The Arranged Marriage That Went Wrong | Life Of Lambas – E11

Mani, we have got a circular from the RWA Yes?
– Water will come from 6 AM in the morning, and not from 6 PM in the morning. We will have to wake up early!
– Yes, yes. Pullu! Happy Sunday, Pullu!
– What Happy Sunday? There’s depression everywhere.
– What happened? Next week, I have my second wedding anniversary Second Anniversary! That’s great, congratulations man! How time flies! Why do I feel like you married yesterday only? And, you were sitting on the pony there was a kid at the front, and a kid at your back Both the kids were so cute! And, the one at the front had such pink cheeks!
– Shut up, man! I hate it that you are so happy! I think, you fake it. Happiness is like a face pack for you that you apply to your face and roam around. Remember one thing, face pack cannot hide your true face for a long time What happened?
– Missus is not at home today Just come to home today. My arranged marriage is turning out to be tough to deal with. I need help. Mani, you will not go to meet Pullu!
– Appy, he’s my cousin He’s a supermarket of negativity! And, every shelf of this supermarket has all of these products to spread negativity. You won’t go to meet him! He’s very unhappy! When I called him, I could hear Jagjit Singh songs playing in the background. Who listens to Jagjit Singh at the age of 28? Only someone who’s very spiritual or someone who’s a drunkard. He says he is not able to keep his marriage.
– Mani, two things Don’t talk like Punjabi Aunties and second, you are not a marriage consultant Listen This is about my family One Lamba can give his life for another Lamba. And, what does Pullu want? That I visit him, share a peg with him, listen to a Jagjit Singh ghazal and listen to some stuff related to his wife This is very small stuff. I’m going to do this. Sorry! You are serving Coca Cola? Drink without complaining. I won’t be able to have alcohol today all of my sadness is going to come out. Open happiness, not sadness. You have really become poetic! Jagjit Singh’s effect, eh? Bhabhi ji has not served parathas to you for breakfast? Why are you eating my head? I’ve had oats for breakfast!
– Shut up, man! This is the problem between Gurleen and me. Shaanti, shaanti, shaanti! Who’s Shaanti?
– It’s been two years! We have still not been able to become comfortable with each other. We are so formal! I’m afraid. What are you afraid of? That I don’t love my wife Had there been any attachment, I would have been able to feel it But, you guys are about to have your daughter Process is on. But, this is the problem. Our marriage has become a process only. Marriage, sex, kids, retirement and then, death. There should be at least some excitement. Else, we will be same as Artificial Intelligence Talk, talk. Get the load off your chest, buddy. What talk talk? Do you have some solution? or, you have come here just to drink? I’ve not been able to do that as well. Pulkit Lamba is very upset. I was judging him so much Negativity always comes out of a negative situation. Exactly. Pullu is suffering. Mani, tell me one thing. How did Pullu and Gurleen get married? Interesting story Gurleen is Maasiji’s choice. Straightforward, simple, and docile small town girl. *sings a song* Gurleen ji? Coming! Wait for two minutes. And, Pullu Lajpat Nagar’s bad boy Maasi ji tried so hard to reform him but he became better only after marriage Oh BEHE ‘BEHENJI’ Our ‘BEHENJI’ from Ropar I’m very free with her They are not happy together. Technically, opposites attract But they are not able to get on with it Mani, I have an idea What? These guys have their second marriage anniversary day after tomorrow This way, we can all have dinner together Who knows, we might be able to make them more expressive? How come you want to become a matrimonial consultant now? When you do it’s ‘Raas Leela’, when I do it’s ‘Button Dheela’? Character Dheela! Not Button Dheela! Only gas keeps circulating inside your head. Won’t you do this much for Lambas? Okay. I’ll talk to him. I hope he doesn’t take us to a Jagjit Singh type restaurant.
– C’mon Mani! Okay, okay! I’ll talk to him tomorrow. Plan sounds okay. But, there’s one problem. What happened now? So nice of you to catch up! I feel a connection after talking to you. It’s completely fine. Married life is going okay. Pulkit ji likes to stretch himself a bit too much while sleeping. He keeps quiet generally. He wants to show all of his heroism in bed. I mean but he takes good care of me He takes me out for dinner to nice places and, takes me out to nice places We have our second marriage anniversary tomorrow. Let’s see where he takes me It’s not my mistake. Boss suddenly told me to travel tomorrow. Will be off to Mumbai tomorrow. Are you a mad man? Who travels on their wedding anniversary? Why not? Why don’t you join us for dinner tomorrow? There’s something called ‘Social Life’.
Sure, why not? In any case, second marriage anniversary is more special than the first one. First is a bit of a formality you finally come closer by the second one. Just postpone the trip by one more day Some day, you’ll die What will you do after earning so much?
– You are not going tomorrow! Plan it for day after Pulkit ji, are you going to Bombay tomorrow? Some work came up. We’ll make our own plan for the weekend Let’s go for dinner! Oh! Are, buddy! Let’s have tea and celebrate your second anniversary! What say?
– It’s cold! Let’s have tea. I’ll come back on Friday. Should I get some gift for you? Pulkit ji?
– Yes? Is getting married only about having kids and taking care of the house? It’s a process. Okay. Maybe, that’s why you stretch yourself too much while sleeping, because maybe, you can’t see me Can you see anything? What? that we don’t talk about anything I don’t try less Watches, necklaces, dresses, what wish of yours have I not fulfilled? I thought, Mom always says the right thing so, I got married to you without thinking about anything Me, Lajpat Nagar’s king I got married I don’t know if Mom is wrong, or me. But, we don’t talk to each other We don’t talk anymore I mean We don’t talk, ji. We don’t talk anymore? English song? Yes. I love English songs
– You never told me. You never asked me Tell me one thing. Who’s Lajpat Nagar’s king? – This Pullu was a bad boy before he got married He used to play English songs in his car’s woofers to show himself as a sophisticated chap Pullu, embrace your ‘Desipan’ but, you can enjoy the ‘Englishpan’ as well. Pullu, tell me one thing
– Yes, Bhabhiji? Why don’t you take Gurleen to Mumbai with you? You can celebrate your second anniversary there itself? Do Talwaarbaazi! Bhabhiji, that’s a fantastic idea! Okay lovers, let’s go inside and have tea! It’s getting cold.

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  1. There's a bit of Punjabi in this one, but we feel that it's not too complicated. We will be uploading the subtitles soon!

    PS: Did you like it?

    Team Gabblin

  2. मुम्बई …. और भाई 20 की उम्र से जगजीत के गाने सुन रहा मैं .. पूरे गाने की लगा दी .. 28 तक तो सुन ना बंद भी कर दूँगा ..। …. तलबारबाज़ी के लिए 👏🏻 😁

  3. Mumbai..
    My comments section and notification settings are disabled so that I don't watch YouTube and don't come to the site. But I still come for you guys periodically and watch your videos. Love you guys

  4. Bohat mast. Ek dam natural videos banaate ho!💖💖💖 And Haan the word "talwaarbaazi"😁😁😁👍
    Contest answer: Mumbai.

  5. Answer: Mumbai( Bombay )

    Lines of a newly married couples (while going office, what is in mind of a husband)

    Pyaar uska pura tha, me bhi dilo dimag se usse chahta tha……
    Vo darwaze tak chhodane aaye mujhe, me bhi roj pars(wallet) bhulna chahta tha…..

  6. Wonderful episodes guys. I personally loved Manalsu and Aparna’s reactions. You guys are the best. Keep coming such good episodes.

  7. Great show guys… whether arranged or love marriage can succeed only through mutual understanding and accommodation. Trust is another pillar of a sound bond. Life is blissful post that.

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