The Big Bang Theory 12×15 All Sneak Peeks “The Donation Oscillation” (HD)

Hey who wants to hear some exciting news, what’s up? This weekend, I got us four seats on the Vomit Comet. No, you lost me at vomit. You lost me again at comet and to be honest, I was on the fence at us. Yeah, I can’t go either. Penny’s dad is visiting from Nebraska and I haven’t seen him for a while. Oh, that’s nice. You guys get along. I forget, Howard does your father-in-law still hate you? He doesn’t hate me, just disappointed that I’m not any other man on the planet That’s how I feel about Ben Affleck as Batman Well, these two are out there goes our guys weekend. Okay, so let’s make it a couple’s weekend I’ll bring Anu, you’ll bring Bernadette. I’m not sure Bernie would like it. Maybe I’ll invite Stuart or Bert. Oh, go with Bert. He’s huge. It’d be fun to watch him float around. Like that time the underdog balloon got away at the Macy’s parade Hey, would you mind if Raj and I went away this weekend? It’s important for you two to keep the spark alive. No, just the bachelor party I’d planned I thought we’d do it anyway Kinda I mean Sheldon and Leonard couldn’t make it so Raj invited on you and I asked Stuart. Wait you invited Stuart before me. Well, actually I invited Bert before Stuart but I don’t know why I just told you that Because I know you you don’t want to float weightless in an airplane I Love doing crazy stuff like that Bernie. You got sick from the teacup ride at Disneyland. We were still in line Thursday it’s the Big Bang’s final season and you’re gonna want to see it all that’s what you’re sleeping in Oh, you want me take it off only ten episodes are left and nothing makes sense anymore Had to get out of the apartment. My wife kept trying to have sex with me been there Let me read my comic book damn Big bang’s final 10 countdown starts CBS Thursday

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  1. Penny shouldn't ruin Leonards donation, espically with the dad coming over, also also, the father would freak out once he finds out she doesn't want kids

  2. Penny was the fantasy of every nerd who wants a girlfriend.
    Now is the nightmare of every nerd, beside cheaters and goldiggers.
    Maybe thats why the actress is now in her second marriage… and counting :V

  3. Uh… Ben Affleck was great as Batman. Why the hate? A similar line happened in a Season 2 episode of Quantico that bashed Batfleck.

    Why do people make pop culture jokes if they don’t understand them?

  4. I think wyatt is gonna help Leonard and/or penny with the whole baby/donation problem. Then again, we think we know, but we never have no idea what's gonna happen

  5. From that clip it looks as though Parson's given up acting the part of Sheldon altogether and is just playing himself. Understandable.

  6. It gave everything it got, but somewhere around the seventh season it had already expired. If the writers had done a better job, maybe it wouldn't have gone 3-4 seasons too long, or maybe those 4 seasons would have been better. I always thought they should have created a third wheel in Penny and Leonard's relationship, so he could grow some balls, fight and prove to himself that he deserved someone like Penny. Not the emasculated joke he is right now. For that matter, they could have developed Penny's character into someone worth fighting for. So many missed opportunities, its just so stale now. Lets just be happy is over.

  7. Final scene of the final episode they're all flying to Raj's wedding in India and somewhere over the Pacific Ocean FADE OUT then FADE IN debris on the surface of the Ocean

  8. 0:32, First off do the writers even watch their own show? They already established Sheldon liked Batfleck when he bought that life size statue. Second, if the writers had done basic research they would have known the one thing the fans and critics agreed on was Ben Affleck was awesome as Batman.

  9. 0:17 0:21 kind of funny how Raj says that Leonard bonds well with his father in-law (Wyatt penny's father) while mentioning that Howard not quite bonding well with his father in-law (Mike bernadette's father)

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