The Bachelor Party Surprise | Cédric Waldburger

Ready for another adventure back at the airport! Yesterday was definitely an emotional day
because of the crash. Today is an emotional day for another reason. Fabian has been my best friend for the past
15, almost 20 years. He’s getting married and we’re headed to the
bachelor party. I was in charge of organizing it. It’s all a surprise. No one knew where we were going until they
came here. I even just sent them the barcode of the boarding
pass so they could get past security. Here we go, let’s get started! We’ve arrived. Just walking over to the hotel. The weather cleared up, it was raining earlier
today but it looks great right now. Pretty friendly so far. It’s a new city for almost all of us. There’s only one guy who’s been here before,
on purpose. I wanted to come somewhere where we didn’t
have some people who have been like 10 times and others who had never been. So that we can all discover the city together. Okay, so they call this a room but I have
a kitchen, bathroom, and hot tub. I have a living room area which is not too
small either. And then the bedroom. Pretty insane. It’s the second day of the bachelor trip. We just had breakfast at a local cafe. The guys
don’t know what we’re doing but, of course, we’re going to play an escape room because
Fabian likes them at least as much as I do. So we made it to the top. Just entering the castle now and the escape
room should be somewhere in here. They don’t give you the keys if you don’t
make it in on the first attempt. I have
to go and try again without the coats. This is the last stop, there’s a door with
a lock. 48 minutes and this is how the winning team looks like. 42 minutes! [Seriously good time!] Apparently, everyone got stuck at the door
and had to go back and refind their clues. I thought we were last but we saw that the
other two teams had to go back as well. [How is it to come in only second place?]

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