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My college friend She gifted her husband something on his birthday He was totally amazed on seeing that gift Such an awesome gift The gift can be made at home. Not an expensive one too. What’s that gift? How can you amaze your husband or wife by gifting the same? Let’s look at that in this video. “This Week’s Message” – Week 8 Karaikudi Sa. Balakumar April 23. It was her husband’s birthday Wife tells husband This year, you’ll be amazed on looking at my birthday gift to you Nobody would have ever gifted such a thing. I’m going to be the first person in the world. Wife is adding more and more suspense Husband couldn’t wait anymore. He starts guessing. But 5 more hrs to go for the clock to hit 12. He’s waiting patiently for 5 more hrs. Then the clock hits 12. Wife is coming with a cake. There are 34 candles on the cake, because he turns 34. She hands the cake to him, sings the birthday song He quickly cuts the cake and asks, “Where is my gift?” Wife tells, “Wait until tomorrow” Disappointedly, he goes to sleep.. [oh wait] he acts like sleeping. He waits until his wife sleeps. He gets out of bed after his wife sleeps He starts searching for the gift throughout the house. He searches for 2 hrs, but couldn’t find it anywhere He gets tired. He comes back to bed and sleeps. Since he’s tired, he sleeps until 8 o’ clock the next day. He wakes up at 8 and goes straight to his wife. He asks his wife, “Where’s my gift?” Wife tells, “It’s not yet ready, dear.” He asks disappointedly, “Not ready yet!!??” Wife says, “Go brush your teeth. Let’s have breakfast.” He finishes brushing, takes a seat at the dining table. He was shocked!!! Because for breakfast, wife made just UPMA “Even during normal days, you would make Idli, vada, dosa, poori, pongal,” husband wonders. But today is my birthday, and you made just UPMA??!! “Yes dear. Just upma. If you want, eat it, otherwise there are many hotels open at this time,” replies the wife. With no other way, husband eats the upma. “I’m going to meet my friends. Once I come back, let’s go to temple, and then meet our family,” says the husband He comes back in 2 hours. When he enters the street, he smells nice food. “Some lucky chap is enjoying tasty food,” thinks the husband, and enters the street. He opens his house door. Then he realizes… … that the smell is coming from his house only. He rushes to the kitchen and asks the wife, “What are you making? It smells so nice!!” “I finished preparing lunch. Let’s eat,” says the wife. “What? Have you finished making lunch?!” wonders the husband. He goes and takes a seat at the dining table. There was a surprise waiting for him. Like in the movie “Maya Bazaar”, there were so many dishes spread on the dining table. “Did you order all these in a restaurant?” asks the husband. No, I made them all at home, says the wife. What?! All these dishes – home made?! But why? exclaims the husband. What’s your age? 34. That’s why I’ve made 34 dishes. 17 dishes for lunch, 16 dishes for dinner, and one dish (UPMA) for breakfast. Oh! So, this is my birthday gift! GREAT. But when did you make all these? I didn’t see you busy with cooking, exclaims the husband. I used the 2 hrs when you were out this morning. I made the sweet dishes before you woke up. 3 hours. 34 dishes. 2 cooker. 1 tava. His jaw dropped in amazement. Yes, this was the gift my friend gave to her husband. She cooked most of the dishes using OPOS technique. OPOS means One Pot One Shot With just one cooker, you can make any dish you want. You can make any dish in 3 to 10 minutes. Cook green. Cook clean. Cook fast. Cook anything. That’s OPOS. Anybody can cook using the OPOS technique. Even the people who have never been to the kitchen even once. If you want to know more about OPOS, check out the links in this video description. You can learn it easily. Anybody can cook Amaze your husband or wife on his/her birthday with this gift. My friend sent all the pics of food to our college WhatsApp group. On seeing the pic, every guy in the group said From next year, we’ll be at your house for every birthday celebration. But what did I say? I have self respect. I won’t come for “all” the birthday celebrations at your home. My friend was proud of me. At least, you have shame and self respect, she said. I continued speaking… Who would come to your daughter’s 1st birthday party? And eat *just one dish*!!! Tell me when your daughter turns 7 or 8. Then I’ll join her birthday celebration, I said. Or tell me when you celebrate the birthday of your grand ma or grand dad. I’ll definitely attend that, I said.

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