The Alienist: Dinner with Mary – Season 1, Ep. 7 [CLIP] | TNT

[footsteps] Please sit closer. [MUSIC – GIUSEPPE VERDI, “O
PATRIA MIA”] I don’t know why I
didn’t ask before. [clanging of silverware] This is “O Patria Mia”
from Verdi’s “Aida.” Of course you know that. [breathing heavily] “The Alienist,” All-new
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  1. The actress Q'orianka Kilcher who plays Mary Palmer hasn't spoken one word but has expressed a thousand and captivated us with her eyes and her emotions, Bravo !!True acting skills !!

  2. i love every single thing about how this was shot and this entire…. ALL OF THIS i love it. ROMANCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE anyway i cried

  3. I have literally watched this 12 times lol….everything about this scene is so real and the chemistry between them is so tangible. Beautiful scene

  4. What I love about this scene–besides tremendous acting on both their parts–is that it is not really about lust. It is about having that connection between two people. Both of these characters have been rejected by society their entire lives. They crave touch, sure, but they long for love. The ability to be vulnerable with someone. To be seen and accepted as they are. Without judgement or rejection. They are clearly apprehensive but their connection is stronger than their fear.

  5. Best The alienist’s moments for me: The way that Dr. Laszlo keeps looking at Mary while she's in the kitchen; when he says to her that she's free to follow her life alone and she gets angry with him; when he invited her to having dinner with him and when she approaches to dinner room, he gives a little smile… It was so little cute! The dinner scene was best ever for me! It was so sweet and romantic… So beautiful! When he touches Mary’s hand, It’s even possible to hear his deep breath. I was speechless! Daniel was amazing on the scene and Q'orianka was awesome, even hasnt said any word! The whole dinner scene was wonderful!!! I loved it!!!

  6. Just when i thought i find the perfect couple i could ship af she dies the next episode
    Thank you thanky very much 🖕

  7. Ok. Faaabulous scene. But the terrible drum and slam to the Alienist logo made me literally scream.
    It’s so jarring! Must we have the drum? Sheesh.

  8. "all that was only bc what John said"
    "That's not a romance"
    Why not? Bc she is a native?
    He was jealous of her going out with John.
    She was the only one who knew about the history of his arm.
    He had smelled her clothes.
    She was the only person he minded to not hurt feelings.
    What John said made him realized he wae wasting time. Plus when he said she could leave him, he knew he didn't want her to go .
    One more thing: the dominatrix implied that too.
    But ofc it only happened bc a white guy speech ~~~~~sarcasm~~~“`

  9. I love how nervous he was and the director left the loud breathing. The kiss has sound! That's so cute. Even more bc Mary can't speak. But she can make the "love sounds"

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