The best goal celebration in football EVER | Billy Sharp’s iconic Mick Foley impersonation

I got together with some friends from my old Sunday league team, Middlewood Rovers… I’ve not seen some of the lads since I was 12 years old. It was like we’ve never been away… We created a Whatsapp group and the messages all week was “can we give you a celebration?”… I was like, “if you want to” and they came up with this because one of the lads was mental into wrestling… When we kids, so one of the other lads decided to buy the sock online for $50 I think it was… It came with the signature of Mick Foley and everything, I was like, “Oh what have I done!”… I was in the changing rooms just about to go out, i’m putting my armband on, thinking i haven’t got the sock! I didn’t know where i was going to put it, so i put it in my slip. I was fidgeting with it all half… It was coming out at half-time because it was doing my head in! Luckily we managed to get a penalty… All i could think of at the time when i was putting the penalty down, Krul was in my face, but… All I could think was the lads will be texting, has he got the sock!? “He’s got to score!” That’s all i could think about, i’ve got to score and make sure i do it for the lads. The penalty went in… And it was great because it was just before half-time. Wheeling away to the Sheff United fans… George Baldock, the good sport he is, decided to take part in it. It was mental really… After the game, I had 200 odd texts off the lads, then god knows how many more on Twitter… I wasn’t planning or expecting it to go so big, but I think everybody other than the Norwich fans enjoyed it! Mick Foley himself actually tweeted me and said i’m his favourite player! He’s got 1.8million followers… My phone was just buzzing! We’ve offered him to come to one of the Sheff United games, and it would be great… If he actually came. It would be a good story.

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  1. Been following Sharp for a long time since he was at Doncaster, one of the nicest pros you could ever me and as he says – just a fat lad from Yorkshire playing football!

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