The Best Pool Party Ever | George Fox Doctor of Physical Therapy

– My favorite thing is
just being able to look up and just see, you know,
40 kids in the pool. Some that are, you know,
bound by wheelchairs, but no, they’re in the pool. They’re getting to swim, and they just want to be
able to play and enjoy. They’re just like anybody else. Pool-A-Palooza is a community event, and we have kids all different ages, all different abilities
come and just join us for basically a giant pool party. – The kids with special
needs, they don’t necessarily have the means or the opportunities to get to do stuff like this. So, we know more about how
to help ’em in the pool. So if they need special help and if not, how to just have a blast with kids. The parents can get in if they want. A lot of times they love
just to sit and watch, and take pictures and just enjoy it, like, their kid is having fun. – I’m sure people would see this, it’s almost like a
whole party is everybody and you’re wondering, “Okay, are there facilitators
to this party or whatever?” All of our DPT students
are there to assist, and provide one-on-one, sometimes two-on-one attention to these kids with disabilities. But their siblings are also invited, so that they get an equitable opportunity to play with their sibling
or play with their friends who are able-bodied children. – Hello! – [computerized voice] My name is Rylan. I am 13 years old. I’m in 8th grade. – What is your favorite part today? – [computerized voice] Football. – Rylan, he wants to be very independent. They can play or have fun
or get help if they need it, and you don’t have to worry about them. They just have a blast. And I asked all my kids “What was the best part about it?” and they said their “Buddy.” My favorite part was just
being able to watch my kids, because usually I have
to be in there with them. – The students actually get comfortable super fast. And hopping in the pool and
following a child’s lead to what they want to do in
this wonderful play space, this water space, bringing two or three kids together, and enjoying not just the kids together, but the fact that there are other students that are together and they’re having fun. – He doesn’t think it’s any therapy, he thinks it’s a fun,
plain day (laughing). An event like the Pool-A-Palooza gives you the opportunity
that he gets to go and have fun the whole time,
and somebody’s attention is focused on him the whole time and I get to focus my attention on everybody. – Pool-A-Palooza happens twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. It’s just a couple of hours
on a Saturday afternoon. It’s at the Chehalem
Aquatic Fitness Center which provides a variety of
pool experiences for children. – But the most important
people of the event are the kids, so we just want them to just be able to have fun. – So really Pool-A-Palooza
is an opportunity for any family of any inclination who wants to get in the pool and have a real fun time, to come join a pool party and really have a great success doing it.

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