actually see Issabella’s face fall
as she instantly realizes Raj has lied about her job, and rightly points out that she doesn’t
need to waste her time with someone who’s embarrassed by what she does for a living. She makes a quick exit from the lab, dragging
her cleaning cart with her as she goes. Raj tries to go after Issabella and apologize,
saying he couldn’t believe how shallow he was being, “Honestly, I didn’t think your job would
bother me…and I hate myself for that…” Fortunately, Issabella has enough respect
for herself to walk away from someone who clearly won’t respect her. Raj knew what Issabella did before he even
started pursuing her, and continued to chase her knowing full well he would never be comfortable
telling his friends that she’s a cleaning lady at the university and not another scientist. What exactly did he think was going to happen? It’s such a blatant lie that there’s no way
anyone will convince us Raj truly thought their relationship would be able to go anywhere
without the lie coming out. The shame he felt over Issabella’s job is
even more ironic when we consider the fact that, at that point in time, Raj was still
living off his father’s fortune to pay for his rent, maid, car, and credit card bills
something he seems oddly proud of. “No, I grew up with a house full of servants
and now I have a cleaning lady who is lovely and .who I have great respect for.” At least Issabella is making and living off
her own money. Raj really has no leg to stand on with his
classism here. “In my defense, I have a car whose doors
open up like this… oh I’m sorry…” It’s never acceptable to make someone else
feel ashamed about what they do, and Raj hit rock bottom with his treatment of Issabella
during this episode of The Big Bang Theory. Watching him lie to his friends about Issabella’s
job makes it easy to understand why Raj has so many problems with women. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more LOOPER videos about The Big
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  1. Raj in real life is married to Miss India. No need to complain about that.

  2. raj actually does these things bc he has so many problems with women. Not vice versa. He plays a guy thats a loser that cant pick up women for the life of him, almost as bad as howard, but just a level above him. Hes character in show is that of someone thats needy, pushy, and emotional. Also fitting his "metrosexual" side. Hes complex in the ways of loserism to almost having potential to not be one, but hes so damaged for whatever reason that its all he is. It takes someone thats more damaged then him breaking up with him to finally be able to talk to women. So add that philosophy to his character while youre at it. But why is he so damaged? Who knows. He is damaged and not bc of how he treats others, but bc of his life events. Each one making things worse for him putting him down in the pit hes in causing him to act out even more.

  3. This show is trash and anyone who likes it needs to be castrated.
    Fake ass laughtrack, forced dumb jokes.


  4. Anyone know why they practically wrote Raj out of the show there towards the end? His character was barely even in that last season.

  5. This is one of the worst and pointless videos you’ve done 😂. Fair enough to pull content from anything.

  6. Why was it that the only person of colour did not have a character growth on this show? In fact he actually became worst over the course of the show.

  7. Don’t think this was worse than the time he was hoping Bernadette turns down Howard’s proposal so he could hit on her

  8. Halfway through it and I can't see your reasoning for calling it "worst" is this some sort of sarcasm?? IF so not clever at all.

  9. I remember when he stripped in front of a lady in a Cafe 💔🤕😂😂😂😂Still funny… I think i should do a video on that

  10. Pretty strange how they made brown skinned guy amongst his white peers, the most socially awkward, and desperate. He was also very effeminate. I’m just say. 😒

  11. Maybe a case of affluenza or just a guy with little dating experience. But not worth making a video about it.

  12. The absolute worst thing Raj ever did was to EXIST The character is crap, inconvenient and got even worse when he joined Lucy, another useless and boring character. Raj was responsible for the worst episodes, all of which were centered on him are a hell

  13. This is a very weird video. They talk about Raj as if he's a real person who really did these things. They seem to forget it's a show written by writers! With a specific purpose to make Raj or anyone else look either funny or awkward.

  14. Really Raj's character just detoriorated with time
    The showmakers gave him so many girlfriends but none were stable!!!
    It is really bad!!!😔😔😔

  15. Fascinating how much criticism men in this show get, but the women don't get any criticism for their reprehensible behaviors. Is it because we live in a society that is afraid of criticizing anything that women do for fear of getting accused of being an abusive woman shaming misogynist? This society is shit.

  16. This show was garbage. Watch an episode without the laugh track and you'll see how boring it really is.

  17. The ending of TBBT is awful. Penny had been certain for years that she never wants kids, then she unexpectedly becomes pregnant & bizarrely is delighted!

  18. Leonard and Penny were the two most normal decent people on that show the rest of them were pretty much just trash

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