The Bachelor Viewing Party Tips

(upbeat music) (guitar music) – Hey guys, my name is Natalie. I’m the Community Engagement
Editor for The Beacon. One of my favorite parts about winter time is cosying up on the couch with friends and watching 20 plus women battle it out for one man’s heart on National TV. It’s been quite the season for viewers of The Batchelor, as
Colton searched for love in Vietnam, Thailand,
and the iconic mansion. As an avid viewer of The Bachelor, I think I know how to throw a perfect Batchelor viewing party. So here are my top five
tips, so you can do the same. In order to throw a great viewing party, you need to make sure you
have people that show up. What better way to celebrate the occasion, than inviting your friends by saying will you accept this rose? Another important element of any party is supplying food and
drink for your guests. Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider and Ring Pops are a must for this occasion. You can even put some frozen raspberries and mint in your Martinelli’s to make a super cute and yummy mocktail. Make sure you have your toast prepared ahead of time, you don’t wanna end up like Hannah B. on her one
on one date, episode two. Make sure you don’t invite your friends that haven’t been keeping up with the show throughout the season. We only want people that are
here for the right reasons. Well pilots, those are my top tips. Let’s have a cheers to
Colton finally finding love. Is that a sloth? (light music)

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