The Best Foods To Celebrate Juneteenth With || Thrillist Celebrates Juneteenth

– We know that July 4 wasn’t really about true freedom for everyone. – No, no, no, no. – This is kind of our —
literally our Independence Day. – Like 60 years later. (upbeat music) – Juneteenth was the day that the last slaves
were freed in America. In 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect, but not all states really sort of got the memo in time and June 19 1865, Galveston, Texas. – Wow, OK, that was when we were physically out of
bondage on Juneteenth. – So a lot of my family is from Texas, so a lot of them try
and celebrate Juneteenth whenever we can. Whenever we did celebrate,
it we always had like the giant cookouts. Fried chicken was always on point. Fried fish was always on point. – Is it usually always a cookout. – Cookouts are really the
cornerstone of the culture. I’m sure food is gonna be in there no matter what.
– No matter what. – I grew up in a West Indian
household, so Juneteenth wasn’t and isn’t a big
part of our culture. It was something that when I found out about it I was like, “Wow this is, how could I never hear about this?” – Exactly, I feel the same way. I grew up in a Nigerian household and our neighborhood was pretty white, so nobody
was celebrating Juneteenth. I’m not even shameless to say this, but like a “Black-ish” episode
is what put me on Juneteenth. ♪ Talking about Juneteenth ♪ ♪ It was the 20th, ♪ ♪ but the 19th’s when it was told to us ♪ – I think if more people knew it existed, they would understand why it’s important. Because if we’re talking
about independence, the independence of black people should be celebrated as well. I think on a state level, it
should be a state holiday. – In 45 states, yeah. – Oh really?
– 45? – Not even all of them, 45 states. – 45 states. – So I mean, you got five more to go — might as well make it national right? – 100%. I usually don’t like cornbread, but I’m gonna go for it, ’cause it looks really good. – I’m going for the mac & cheese. – So we have this, the cornbread, some people
be having their cornbread way too dry. I love little crunch around the exterior of it or whatever. – That’s why I kind of like that. – But the middle has to be soft. – Here’s our classic fried chicken. – I’m just going in. – Yeah.
– That’s it. – Ah ha. – [Matt] You don’t come to a cookout expecting to sit there and just be like. – No, it’s not gonna be a neat affair. – Ah hah, my personal
favorite: the mac & cheese. You can definitely tell they weren’t shy about putting the cheese in there. Like it’s gonna put you to sleep right after you eat it. Personally, that’s what I
look for in my mac & cheese. – We have the okra. – [Matt] I personally
don’t really love okra. – [Khalid] Really. – OK, the thing with okra
it’s definitely like personal, because it is a slimy
situation, so if you’re not used to slimy stuff, it’s not good. And then we have our watermelon. This is like our redness, all the stuff. – Like wait a minute, I’m
seeing a lot of red here. I feel like red is probably a
theme that everybody knows, and I’m just the only
one finding out now. But it actually comes from slavery. The hibiscus plant came over as part of the slave trade, and so
like the red of the hibiscus, obviously symbolism with
the blood of the slaves, I think they want to just not forget it, but at the same time, celebrate
that they were freedom. – [Dolapo] OK, this is
a huge slice of cake; this is diabetes all in one plate all right. – [Khalid] This is like
double what I normally eat. – Um, ah, um. – [Khalid] Red velvet
is always my favorite. – Oh my God. – June 19 is the day that we need to be celebrating moving forward, and let’s try
to get it a national holiday. – Everyone should celebrate it whether you’re black,
white, Asian, Hispanic — whatever you are — purple, brown, whatever. We should be celebrating Juneteenth because it means, it was finally when everyone was recognized
as whole human beings and not just property. – If you like to eat. – Yeah. – And you like to enjoy yourself why not celebrate it. – Try something new. Go out, lean a little bit. – Tell a friend to tell a
friend about Juneteenth. – Yes. – And you will not be sorry. – [All] Happy Juneteenth. (upbeat music)

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