The Best Homemade Dinner Rolls You’ll Ever Eat

dinner rolls are actually a super sexy super satisfying it honestly like one of the better parts of a big banquet meal it’s a very easy introduction to todo an introduction to bread but dinner roll was basically like your fourth utensil right so you have your fork your knife your spoon and then you have your dinner oh and that’s what’s gonna help stop up all like the really best parts of your dinner so respecting there’s a bunch of different types of flour out there you’ve got the whole wheat that has the brand in there you’ve got almond flour all these different gluten-free options nowadays we’re gonna use all-purpose you’re starting out making bread all-purpose is a great one to start with because it is so refined it’s very predictable it’s gonna give you the result year after next so there’s like three standard ones you can get in the US and around the world they’re called different things in different places you have active dry and you have instant nice and you also have fresh here we have all the different test freeze to see what would the result be in the bread could be really taste or see a difference in the rising in terms of speed how big the dough’s got all of that so we bloomed the fresh and the active dry we did not bloom the rapid because it does not recommend it to do so we all used the exact same amount of ingredients we use the flour from the same bag but all of ours were of different levels of soft instant was super hard the active dry was kind of the mama bear of them it was a kind of e in between the fresh was like super soft so because we want to have a little bit more control over a dough we wanted to use active dry so to wake it up we’re going to put it in a and the sugar and butter are gonna act as food for nice to make our blooming liquid we’re gonna start with some warm milk we’re gonna add a little bit of warm water and melted butter to that we’re gonna add sugar sugar is gonna be the main thing that’s going to give our use to some food to really quickly start to work in goes our yeast grass dirt to make sure the granules could easily be solved and be mixed in evenly with all those ingredients so we’re gonna leave that for about five minutes and it should look something like this if you don’t see anything close to this you should throw everything away and start with some new yeast your yeast might be old or dead so once you’ve bloomed are you gonna set it off to the side and goes the flour and the salt and we’re gonna just super quickly incorporate the salt into the flour again so it doesn’t like hit a huge block of salt when the yeast goes in we’re gonna add an egg to this dough that’s gonna further in rich our dough it’s also gonna give us a little bit of color a bit of extra flavor and a bit of boom add it to our bloomed yeast mixture and then just quickly as you can pour it into the flour I’m gonna use the same knife just to hydrate as much of the flour as quickly as I can so once I’m getting it to a roughly kind of shaggy dough I can pour it out of my bowl without making too huge a mess under a clean floured surface and really start to make this into a dough the stove is definitely on the water side so you want to keep a little bit of bench flour and that just means a little extra flour around to add to your dough as you go to make it a little bit easier to work with and so that’s not too wet the cool thing with bread is that wetter is better unlike pastry which you want to be on the drier side so it’s pretty fun to work with it’s pretty easy to work with as well but if it’s really sticking to your hands or to the surface all you need to do is add a little bit more flour and it’ll be much easier to work with and depending on like how old your flour is how big your egg is I mean there’s so much that’s going in here you’re probably gonna need more flour than anything before you go too far get all these extra bits off your hands and when you first start rolling because no matter what like you’re gonna have a little bit of those scraggly bits on your hands so get those off and start incorporating those into your dough early so that you don’t have like big scraggly bits later on again because you’re gonna be needing for a good ten minutes or so those will pretty easily be incorporated into the dough but if you wait too long then you’ll just have like a big chunk so kneading this is one thing that I think people tend to under do almost always so if you’re doing this by hand I’m promise you it’s like almost impossible to / need if you are using a stand mixer it is possible and what will start to happen and will kind of fall apart it’ll just turn almost like liquidy and that means that you’ve just overworked the gluten and you over needed it but by hand trust me you’re probably under kneading it what I like to do is I like to roll the dough on top of itself and then push it out rotate fold it over itself push again rotate pull over itself and push so you can just continue to do this I like to work kind of in a bit of a ball shape always making kind of the shape of a roll and once I’m getting the dough to a place that I kind of like I’m actually gonna switch to this hard method it just makes it a little bit more efficient so you just roll it back and then by the time you come down towards you it’s in the shape of a cylinder almost and then you roll the other way so you’re making sure that you’re really evenly kneading out the dough and not totally exhausting one of your arms and to tell that you’ve needed a really easy thing to do is to pull off a piece of the dough and make a little bit of a windowpane with it and stretch it out if it doesn’t tear you can actually see those strands of gluten that have developed and that should give you a pretty good indicator that your dough is ready to rise or you can push into the dough and if it bounces back at you you’ve developed enough gluten and the dough is ready to say once we’re ready we’re going to oil a bowl put our dough inside of it make sure that’s covered in the oil as well so doesn’t stick and then cover with cling film to rise in a warm area and then to get all of the dough and flour and everything off the bench these bench scrapers are amazing and such an easy like cook’s tool should definitely get one as this clean film kind of fogs up that’s actually all this gas being released that we talked about that’s the yeast working so all of that rising in that dough is creating a little bit of like condensation within the bowl so this is actually our rise the proof is gonna happen after it’s doubled in size if you want to slow rise you can put the dough in your fridge whereas if leaving it out in warm place it’ll happen a lot quicker with active dry yeast it’s a double in size in about an hour take off the cling and so we punch it pretty much just cuz it’s fun but also because we’re gonna turn out the dough and even out all those bubbles in the dough so I’m gonna knead it again for a few minutes and kind of even out the different texture within the dough and then we’re gonna cut it into pieces so if you want super exact dough balls you should definitely invest in a scale and weigh them out another trick if you want really even size spread rolls is to always work in halves so the easiest thing for me is I just continue to cut things in half so I have this big piece I’m gonna cut this piece in half and just continue to cut these pieces in half and for me it’s easier to make them into round balls again again just to make sure that I’m being super you know precise with my cut to get even size bread rolls now that we have our dough divided into its pieces it’s time to shape them into their cute little rolls so before you even start shaping it I’m gonna start to knead the little pieces so you can do a few different things you can knead it the same way that we were talking about before and press it into a little disc first and then take the outer pieces and push them into the center but what you’re really trying to do when it’s all said and done regardless of whatever technique you use is you’re trying to make the bottom of the piece that you’re rolling taut so what we really want is to gather all the outside pieces in the middle and then make the top of it top so what I’m doing here is I’m using my hand to kind of pinch from like the middle of the roll to the very bottom and when I do that I’m also rotating my hands so every time I’m doing that I’m squeezing the bottom and making sure that I’m making the top taut and making all the ugly pieces being on the bottom so take your time with shaping like you’ve gotten it this far you know make sure that they’re really beautiful when it’s all said and done but this is also something that we can definitely outsource I always get made fun of my tastings I’m always trying to like give people jobs to do but you know if you have a whole bunch of people coming over this is definitely an easy way to get everyone involved and playing with dough is very satisfying there’s just something about it that’s very like soothing and very like soulful in some ways so there’s no one who’s gonna say no I mean it’s so fun to do so once we’re happy with all of our shaped dough I’m gonna place them on a parchment lined baking sheet and you want them to be a little bit far but not too far because I really want these to touch a little bit that’s the dinner roll look like you gotta have it I know you’re eager you’ve gotten these all in their perfect shapes but they need to rise just a little bit more so the first one was the rise and now our rolls are going to proof we’re gonna cover it up with cling and then let it sit for 30 minutes an hour we want them to rise again we’ve been a little bit like needy with the dough you guys have had like too much time together somehow the dough needs a little bit of space before it’ll really perform look how pillowy those are I mean seriously like look how much they’ve risen and they’re now touching but not too much last thing so if you watched our pie episode we tested a whole bunch of different washes to put on dental before it goes in the oven and honestly egg is just super easy and classic and gives you a really great shiny Brown and for that dinner will shine like you need an egg wash take your time like these are delicate little babies at this point so if you come in real hot with that brush I’m just like really pokum they will deflate a little bit now this is totally optional but we are going to top ours with a little bit of sea salt mostly because I just could never get enough salt a season high higher you go it’ll be a more even distribution if you seize them too close to the roll it’ll all kind of get in one clump I’m sure you’ve experienced that before trust it a few different temperatures so bread ideally doesn’t in a pretty high heat but these are little baby rules so we did have to throw back the heat a little bit we ended up with 375 Wow and that gives us like the perfect amount of brown while cooking the rolls through freshly baked bread is just one of those things that I mean the crumb on this the texture here I mean you could sleep on this it’s like a pillow I mean look at that it’s had a great sweet savory flavor on the inside got the sesame seeds you can do garlic butter you can do I mean anything or you can do nothing and just top it up with some gravy or butter or jam or it cannot be overstated how much this fourth utensil will contribute to your next dinner party I’m not eating anything else is holiday season aside from bread rolls make these bread rolls tag us in your photos because I need to know that the world believes in bread rolls as much as we believe in bread rolls

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  1. These look great but a good vegan alternative I've discovered to get that brown look on top is to use a simple syrup wash. It's not as shiny, but i don't care as much about shine, i just don't like pale looking rolls, lol.

  2. The dough for me was really sticky. I thought this time Tasty failed me. Instead I got a litttle piece of dough and over floured it. Then I kept on getting the bits of the sticky dough and slowly incorporated all of it. Along the way I added a bit of flour. But I didn’t add too much otherwise the dough would be dry. OVERALL THEY TURNED OUT VERY NICE.

  3. "so we punched it pretty much because it's fun" wow catering to the wall punching male demographic

  4. And this is why you should be Claire's boyfriend Because you'll be satisfied of what she'll make you for dinner 🙂

  5. These are infinitely better than the school lunch bread rolls that they gave us in elementary school…they were basically play doh 🤮

  6. Wow. I'm so grateful for that info on yeast. I had no idea. Maybe I'll be able to make some decent breads now.

  7. These truly are the best like they are AMAZING! Bit the dough was a little weird to work with and I had to add a lot of extra flour but still crazy good

  8. What a great recipe…!!! I had to add a lot of flour though, but the rolls turned out to be as yummy as ever can be…. Lot Better than bakery…

  9. I thought the title said Best Homemade Dinner Rolls you’ll never eat, I wasn’t mad at myself because it was pretty accurate.

  10. I haven't really been attentive to anything these days but definitely remember most of what I heard and saw in this video.

  11. ive made dinner rolls many times and I suggest that you first bloom the yeast in warm water not milk and butter. Reason being is that if the yeast is dead and you bloomed in milk and butter, you’d be wasting a lot of ingredients. water is easily replaceable.

  12. So I did these yesterday, they came off a little denser that I would have liked. Could be because of yeast or as I suspect I did not cool them properly.

    Anyone know the ideal way to cool after cooking. Is it on the rack.

  13. I just made this recipe yesterday with the half portion! So it came up like a hard dutch bread skin but it actually really soft in inside. And I filled it with chocolate and cheese. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like a hard skin but it’s actually taste good!❤️

  14. I really like watching this video cuz it felt so intimate when she use a lot of hands rather than machines. Its very calming

  15. Ingredients:
    -1 cup warm milk (110 degrees F/ 43 degrees C)
    -1/2 cup warm water
    -1/4 cup melted unsalted butter
    -1/4 cup granulated white sugar
    -2 1/4 tsp active dry yeast (not expired and alive!)

    -4 cups all-purpose/ plain flour
    -1 1/2 tsp salt
    -1 egg

    -Oil for oiling
    -Bench flour
    -1 egg for egg wash

    For everyone who didn't catch that ^_^
    You're welcome

  16. If I wanted to freeze these at what stage would I do it? before the final proof? and how long could they stay in the freezer for?

  17. In the philipines the dinner roll is called pandesal and it's mostly eaten for breakfast or snack we put ham,cheese,bacon just anything you want

  18. 5:13
    OMG! These are for scraping the bench!? I've always thought they were for cutting dough.

    This feels both dumb and smart at once.

  19. I made it with whole wheat flour because I ran out of AP flour and apart from the color was darker it was so pillowy and delicious!

  20. Made them today! I put them in for 25 min. I feel like maybe I should have left them for 20min instead. Love them!

  21. Idk why, but since I’ve never had dinner rolls before (since I’m from the U.K.) I always thought they were stuffed!!

  22. I have made the rolls and it came out exactly the way you did. It’s an amazing recipe. My husband and son enjoyed a lot. Thank you very much.

  23. Tried the recipe last night . These rolls were so soft and fluffy 😭. My boyfriend ate the whole pan last night.

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