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– With Valentine’s
right around the corner, we would usually
celebrate as a couple. But we’ve never taken the
babies out to eat before, so hey, what better
time than to do it now? And we’re going to
celebrate Valentine’s Day as a big happy family of 11. That sounds like
a Mommy decision. That’s not a Daddy decision. Sounds like fun. Sounds like punishment. What did I– what did I
do, baby, to deserve this? [LAUGHS] Isn’t this neat? Look at that moose. Wow. They’re real? Well, it was real. Not now. – Is that real?
– Yeah. Yeah. That’s a big elk. Is that bear real? – Oh– oh, yeah.
– Yeah. Yeah. That buffalo real? Yeah, son. They’re all real. They were at one time. Can we help in any way? Can we get them out and put
them in their high chairs? If you want to, yeah. Does it matter
where they sit, or– Maybe like two and
then a chair in between, and then one on the other side. This one down a little bit. We’re kind of learning
ourselves because we’ve never taken them out. My thought is I
sit on one side, you sit on the other side,
we sit between the babies. We put the big boys on the edge. Hey, get the fork away from her. I’ll keep my eye on the
babies on your side. You have to keep your eyes
on the babies on my side. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Can do that. That’s easy. Are you sure? Yeah. I know you get
very distracted. I– oh, I’m sorry.
Water. Oh my gosh, Eric. He’s standing up. Wild animal over here. Not good.
No, I got it. OK. [BABY CRYING] Rayney! Asparagus, ma’am. Oh, thank you. So asparagus and mashed
potatoes for yours. My squirrelly boy. Oh, oh, oh. I don’t think he can chew that. Boy, I’m going to have to
tie you down with a rope. [BABIES CRYING] Oh, oh, oh. Rayne’s falling. Put your arms around these
and watch the other three. You’re throwing bread at
them like they’re birds. Whatever it takes. And eat with your toes. [LAUGHS] And just eat face down. Give me that, girl. Every time I look up
she’s got something she’s not supposed to. She’s got long gadget arms, huh? I feel like my
head’s on a swivel. Like I’m like–
[CLATTER] Oh, oh, Eric. Oh, no. Dad-gum it. Thank you. I’m going to scoot
you out, buddy. I’ll get you there. [CRYING] It’s crazy. [CRYING] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Just for laughs I’d like to see a WWYD episode. White family vs black family vs Mexican family with a lot of kids 😂😂😂. I’m curious to see reactions and comments.

  2. Not gonna lie: that woman is cute.

    Bless her & her husband's heart for having all them kids. That's a lot.

  3. Ok we get it…alot of kids and they're cute but how about taking them to a kid friendly place…other diners are there to relax

  4. I'm starting to think. Couples are now having a lot of babies just so the can be on tic. This is like the 6th show about having a lot of kids.

  5. I mean igz it’s just preference but in my personal opinion I just don’t get what’s the deal with having a lot of kids. I mean at least she can afford to take care of them.

  6. That is the worst! Being sat next to couples with many loud annoying rodents….great way to ruin your dinner. I have always asked to be moved…sometimes I get nasty looks from the mother but I don't care…I just smile back…LOL. Not everyone wants to hear your child's drivel…

  7. I have twins and when we go out to a restaurant we put them in their carrier harness. It’s easier to eat with a baby attached to you than having to chase em lol. Also I couldn’t imagine having 6 plus older kids!

  8. 0:12 LOOK AT HOW HE LOOKS AT HER!!!!😭😭😭 THIS MAN LOVES HIS WIFE!!!🙌🙌🙌 0:24 😭😭😭 … #HusbandGoals This Man LOVES His Wife!!!🙌🎁💖 And you Can tell HOW HE TALKS TO HER AND HOW HE SMILES AT HER. Glory Be To God!!!!🙌🙌🙌

  9. Their Baby Boy Is SO CUTE WITH HIS LITTLE VOICE & THE ACCENT AS WELL! " IS THAT REAL ? IS THAT BUFFALO REAL?…"😭😍😍😍 His Little Raspy Voice Is Everything!

  10. " Oh Laykes Standing up!!!"😭😭😭😂😂😂😂 COMEDY! That accent!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. @ 2:13 YASSSSSSSSS LADY ! HEADS ON THE SWIVEL!!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌❤💖💕 You Better GO Beautiful!!!🎁💕❤💖❤💕💖 A ROCKING MOM!!!!🙌🙌🙌💕💕💕

  12. Throw bread at them if they were birds ha ha ha 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Красивые родители, красивые дети и все большие молодцы👍💕

  14. These people making babies to have a television show not for the love of children. #confusedparentsandchildren

  15. She is an amazing Mom! I wanted to share a tip i discovered when we got our 3 youngest babies in foster care! We used those wipes le shaped bibs to put their snacks in on the go! They were a lifesaver! Yogurt bites, Cheerios, veggie sticks, you could put just about anything in there! And then just wash them! Also, strollers or car seats can double as “high chairs!” When it’s really hot they loved to playin and eat crushed ice! If they got wet it only helped to keep them cool! Ya’ll are doing an amazing job! Just thought these might help! Also, Donny stress about the house size! We have 7 kids in a 900 square foot house with one bathroom. The ages are 12,9,9,7,5,5, and 4! The girls have a twin over full bunk bed with a trundle in their room and the boys have bunks with trundles from Ikea! They each have 1 drawer for clothes, 1 cabinet for school, and 1 bin for toys. When their bins get full it’s time to clear out! (Usually before birthdays and Christmas!) We do have outside toys in a big bucket on the covered porch, bikes, tricycles, and some seasonal Playmobil toys we trade out of the shed as well as a big train box that comes in! We used to keep 2 crib toys on each crib and they would alternate around! A new or bigger house would be nice but think ahead of the cleanup! A simple less cluttered life helps keep kids happy, aware of what they own, and pickup time (before outside playtime) is a breeze! I would also recommend either zipper bedding when they get older or just a fitted sheet and blanket-easier than a whole set. We have adopted 6 times and had 2 of our own. Mama needs to guard her health and energy for further down the road! Y’all are great parents, have an amazing church family and families, and such a positive attitude for those terribly planned poops and spills! Praying for ya’ll!

  16. Aww there all adorable,your children are adorable and so sweat congrats on the babies and having three WOUNDERFUL boys

  17. What amazing parents, 6 happy babies and 3 wonderful big boys who are so helpful and polite, all 9 of them are absolutely gorgeous!

  18. Erick, you are the best husband Courtney could ever have … your exceptionalities to her request are so amazingly calm. Whatever her discussion is , you always support her without making any disagreement. Whatever she says, “GOES” even. Though you think it’s not a good idea. But as I see an amazing woman and a caring Mom , I totally agree with her, she is a SMART WOMAAN….TLC, thank you for making this show happen… do not delete this family… you , TLC does an incredibly 👍 good job

  19. Счастливые родители. Одним разом столько счастья привалило.

  20. Ok,y'all had 3 kids before this fiasco! Why in the Hell would you have wanted any more?! 1 is enough for me!

  21. I love her husband's attitude I see why she loves him he's just so chill and cool ……real layed back His Job is to bring home the bacon and love her and that's what he does lol

  22. the mom is a attention seeking idiot.shes like…look at me…look at me how good of a mom i am…she fainted in the docters room cause her baby needed surgerie…please stop the look stupid!!! big time.stop the acting…i dont like you mom…youre so fake!!! just stop the acting!!! acting like you all christian and shit…just stop it!!!!

  23. Adam e Danielle Busby ajuda esses 2 pais ,à não cometer essa loucura levar 6 bbs em um rrestaurante.a não ser que tenha no mínimo +2 adultos,gosto muito dos episódios mas BB em restaurantes 😬😠😬😠😬😠

  24. Whether you believe or not God made women with some extra juicy strength. Coming from a man, I am amazed at what women can handle

  25. You are amazing ma ma! We took our triplets out for the first time to a restaurant when they were about that age and the floor seemed knee deep in food when we left…..I offered to help clean up 😏

  26. I can't understand why the high chairs don't have a harness in them , that way once the baby is in and fastened they can't climb out and would cut the chaos down by half …. but it's true at some point they need to all go out and eat together so a child friendly restaurant should be good to go… and other diners their would know it's a family place so should not be disturbed, in fact probably enjoyed seeing all those babies…. if you watch in the shops and parks multiple babies get loads of people interacting with them 😁


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