The Bachelor Party Aftermath | Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse | Oprah Winfrey Network

How the hell these women wound
up pregnant at the same time? That– that’s what I– I keep trying to figure out. You know? It just– wait a minute. What? You guys, uh– you guys remember
Roman’s bachelor party? Yeah. What about it?
– OK. OK. You remember we went, we got
a little– little hammered. Right?
A little sloshed. Mm-hm. A little sideways. Yes, we did. Yes, we did. Now, if you remember,
there was a certain stripper. Oh, Bodacious. What about her? Oh, I– man, I– remember
she had that– and then she’d do that– and then she– (SINGING) Dolla,
dolla bill, y’all. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Stop it.
Stop it. Stop it.
[INAUDIBLE] Right, right, right. You got it. Memories, brother, memories. I’m just– OK, now you hear
what I’m saying, right? The– the– the unmarried
guys, they’re all after her. They’re all trying to
get her number, right? Shoot.
Some of the married ones, too. True. And we all held each
other accountable. Yes, we did. Yes, we did. All made it home hoe free. Mm-hm. Yep. – Mm-hm.
– Mm-hm. And I don’t know
about you guys, but, uh, what I did
to Leslie that night should be hanging
from the rafters of Madison Square Garden, OK. [LAUGH] Yeah, man. I remember that night. I think Jennifer had to take
a sick day the next day. Yeah and Angela and I
had a marathon that night. So you see what I’m saying. Damn. That was probably the night. Damn you, Bodacious.

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