The Best Bangkok Party In Rs. 1000 Only . The Mad Monkey Bangkok Pub Crawl – All you need to know!

Can you please tell me how safe do you feel traveling as a woman ? Very safe ! Very safe ! The hostel and the staff is very safe ! I am Traveling Desi, and in this video I will tell you how can you enjoy one of the most amazing parties in Bangkok in 1000 rupees only ! Welcome to the Mad Monkey Pub Crawl ! As you saw in my last vlog I just arrived in Bangkok from Pattaya, and on the same day, my hostel Mad Monkey, had a pub crawl . So I am all fresh now, and I don’t have the time to change my clothes as the pub crawl is about to start and we got late as I lost my wallet So I’m just gonna head downstairs and lets see how good a Bangkok Pub Crawl is ? Pub crawl is a type of party in which a lot of travellers go bar hopping in a locally organised group ! And the Mad Monkey pub crawl starts by buying a ticket for 450 Baht or 1000 rupees in which you get a bucket drink coupon worth 250 Baht, A party t-shirt worn by a lot of people ! And some free shots ! But I just bought 1 ticket for Nikhil, because, neither did I need the t-shirt, nor do I drink ! After partying for some time in the hostels own bar, this pub crawl heads to the Khaosan road which is just 5 minutes away So I just walked along with the group, without buying a ticket ! So the party starts at around 8 p.m when people start coming down from their rooms and gather around in the bar ! And if you want, you can get your custom drinks made at the bar without buying a ticket and follow the entire group wherever they go ! And as I don’t drink I just got myself a virgin mojito And this is Jess, and you’re from ? Aussie !! So it was quite noisy and my external mic wasn’t working, so you guys can’t hear this conversation But I can tell you that meeting various people and talking to them is very easy in such parties because maximum youngsters come to Thailand just to party and are quite chilled out ! And then I met these people and had a little chat with them . So finally I’ve reached Bangkok and I am at the Mad Monkey hostel and I met this beautiful lady here, who’s traveling south east Asia Whats your good name ? Annie .
And Annie where are you from ? I’m from England ! And have you been to south east Asia before ? Yes !
Well I’ve been to Indonesia before ! And Bali .
Nice ! We’ve travelled Thailand , but its my first time in Bangkok ! So as I said, people start gathering at the bar around 8 or 9 p.m and start meeting each other and have a chat and trust me on this, maximum people over here, did not know each other from before ! So you’re leaving Bangkok and going where ? Phi Phi ! Phi Phi islands ! And then began Beer Pong, which is a drinking game, in which you have to throw a TT ball in the opponents cup if it goes in, the opponent drinks, if it doesn’t, you drink ! And games like these are a very good opportunity to make new friends ! The DJ and the alcohol takes care of the mood of this party and it doesn’t matter if you are an American, British or Italian everyone talks about everything in a very friendly mood ! And then I heard this ! Listen up guys, listen up !! Please can I have your attention !!!! So, for every single Mad Monkey, pub crawl or not pub crawl, there’s a free shot at the bar ! Thats right, free shots for everyone, and this happens a couple more times, and they run out very quickly ! As I told you in my last vlog, that I forgot my wallet in the bus, So they say, only today you have to go there, because tomorrow they won’t be here ! And when the hostel staff called the bus station to enquire, they learnt that the driver has found my wallet ! The problem was that the bus was to leave for Pattaya and my hostel was 40 minutes away from the bus stop ! Okay ! Befor 10 ! Before 10 ? Oh I’ll have to leave now ! Then I called my cousin Parag and found out that he lives near Ekamai and he collected the wallet from the driver, on his way to meet me ! Now in this pub crawl story, Parag also has a role ! I took Parag in with me, but remember guys, neither is Parag a guest of the hostel, nor is he a part of the pub crawl . But Mad Monkeys’ bar is open to all including outsiders And then he ordered a drink for himself as a regular bar customer ! And Parag has got himself a Chang beer .
Thailands classic ! 150 Baht ! And while he was having his beer, Annie challenged him for arm wrestling ! But then this guy with 18 inch biceps, had a big heart and lost to her ! And guys, study hard, be fit and this can be your reward too ! And when my brother went away for a ride with Annie, I met these people ! Alright guys, at the hostel I just happened to meet these two beautiful ladies who came here from India ! And I was really really curious to ask about their experience ! So ladies, Names first, I’m Nicole and this is Jess, we’re sisters ! Can you tell me which all cities have you been to ? So we went to Kerala and we got to see Kochi and Munnar and got to see a lot of tea leaves ! Wow !! And we went to Goa, which was probably our favourite ! You answered my second question already, which was your favourite city ? Nice ! It was so hippie and beachy, everyone was so nice there But it was also cool to cities like Mumbai and Jaipur to see like the difference ! I don’t know, we thought that was what India was like, but when we went to Goa, it didn’t even feel like we were in India ! So I wanted to ask you one special question, what made you go to India ? So we grew up with South African parents and there is a big Indian community in South Africa, And our family grew up cooking all the food with the chutney and it is amazing And we love it and all the spices in the cooking And Dosas ! And our granny, she claims that she make the best dosas ! She also got into an argument with an Indian lady once that she makes better dosas ! She makes them from scratch,
I am a dosa fan, Trust me ! Yeah we love dosas, we’ve been obsessed with the food and the culture for so long ! so it was kind of a dream for us to go there and we got to go there with our mom, so it was really special ! So, do you have dosas with sambhar or regular curries like Indians do or do you have it with coconut chutney ? Yeah the coconut chutney, we did !
The white coconut chutney ! We did, we had it for breakfast ! I just love plain dosa ! We were really confused because over there dosas were for breakfast, but we are used to having it whenever we want ! And then more and more people joined at the bar and made the night young ! In order to make friends while traveling, you should know how to speak English and most people from around the world are very friendly and if you give them respect, you will get back respect as well ! And bonjour means hello in French ! I forgot to ask you where are you guys from ?
From Cleveland, Ohio ! Cleveland, Ohio !! Nice ! Nice ! I’ve basically been to all the major cities, but I still have to do a road trip, a big road trip of the US . You are most welcome, and we will take you to our favourite Indian restaurant in Cleveland ! One thing that you love about India the most ?
The colours and the things you could buy, on the streets and its a different culture and it was really really cool to see ! Ah, nice ! And one thing
that you did not like about India ? The toilets, the bathrooms ! We are not used to that, western v/s Indian bathrooms and those hoses ! And just like this, you’ll find smiling faces everywhere at the party ! where you’ll find people sharing experiences and collecting memories instead of flaunting their brands ! Alan what do you do for work ? Cooking ! He’s a chef. Whats your speciality ? I was working here in Bangkok for one month, and I will stay here for like one year ! They have a dish named Golgappa ! Have you tried Golgappas ? Yeah I’ve tried them ! Really good, but we put in the stuff inside, like potato, mint and after that like, So you make a bit of a fusion of it ?
Yeah ! Really high class cuisine ! So we fry it and we put it on high class cuisine ! So you basically revamped the golgappas ! In India, golgappa is street food ! We use the shell, and we made a high class cuisine, like a specialty cuisine ! That’s creative, that’s business ! Thats real business ! And then we just chatted with some more people for a while ! And the group was ready to leave for the bars ahead ! And the entire group left for khaosan road which is just 5 minutes by foot ! And khaosan road is basically Bangkoks’ Hauz Khas village and the most popular backpackers area ! And this is the khaosan street, and I need an entire day to shoot this part as this is a project in itself ! For now we are with the pub crawl as we did not have anything planned for today ! And the group is entering the first pub here, And after spending some time here, we’ll head back to the hostel as Parag is waiting here ! It was time for some free shots again, but people were interested in eating a scorpion for 100 Baht ! Scorpion actually tasted like popcorn ! I guess the best way to say is, it tasted like teriyaki popcorn ! It was very hollow . I thought it would have some more squishiness to it but it didn’t ! The scene was a little dead in the first bar ! But there was live music . And people were also enjoying free pool ! And the drinks prices here were quite same as that at the hostel ! And then I tried to do some salsa that I learnt in Mexico! And the group headed to the next bar ! They had balloons filled with laughing gas which this guy was enjoying ! And he wasn’t alone ! And after inhaling one balloon, these guys went crazy ! But guys, I strongly advise you against trying it ! And since we haven’t had anything since breakfast in Pattaya ! We grabbed Parag and told him to take us for some thai food ! As it was 1’o clock in the night and the pub crawl was gonna go till 3 . Which after traveling and shooting was clearly out of our physical capacity ! From a small connecting road, we went on to the street next to khaosan ! Where we went to a Thai restaurant ! The pub crawl was gonna go on for quite some time and we were very tired so we had to leave ! And we are at a Thai restaurant for dinner ! And we’ve ordered the most famous dish i.e. Thai curry or green curry ! I will definitely try it out ! And we’ve already had some soup, but we still are hungry ! And Parag has suggested to try the Thai curry, And this guy now has stronger forearms than ever carrying the gimbal around ! And then came the Green Thai curry which is normally served with rice but we also got coleslaw ! What is this ? Soup ? Thai curry has a lot of veggies and is available in chicken option as well ! And it has some strange chilli that hits you after a few seconds ! Very spicy, very tangy ! Its really good and flavourful ! The best time to come to Thailand is in the month of December ! If you come before or after that, you will sweat a lot ! Its very humid over here and extremely hot ! Its first week of February and it still is very hot ! And its time to call it a day, we had to leave the party in between as we were extremely tired ! Well its 2’o clock in the night and now its time to hit the bed ! And tomorrow was scheduled for temples but I might go to the shopping mall to get a new wire for my mic ! So maybe tomorrows’ gonna be the mall day and we will shoot khaosan street tomorrow evening ! And the day has ended and its time to go to bed ! So this was my first night in Bangkok and in the coming videos you’ll see a lot from Bangkoks’ malls, to one of the most amazing parties in the world, the full moon party ! This journey will go on ! And my channel can always use your support so don’t forget to share the video guys ! Thanks again for watching guys, and if you’re still here, don’t forget to hit the like button ! Also, each and every subscriber matters a lot, so for regular updates, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button
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