The BEST Hiding SPOT! Hide and Seek with Game Master inside Giant FUN HOUSE to trick Hacker!

– Hey ZamFam, today we
are inside the FUNBOX and we are about play hide
& seek with the Red Hood. So we can find the mysterious red mixture. We have 15 minutes to
find the three ingredients and the Game Master said he is
going to be meeting us here. – The Game Master’s also meeting us here to bring the antidote that we mix with the ingredients that we find. – So we can rescue RZ
Twin and dehypnotize her. – We need to hide better.
– Okay. – Use the spoons. – Yeah we can hide under these and she won’t be able to see us. – Perfect, everybody get one! – [Daniel] There’s only two spoons! Hide over there. – Okay, hurry, hurry. She’s coming! – [Daniel] Okay, I’m hidden! Oh, no, there she is. Okay. She’s gone, she’s gone. – Hurry, hurry! Let’s get over there. – [Daniel] Okay. – Come on! – That was close.
– That was close. So like the Game Master said, the security system comes
back on in 15 minutes. So, we have less than 15 minutes to find all three ingredients. – There’s no way we can find that in time. We might need to split up. – [Daniel] Yeah, you’re right. – So this is like “Hello
Neighbor” in real life. – Yeah, but we’re finding
the three ingredients for the mixture, and we’re gonna have to
play hide and seek with her because she cannot find us
or know that we’re here. – Since we’re splitting up, we all need different cameras, right?
– [Daniel] Right. – I have mine right here. – I don’t have–
– [Daniel] I have this main one. Oh, Rebecca, here, in my hoodie. – Whoa.
– [Daniel] Go-Pro. – In your hoodie?
– [Daniel] Yeah. – Go-Pro? Okay, ZamFam, smash the
thumbs up button right now. Let’s see if we can get to
50,000 thumbs up in 24 hours and let us know what room
you think we’re gonna find the mixtures in. – You’ve been here before, right? – Yeah, I have. – We all need to split up, where do we go? – I’ve been here before,
so I’ll head to the back. – Matt, do the middle, and then, Daniel, maybe to the front. And you guys in the Game Master Network, we’re gonna be shouting you
out later in this video, but let’s go and– – Oh, oh. She’s here! – [Daniel] Go, go, go! Okay, she saw us. She knows we’re here. – Yeah, we need to split up. Okay, we’re gonna go that
way, you’ll go that way. – This way?
– Yeah, just film everything, okay? – Okay, see you guys, good luck! – Okay Matt, I’m better with this camera. – Okay. – All right, so the Red Hood is in here. We need to find the mixture. Where would it be? – [Matt] Oh, maybe it’s up here. – Oh look, there’s a room right there. – Okay, you go in there, I’m
gonna go over here, okay? – Okay – Look at this room! There’s a bunch of butterflies everywhere. Do you see that? Do you think the mixture is on these? They’re so light though. I don’t know if the mixture
would be on the butterflies. Let’s see what other rooms we have. Oh! A bunch of balloons! I think Rebecca found a clue
inside one of the balloons last time she was here at FUNBOX. Do you think maybe one of the ingredients is inside one of these balloons? Do you think I should pop this? Give me a thumbs up if you think I need to pop one of these balloons. – Looks like there’s a
bunch of flowers over here. Maybe something’s hidden up here. I don’t even know what
I’m looking for right now. Oh, maybe it’s in one
of these, hidden inside? Let me know in the
comment section down below if you think it’s in the flower room. – [Rebecca] Whoa, look at this! – [Daniel] There’s
Rebecca, there’s Rebecca. Okay. – [Rebecca] Daniel, hey! Okay, have you found anything? – [Daniel] I haven’t found anything yet! – [Rebecca] We gotta keep looking! Okay, look at all these umbrellas! Okay, ZamFam, if a mixture was in here, where do you think it would be? And second off, where should
I hide if the Red Hood comes in here? Maybe I can hide in there? Look, there’s cubbies! Look at all of these! Do you think the mixture might
be on one of these umbrellas? – Three monkeys, bananas? I don’t think I see anything hidden here. I know I’m supposed to be
looking for ingredients here, but I’m gonna take a quick instagram photo with one of these monkeys. – [Matt] Look at how
many flowers there are. It could be like a trick button somewhere. – [Rebecca] ZamFam, do you see that? Do you think that’s it? – [Daniel] Look at all
of these giant crayons! All the colors of the rainbow! What do you think about
this hiding spot right here? I could hide under here! This is a pretty good hiding spot, right? If the Red Hood comes,
I could hide under here. I think this would be a good plan. Okay, I’m not seeing it. Oh, no. Red Hood, Red Hood! – [Rebecca] What? – [Daniel] Oh my gosh, Rebecca! – Where should I hide? – [Daniel] Rebecca, she almost saw you? – She almost saw me! I’m so glad I could jump into these! – [Daniel] It’s a good hiding spot. It’s just a giant ball pit, it’s crazy! It’s glow in the dark! Have you found anything yet, Daniel? – [Daniel] I haven’t found
anything in this crayon room, no. – Wait, look, come here! – [Daniel] What?
– [Rebecca] Look. I saw it before the Red Hood came. – [Daniel] Oh, – [Daniel] Oh, great! – I think we found one of
the ingredients you guys! Okay, so two more left! – [Daniel] If you see Matt, let
him know that you found one. – Okay, there’s more rooms
back this way, so I’m gonna go. Keep looking, Daniel! – [Daniel] Okay, I’ll go back this way! Oh, look at this room,
it’s like a light room! It says “Let’s Dance” and there’s all these lights! The floor, though, looks so awesome. Okay. Let’s go. – Okay, ZamFam, this is
the upside down room! I shot photos in here! Oh my gosh. So, I already found one of the mixtures, so we have two left. Where do you think it would be? I don’t think it’s in this room! Look at that! Okay, look, piggy bank room! We found a clue in these before. They’re different now. Maybe the Red Hood hid it in here. ZamFam, by the way, my
merch matches these pigs! Shout out to you guys in the ZamFam that tagged me on instagram! If you want merch, link in description. Did you hear that? Is that the Red Hood? Hold on. I’m so happy my shirt matches this pig. She almost saw me. Where did she go? Okay, okay. I think the coast is clear. Let’s keep going. – [Daniel] Okay, where are we going? – [Rebecca] Oh, Daniel! Oh my gosh. – [Daniel] Have you found anything? – Ah, just that one. I haven’t found anything since. – [Daniel] What about Matt? Where is Matt? – I have no idea. – [Matt] Guys, it’s the
Fortnite in real life room! That’s the llama. I’ve seen a lot of people
make this as a DIY llama. What’s over here? Look at it. FUNBOX Chuck. Let me know in the
comments section down below if you think it’s in this room, and where it might be hidden. Oh, what if it’s in this box? Oh, nope. Ah, maybe it’s over here. Okay, it’s not there. Let’s look in the llama. There’s a, oh no, it’s a trap door. Nope. There’s another one. It’s an arrow that says up. What if it’s an opposite arrow, and it really is down. Let’s look underneath. Is this it? I found it I found one, I found one. If you said underneath the llama, give your comment a thumbs up. Let’s go find the guys. – [Daniel] Wait, I hear footsteps! Come on, let’s go. – Go, go, go, go! – [Daniel] I’m gonna go under here! – There’s no space, I’ll go over here. – [Daniel] Really? Okay. Okay, I’m gonna hide in here. Okay, I made it. – ZamFam, I think it’s the Red Hood! Look, Daniel’s hiding right there! Shh, shh, shh. That was close, Daniel! – [Daniel] That was so close! – Get up, here. Come on. Daniel, we need to follow her. She’s probably making sure that
we don’t find the mixtures. – That’s a great idea. – So let’s go this way. – Okay. That was close, that was close. – ZamFam, comment below
if Matt found anything. I found one, so– – And I haven’t found anything yet. – Yeah, so Daniel, why
don’t I go in this room? – Oh, a mirror room over there? Okay, cool.
– Yeah, exactly. And I saw a giant heart over there. I’m gonna go check that out. Okay, good luck.
– Okay, we’ll be in touch! – [Rebecca] Okay. Whoa! ZamFam, you guys remember the last time I was in this mirror room? I’ll put a card to the video. This is so cool! Look at this! – [Daniel] Here’s a giant heart. You guys see anything? I don’t know if I see anything. Comment down below if
you guys see something. I’m not seeing anything
on this giant heart. Wow, it feels really fuzzy though. I feel like this is gonna
be really important. – ZamFam, you guys
remember, I’ve taken photos in a FUNBOX room like this, remember? The last time I was here,
the Game Master was here. Did you see that? Was that the Game Master? – [Daniel] I found it! – [Matt] Daniel, I got one! – [Rebecca] It’s over here! Okay, look. Daniel, you found it? What? – Red Hood’s coming,
the Red Hood’s coming! I’m hiding in these balloons. – [Rebecca] He’s going to Daniel. – [Daniel] Yeah, she can’t see me at all. It’s a good hiding spot for hide and seek. What’s she doing? Oh no, she’s gonna see me! She’s gonna see me! – I did it, I did it! – Wait, where’d she go? Where’d she go? Where’d she go? Where’d she go? Hey, Rebecca. – My gosh, that was close! What happened? – [Daniel] I don’t know what happened! – Why’d she go away? – [Daniel] I don’t know. Did you hear that music though? Look, I think I found it. Look, right here! – You found it! Okay, wait. – Hide, hide! – [Rebecca] No, no, no, Get down! Get down. – [Matt] She’s coming! – [Daniel] There she is. Hide, hide guys, hide. Wait, what’s that in her hand? – Guys, I got one. – [Daniel] So did I! – So did I. We have all three
ingredients for the mixture. Now we just need to know the formula. How much of each of these to put in. – That was what was in her hand! – [Daniel] Oh, you’re right, that paper! – Get down, get down. – You need to go get the formula, and don’t forget, there’s another clue in the last FUNBOX video
at the other location. It’s in the alphabet room. – What? – Game Master, he said
he was gonna help us, so let’s track down the Red Hood and get that paper. We need it. Okay, ZamFam, shout out to these people in the Game Master network that
took the quiz and got 100%. If you want to take today’s quiz, it’s in the description below, So make sure to join. Go check out the video right here. Like the Game Master said,
there are clues in that video. Give the video a big thumbs up because we did it so far, and subscribe and turn on
notifications and let’s go. The Game Master network
needs to get that paper. – [Daniel] Let’s go.

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