The Australian state dinner in 2 minutes

[fanfare plays] ♪♪ [camera shutters clicking] [indistinct conversations] [camera shutters clicking] [indistinct conversations] [camera shutters clicking] [acoustic guitar music plays] ♪♪ ♪♪ [“Hail to the Chief” plays] ♪♪ [applause] ♪♪ -Tonight, we celebrate more than a century of loyal and devoted friendship between the United States and Australia. Both of our nations are blessed by the uncommon courage, unfailing commitment, and unyielding character. Our two countries were born out of a vast wilderness. -Ladies and gentlemen, friends, Jenny and I are truly grateful for this wonderful honor and the hospitality that you, Mr. President, and the First Lady have extended to us and to our country. As we join you here tonight in the home, your home, and that of the American presidency. To 100 years of mateship, and to 100 more, to the people of these United States, to the president and his magnificent First Lady, and may God bless America. [indistinct conversations] [glasses clinking]

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  1. They are all criminals. Shame on them. Impeach Terrorist Trump and get rid of Pelosi too since she can't seem to do her job either. They all act and are treated like royalty meanwhile they commit acts of war, treason and theft from our People while the country starves and struggles.

  2. And there is your first family… Dump and his immigrant wife (who he cheated on with porn stars), that chain migration'ed her family in with special powers not allowed to any other person. Yeah, America is great again for the rich and entitled. Great job folks! F45

  3. I get the idea this 'troops to Saudi Arabia' thing may be designed to have Trump swoop in and 'stop' everything so he can look like the supreme hero and good in the eyes of voters.

  4. TRUMPTURD the USA’s biggest embarrassment. Can’t even watch this clown.
    Apologies to our friends down under for subjecting you to this farce of a fake President.

  5. Is trump still growing? If possible, he looks fatter than I have seen before! Look at those two basket balls, he calls a butt. Wow! Get bigger suits dude!

  6. For all his money, 45 should get a better tailor. His trousers are horrible.They should stop holding hands because they're not doing a very good job convincing us of anything. You don't have to be a mind reader to guess what Melania is thinking, her face says it all.

  7. Trump is an aberration. So disgusting that this garbage human being is our president. We have have only the DNC and Clinton to thank for this.

  8. Imagine getting invited to a White House state dinner – a once in a lifetime opportunity – and yet you have to meet the likes of Stephen Miller, Rudy Guiliani, Kellyanne Conway, Trump etc. A bunch of bozos you'd never want to associate with.

  9. Apparently the Australian PM said Melania has "quiet grace"? I don't know…
    Maybe they misheard his Aussie accent and he really said "quite a disgrace" ?

  10. All I could think was, “WOW. All this hoity-toity formality, pomp, & pretentiousness hosted by the most childish, corrupt, & mentally unstable president we’ve ever had. Melania, miserable-as-usual. Ooh, Kellyanne! Revenge is a dish best served in the Rose Garden, isn’t it? ‘Those pretty girls in high school & college. Look at me NOW, bitches!’ Hmm. I feel a little . . . queasy. Yick.”

  11. BAHAHAHA … to ALL you Trump haters….
    he’s STILL your President & nothing you do or say will change that. Better get used to the reality of him being in the WH another four years!

  12. Tax payers money well spent.

    ‘Mr Trump – We discussed some great great things. Many great things.
    Not many people know it’s morning time in Austria right now’.

    Mr Morrison, gives your thoughts about the visit? ‘Well I must say our relationship with America has never been stronger, we are happy to keep receiving it from America, and it’s better receiving it from Donald than a woman’

    Ummm, did you discuss any policy agreements?
    Trump – ‘Yes.
    We are negotiating to buy Tasmania. Maybe parts of Queensland as well. But I hear Chyyyna has already bought most of it’. But we think it is a very good strategic decision because it’s right next to Commie Nazi Germany.

    Oh look, a jumping castle with my name on it.

  13. I find Melanie's dress to be of questionable taste. First, the color does nothing for her. It clashes with her hair color, and doesn't look good with her strong tan.
    But mostly, the style is Barbara Bushes style when her husband was in the white house. Mrs. Trump is not an overweight old lady. She might want to dress "Princess Diana" in the future, instead of emulating a white haired, out of shape old lady!
    I mean, someone has got to shine in that family!

  14. Google the term rapture. Millions of people around the globe will disappear. The reason the news is talking about UFOs and aliens is because they are using predictive programming. When millions disappear they will tell the lie that we were abducted by aliens and sadly most will believe it. Only true believers will be raptured and those who are very young who have not had the understanding to except Jesus Christ yet. There will be a seven-year tribulation that follows that will be the worst time the earth has ever known. Don't be left behind.

  15. TRUMP looks more and more like 'TWEETLE DUMB' from the old school comics . . . or HUMPTY DUMPTY . . . small feet and hands and a girth like a pork barrel . . .
    Entire trip on tax-payer monies, so he can preen like a freakin' peacock . . . such a 'waist' !!! just sayin'

  16. The closest I ever came to a dinner like this was at Red Lobster.😂They all must have been so uncomfortable in that garb while outside. I don't care much for Melania's dress. Kellyanne's was very pretty. What was in Donnie's glass?😉

  17. Presidents wife I me
    mean really high waisted hi neck,,, looks like she got a nightgown On ,,,
    People are starving people are dying to much of the high living bullshit going on really truly,,, talking about dresses,,,

  18. Can't help but notice how much Melanoma's dress looks like Lily Munster's. It must really take a great effort for her to smile…even a little. Side effects of Botox. Or just being in a loveless marriage. Was hoping for a well timed lightening strike.

  19. Hmmm….. I see Melania has her nighty on already…. ready for a quick escape…. cause Donny is … gasp…. drinking champagne ( he probably thinks it’s a new soda flavor) Australia should let him into the crocodile exhibit to play🐷🤐🐊

  20. Amen…everything looked beautiful hopefully the media wasn't there all they do is lie about everything…nice going first lady…

  21. The fat old toad of corruption lumbers in, limping. Eeuuww, he's repulsive.His automaton at his side smiles fixedly, looking more and more like a horror struck captive.

  22. One has to understand the meaning for the first lady's out of this world dresses. The key is the mining. Clean beautiful keys. Thank you jesus.

  23. Scott Morrison's best friend and mentor is the pedophile enabling Brian Houston. Google "Brian Houston Pedophilia" and read what comes up.

  24. We could have took that money and helped the hurricane and flood victims. All this money being raised for elections and fantasy parties. Wake up people use your money wisely. Vote in people who understand this. Waste not want not.

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