The Babysitter is Back! Kids Fun TV Solving Puzzles to Get Out!

Hmmm.. those kids from Kids Fun TV, they’re so silly! What can I do to get them back? [Laughs] I know! [Wand whooshing] [Jasmine] Where are we? [Kids] Where are we? Where are we? Looks like we’re in a hotel room! [Knocking on the glass] Guys! It’s “That YouTub3 Family!” Whoa! Let’s see. Guys! We’ve been out here for hours! There was a silly witch
lady that put us out here! And locked the door! Thank goodness you guys saved us! That’s weird! Okay, what are we gonna do? Where are we? And what are we wearing? Ugh! We look like we’re prisoners. Ty! All I got is those shorts. [Woosh] Looks like we’re jailbirds! Ahhh!
[Suspense music] We have a silly witch
that comes to babysit us, and every time she puts
us in an escape room! Escape room?! Ahhh!
[Suspense music] Wait, so does that mean we’re
in an Escape room right now? How did we get stuck in your Escape room? Ahhh!
[Suspense music] Thanks a lot! How did we even get stuck
with your babysitter? Oh, she has a magical wand! What? Ah, Witch Babysitter must be
after our friends now too! Ohh, great! Sorry! Let’s go check the door,
and see if it’s locked! It’s locked! Do we have a key? Umm, I don’t know? Should we look for one? You have to.
Look around the room! Okay, let’s go! [TV static]
[Cackling] I’ve got my two favorite channels trapped in an abandoned hotel Escape room! [Cackles] We’re in an abandoned hotel! Oh no! And what are you going to do about it? [Cackles] What are we gonna do, guys? We’re gonna solve it! So there’s no people here? We’re all by ourselves! It’s deserted! No way! We’ve gotten out of your
escape rooms before! Not this time, I’ve got you good! You’re stuck forever! [Cackles] Sure, you can spend a
whole day saying that. Toodles, my little pretties! [Cackles] Oh no, we’re stuck! That silly babysitter! She’s always after us! Guys, if we’re in an Escape room, there must be clues! So, let’s look around. Scatter around! Let’s go! [Suspenseful music] I just found a rose! Wait, let me check under here! Hey guys! There’s an “S!” [Audrey] You’re right! [Kaden] What about the other one?
[Audrey] This has to mean something Yeah, it might be spelling a word, like.. spark? Spark? Like, there’s more – Space? There’s more petals around, more roses! We’ve found – More roses? [Drawers sliding] Look, there’s an “E!” E! Then you could spell ‘SEE’. “R!” “R!” I don’t think we’ve found
all the letters yet? Guys, here’s another rose! Underneath the bed, you should
check underneath the bed! More roses? Look on them, there might be like, a letter or something. True! Okay! Everybody look! I found some! You found a clue? Why would there be roses in here? Wait, guys! I’m stuck under the bed!
Let’s count all the roses. “O”, guys! There’s an “O!” S, E –
O! There’s no letters on here, just numbers. S-O-R-R-Y! Darn it, there’s no “Y!” Oh, found it! Oh, oh!
An “S!” Or, two “S’s!” Guys, we have an “R”, We have an “S”, another “S”, an “O” and an “E!” So it sounds scrambled, we have to put the words in different – [Kaden] Roe? [Audrey] Roe? Rose! Roses!
Rose! All the roses! [Crowd cheering]
[Bell dinging] Let’s count all the roses, maybe! Smart, okay! [Audrey] We have them all? [Jasmine] One, two, three! Hey, there’s one over here!
Four, five, six, seven Eight Nine, ten, eleven! Let’s try it again! Hmmm.. No poison here. Wait, water we can put the roses in here! Oh, so look! There’s eleven roses in total, and – It says, “Count Me!” Count, okay. There are three in there though! There was three, and then eleven is total So try three-one-one, or one-one-three! [Buzzer] Or, three-three! Okay, one-one-three! [Buzzer] Okay, let’s count them as
we put the roses in the jar! One, two, three How many will fit?
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve! Wait, now put the number twelve in, see if it will work! But it’s a four digit code! [Buzzer] Yeah. Is there anywhere else we
could put a code in this room? Where else can we put in numbers? The phone! Okay, the phone! [Buttons beeping] [Dial sound] [Deep low voice] Mirror, Soap, Kleenex, Lotion.
[Exclaims] It’s an unpleasant voice! [Unpleasant Voice continues]
Do you think it’s the witch? It’s saying the same
thing over and over again! Wait, let me hear! [Deep low voice] Mirror,
Soap, Kleenex, Lotion. Mirror, Soap, what? [Deep low voice] Mirror,
Soap, Kleenex, Lotion. Wait a minute, that’s all in the bathroom! In the bathroom! Mirror? Mirror? Lotion? Star! It’s a star! There’s a one! A one!
A one? Seven! Seven. Eight.
Eight! Kleenex.
Kleenex! Look on the bottom. Look guys! Two! One, eight, seven, two! One, eight, seven, two! One, eight, seven, two! Perfect! One, Eight – Wait, wasn’t it seven? No, one, eight. One, seven, eight, two. [Buzzer] Ugh, it’s not working! Try a different combination! One, eight, two, seven. [Buzzer] Wait. Oh, we gotta get out of here! We can’t be stuck in here forever! Eight, seven, two, one. [Buzzer] Wait, lotion was at the end, so, one is first, seven, two, eight. [Bell dinging] Yes, it worked!
Woohoo! We got it!
It worked! Here it is, it worked! [Kids cheering] That’s our ticket out of here! [Kids cheering] Woohoo! Take that, babysitter! Yeah, we escaped! Let’s go play in the pool! [Kids cheering] Yay! What! What! How did they escape? This is impossible! Noo! Make sure to like and subscribe below! Thanks so much to “That YouTub3 Family,” for doing this awesome video with us! We also filmed a video on our channel where we escaped an abandoned hotel! So make sure you click the
link to the video down below! Click it, click it, click it! It’s awesome!
Click, click, click!

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