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(upbeat music) (light music) – Hey, it’s Jason Glover
with Dads That Cook. We’re hanging out, making a
new episode with Michael Chang. I’ve heard this is an amazing meal that he’s making and I can’t wait, ’cause I’ve never had
any of it and I’m stoked. What are you making, what’s going on? – I’m gonna start with a tomato soup, gonna do an Israeli salad,
my mom’s famous roast duck with Yorkshire pudding and
gravy, and then I’m gonna finish with mochi cake for
dessert, hope you’re hungry. – You know, I’m not really
hungry at all, yeah. – Okay, well, all right. – Thanks for having us, Mike.
(Michael laughs) This sounds so good, I mean,
you’ve got a lot going on here. And you make this every week, right? – Yes, of course.
– Yeah. What are you gonna start with first? Looks like we’ve got something over here. – Yeah, we’re gonna start right here. We’re gonna start with the mochi cake. – That makes sense. So you’re gonna have your cake done. (kazoo plays) So how do we make this thing,
Michael, what’s the story? Tell everybody and show ’em! – All right. (laughs) – Come on, get it going! Oh, you know what I forgot? Got your chef jacket, got
your little oven mitt, and then inside you got
the Dads That Cook knife. Enjoy it, have fun, and don’t
stick it in the dishwasher, I’ll have to kill you.
– All right. – Awesome, look at you,
man, you look like a pro! So we’re making the mochi cake, right? – Yes, so I’ve already got
my 1 3/4 cups of sugar. – 1 3/4 cups of sugar. – And the mochi flour. Two tablespoons of baking powder. Five eggs.
– Five little eggs. – Whisk them up. We’re gonna add one tablespoon
each coconut extract. – And the vanilla? – And the pure vanilla extract. The nice thing about this
recipe is it’s very forgiving. – Is it? – You know, a little more
sugar, a little bit more flour. So we’re gonna keep going with the half coconut
milk, half regular milk. – All right, slap a
little butter in there. – [Michael] All right,
so the oven’s at 350. – Now you’re just gonna blend
up some of this stuff here? You know, I don’t bake a lot. Do you bake a lot? – I don’t, no, but the kids like this. – The kids like this. – So now we’re gonna
mix the dry into the wet and do basically like a third at a time. – So you mentioned you have kids. How many do you have? – 15. – 15 kids, wow, that’s amazing. (Jason and Michael laugh) – Just three, three boys. – Three boys. – Three boys, and now a dog. – And now a dog. So how old are your kids? – [Michael] 14, freshman in
high school, 11, and nine. – 11 and nine. Let’s see how his pouring skills are. Wow, look at that, you’re good! – How’s that? – Let me open that up for ya. (light music) What’s up next? – We are gonna do the Israeli salad, which is a lot of chopping this morning. – Yes, I saw that. – It was about seven hours of chopping. – Seven, at least, seven. You know, you could have
just went to the store and bought everything chopped already. – That’s true, they do that. – And so you got this sumac,
does this call for it? – Taste it, careful, you actually should not put it into
a hand without a glove. – Really?
– Yeah. – Is it spicy? – Actually, we gotta wash. – Ah, my hand! (laughs) – What’s nice about this is you pretty much just
throw it all together. So bell peppers, shallots. – And so you’re not a professional chef? – I’m not, no, I just
play one on your show. – You just play one on TV? What do you do? – I manage a business called YesVideo. – [Jason] YesVideo. – Yup, and we convert
all sorts of old media. – Oh!
– So, yeah. – I’ve thought about this
a lot, we all have those eight millimeter film things
our dad shot at one point. We’ve got boxes of ’em. So you take your box and you
just throw it into the cloud? (Michael laughs) – Then it’s done. – Then it comes back down. – So it’s not quite that
easy, but the neat thing is in this day and age,
once it’s in the cloud, it’s basically taken care of.
– It’s saved. That’s awesome, okay, well I’m
gonna go get my box of stuff and I’ll say Michael sent me. Right? I won’t say that? – I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening. – That’s okay, Michael. No one listens to me.
(Michael laughs) – I was focused. (melancholy music) – All right, now we’re
squeezing some lemons, huh? Don’t hurt yourself. – All right, so, three lemons. – This is gonna be fresh and tasty. I like the mint in it, and the sumac. (light music) – Cilantro also.
– Cilantro. – And parsley, and then serrano. This is actually pretty spicy,
so I’m gonna just do half. – You’re gonna a little. I like this, this is easy to make. – It is. – [Jason] That looks good, I like it. – [Michael] Again, a lot of chopping. – A lot of chopping. That’s done, what’s next? – I have no idea. – Great! (rock music) – [Michael] This is a great knife, Jason. – Good, I’m glad you like it. Let’s make some soup, Michael! So why not just make a can of soup? – Make a can of soup. – Well, yeah, you just open it up. – Oh, I see. (laughs) – Very difficult. – I think the benefit
of making it yourself is just, you know, it’s just healthier. – It’s healthier, you know
what’s going in it, right? – I can control the amount of salt. – And you can put as much MSG
in it as you want, you know. I mean, that’s just so great.
– Layer it on. – How much more do you guys like? – [Michael] All right,
so we’re gonna start with half butter, half olive oil. (rock music) Let that render down for a little bit. – So what do you like to do for fun? – I love cooking, spending time with the kids, rock climbing. – Rock climbing, really? – Yeah, I’ve been doing that
basically since high school. – Are you gonna do El Capitan with a rope? – No, no, that’s not on the bucket list. (Jason laughs) Just gonna add a little more olive oil. Two, three ounces of that. – [Jason] And so why fry the tomato paste? – That just adds another layer of flavor. So we’re gonna mix that
today, and now that the tomato paste is
brown, and then add, I did half cherry tomatoes, half
red heirloom tomatoes. – [Jason] Oh, wow. – But this is another case
where, whatever you have. Whatever you can find.
– It doesn’t matter. Once this kinda renders a little bit you’re gonna use an emulsifier, like a little hand blender
deal to get that going, and you’re making your own
chicken stock right now. And it’s in this pot,
oh, wow, look at that. – [Michael] So it’s a
whole chicken, ginger, a couple pieces of pork. – [Jason] All right, how’s
this soup doing over here? – So I think we’re good. Basically we’re gonna let this simmer. I’ll add a little chicken
stock so it doesn’t dry out, so it simmers nicely, and
then we’re gonna blend it and then add a little more chicken soup. – What are we gonna make now, Michael? – So we’re gonna do the duck now. – We’re gonna do a duck. (duck quacks) So what’s happening
with the duck, Michael? What are we doing with it? – This is my mom’s special duck. – So you don’t really
wanna share this recipe. – Actually I’m not, I’m
just gonna… (laughs) – We’re not even gonna talk about it. It’s just gonna come out of the oven. Okay, how did you prep your duck? – Last night I salted it and then stuck it in the refrigerator overnight,
and then I took it out, put it back in the oven so the skin dries. – You put it back in the oven? – Let’s do that again.
(Jason laughs) Back in the fridge. – Great, so it’s all
prepped, you let it sit, it’s hanging out in the fridge. You took it out, washed
it, look at this thing. – [Michael] What we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna take garlic. We’re gonna rub it, give it
a nice rub, final massage. And then stick some
garlic sort of all around and inside the cavity with some scallions. – Okay, let’s take a quick
look at your mochi cake. – Let’s do it. It’s got a nice brown crust. – Oh, yeah, look at that. Ooh, that looks good, man. It smells amazing, I wanna eat that now. All right, so we’re making
Yorkshire pudding gravy. – [Michael] Yeah some
flour into the butter, pretty much equal parts,
and let that brown. – I don’t know if I’ve actually ever had a Yorkshire pudding, ever. So I’m looking forward
to trying this, right? (Michael laughs) – This version of Yorkshire pudding. – Here I am, serve it up! – So we’re halfway through the gravy, so I just added a little bit
of moisture to that brew. (light music) Throw the mushrooms in here,
so it looks pretty wet, but that’ll reduce down. So gravy’s on, and we’re gonna do the Yorkshire pudding
batter, which is just equal parts eggs and milk, a little salt. We’re gonna let that sit for 10 minutes. – Okay. – So that’s gonna bore your viewers. – Okay, bore them to death.
(Michael laughs) – Let’s pour that with the four eggs. – When’s that Yorkshire pudding
done, I’ve been waiting. – Just a little salt. – Just a little salt? Just a pinch, that’s all? – That’s it, we’ll put
that in the refrigerator. – Okay, so some of the dads
that I have in my audience, they were asking questions
at one point too. I said, “Oh, we’re gonna be
making this Yorkshire pudding.” And some of the guys
said, “No, we call it, where we are from, a popover.” From our understanding now,
the popover is basically like you’re making your
own individual thing in a muffin tin and then
the Yorkshire pudding is actually using the
drippings from the meat and making it all within the same pan. – Makes sense, makes sense. – You’re using a different
kind of dripping, which is the chicken, but you’re still
using that same flavoring. There was another thing
that we found out, too. It’s like, if you’re
roasting meat on a spit just put the Yorkshire
right underneath it. – Oh, to absorb everything.
– To absorb it. – Oh man, that sounds good,
let’s do that. (laughs) – Let’s do that next time,
Michael, let’s do it. – [Michael] The batter’s coming along. – It’s been sitting for
about almost 10 minutes. Whip that up a little. – We’re gonna do equal parts
flour, which is one cup. – Okay, now that we’ve known
all about the Yorkshire pudding and the popover scenario,
we’re doing, like, kind of a combo with yours,
is what it feels like. – Yeah. – It’s like a popovery
kind of Yorkshire pudding. – You’ve got the lard,
which is super healthy. Adds a little bit of that meaty flavor. So we’re gonna let this
sit for about 30 minutes. – Okay. (laughs) We got our duck, it’s hanging
out, looks like it’s relaxing. And you put it on top
of a bed of something. – Scallions.
– Scallions. – I pushed a bunch in with garlic. – The oven’s at your temperature
now, you’re happy with it? – So we’re gonna do a high of 500. Anywhere between seven and 10 minutes and then we’ll lower it,
bring it down to 300. – So when does the beer go on it? – Right now. – The beer goes on it right now. And it goes on and in
and everywhere around it. (smooth music) Just don’t drink out of the bottle now. (record scratches)
(Michael laughs) – It actually burns off
pretty fast, you know, at 500. – I’ll open this so you
can do it quick, ready? – [Michael] Get the heat,
all right, got it in. – [Jason] Gravy’s still
working it’s angle. – [Michael] Starting to
thicken up a little bit. – [Jason] Oh yeah, it’s looking good. Soup’s coming along nice. – Kinda any time now we could blend it. – We could blend it whenever. I can smell the beer, like. – Probably some of the evaporate, some alcohol evaporating off. – Now, the three minutes or Mr Duck, or Mrs Duck, we didn’t ask. – It could be male or female. (laughs) – So your temperature was at 500 and now we did the seven minutes or so? – Yeah, seven minutes,
and we’re done to 300. – Now we turned it down to 300. – So that’ll kind of
bring the temperature even between the breasts and the dark meat, and then we’ll measure, we’ll go for 140. And see where we’re at
in maybe about an hour. All right, let’s give this a taste. – [Jason] Give it a taste, Michael. It’s the gravy, is it good? Oh yeah, crank it, crank it. – So I’ll take this off the heat for now. Cheers, man.
(Jason laughs) – Cheers, cheers. – That has been fun. – Like I said, I like free food. – I like cooking free
food, so it’s perfect. Match made in heaven. (laughs) – Awesome, we gotta
hang out more often man. – We should, we should. – [Jason] Look what dad’s been working. – It’s Ni-Ni’s famous duck. – I’m Jason, how are
you, what’s your name? – Connor. – Connor, nice to meet you, bud. Everybody wants to know, do
you like your dad’s cooking? – Yeah. – You do, yeah?
(Michael laughs) You’re sure. – [Michael] We’re shooting
for 140 in the thigh. I think we’re pretty close, why don’t we take it out and let it rest? – I think you’re right. Oh yeah, looks good, look at that. – Yorkshire pudding time. We have got a vintage cast iron. – That is really cool. So you got a bacon fat jar. Kay, so you’re gonna flap
a little bit in there. (upbeat music) Let that heat up a little while. – Yeah, just a minute. – How’s your improv skills? (Michael and Jason laugh) Is it smoking yet? – [Michael] Getting really hot. – So your objective was to get it really hot and smoky kinda feel, right? – [Michael] That’s right. – That’s what he said. Okay, it’s hot, it’s smoky, and you can smell the bacon coming out. – [Michael] So this is the
Yorkshire pudding batter. – You took it out of the fridge, right? Because it sat for, like,
30 minutes in the fridge. – Let it warm up. – And then you let it hang out here. – Room temperature. – Room temperature. – [Michael] You can see
it’s sizzling already. – [Jason] It is sizzling. – [Michael] It’ll puff up
in less than five minutes and you wanna let it set, probably leave it in for up to 15 minutes. – [Jason] Oh yeah, there
you go, check it out. – All right so the soup is blended. Put it back on the stove,
and you can simmer that. And we’ll get it to the right consistency. We’re just gonna finish
it with a little bit of heavy cream or whipping cream, adds a little bit of richness to it. – [Jason] That looks good. – [Michael] It is perfect. – Let’s have some soup, come on in. – You guys hungry? – Yeah. – It’s hot, are you gonna go sit down? Okay, all right, we’ll see ya. It looks hot. Blow on it. (drum roll) – Pretty good. – Pretty good.
(Michael laughs) Pretty good. – That’s all I need, that’s
it, the only compliment I need. I’m gonna try a little. Thank you sir, I’m gonna
throw a little extra on there. I like basil. – Tell me what you think. – This looks good, buddy. That’s tasty. Damn, that’s good. I’m serious, this is so good. – I’m glad you like it. – I don’t make tomato soup, but I will definitely make this more. So there you have it, tomato soup. All right, we got the
soup, that was delicious. – I’m glad. – The Yorkshire pudding is? – It’s ready. – [Jason] Aw, look at that! Oh, that’s awesome. – [Michael] We got popovers. – [Jason] That’s gonna be delicious. – We’re gonna just finish
the duck for five minutes, so that’s looking super hot. – [Jason] We’re gonna throw that back in. – [Michael] I’m gonna
set it to broil just to crisp the skin a little bit,
’cause it’s been resting. – [Jason] Let’s check it out, take a look. Oh yeah, look at that. – We’ll let that sit
just a couple minutes. Because if I touched it now I would regret it in the morning. (upbeat music) – The duck is ready, we pulled it out. Move it on over to the chopping block. – It’s hot, it’s hot. – [Jason] You’ve done this before. – Couple times, couple times. – [Jason] Ooh, nice, you
outdid yourself, man. – So because it rested
earlier, you know, usually you don’t wanna take meat
out of the oven and start cutting into it, so that
finish really did heat it up, but I think a lot of the
juices’ll still stay in there. – [Jason] It looks juicy. – So yeah, let’s ready a plate. – We’re ready to put some stuff on. – [Michael] Yorkshire pudding, salad, and just pulled over the gravy. – He’s plating me a plate
or somebody a plate. Somebody’s getting a plate. Pour the gravy right
in the center of that. Look at that! Thank you. Okay, I’m gonna try your
Israeli salad first, let’s try that out, okay? Mm, it’s nice and fresh. That’s amazing. Okay, let’s move on over to the duck. Mm, the duck is perfect. It’s so moist, it really is
moist and soft, I love it. – I think the salting it overnight really locks in that juiciness. – I mean, you would know, you
cook this thing all the time. (Michael laughs) – Yeah, it helps, it helps a lot. – After watching the process
of how you made all this, it wasn’t super complicated, but this would wow
anybody’s friends, you know? If you were making this for your family or your friends, they would flip and go, “Oh my god, I can’t believe you did this.” All right, so I think your family needs to eat to, don’t they? – Yeah, they are hungry. – Look at this, perfectly cooked. Do you eat a lot of duck? – Nope.
– No? – Just his duck.
(Michael laughs) – Really, really good, and
this Yorkshire pudding, or popover, is to die for. Cheers, cheers, thanks for having us over. – That was a lot of fun. – So great, thanks, Alisha. Cheers, Connor, you’re the man. Wow, Michael, let me tel you
man, you kicked butt today. – Aw, thanks man. – So good, this meal was
incredible, but now I’ve got some room left over for some mochi cake. Now look at the fluffiness of that. Oh man, and look, it’s
fluffy but it’s dense. Oh, good, look at that. Oh my god, this is crazy good, man. We’re gonna have all this
stuff up on the website, all your recipes, even your
mom’s duck, I’m really sorry. – Tell all her secrets. – No longer a secret. I’m happy, family’s happy,
thanks for having me. – Thanks, Jason.
– I really appreciate it. Chef Michael, everybody. So get up there and make
these recipes right away and we’ll see you next
time on Dads That Cook. Hey, thanks for watching. You like our videos? Well, then do me a favor and subscribe, because then we can update
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