THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (Full Movie 2017)

Welcome back Monday morning 743 am 73
degrees outside joined now in studio by OKP films. Gentlemen gigantic success with
DejaTwo to last year, you’re back in studio with another venture this year. How do
do you top what you get a year ago? AJ I’m telling you this right now this will
be the dopest thing Minneapolis has ever seen – It is gonna be five times, more
better, than last year’s. More better? The production house that brought you DejaTwo is at it again AirVūz is excited to announce a
partnership with OKP films for this year’s Epic Birthday Party. Tonight my friends we are going to show and tell The nominations for the Upper Midwest Emmys – Director, Non Live, Post Produced, Short Form ‘Booze Cruise DJ2 GH Media Works LLC Welcome back to prime time. Perk OKP Films is in the house fresh off their Emmy nod from Dejavu party bus? Right, Congrats on that. What’s
up your sleeve next? Oh, we have the biggest birthday party movie video
extravaganza dropping soon this fall Party, whoa. You guys a little old to be
doing all that? Hey you should come to the party this year!
When’s that? Tell the folks. October fou… Sounds good guys, well we we’re out of time, but we appreciate your time we’re back after this. PA, PA how’s it going man,
how’s it going? Sup man. Hey any truth to the rumors that you’re gonna be an OKP
films next big movie? oh that movie is gonna be awesome and the party after is
gonna be lit AF. I better get an invite! Any other truth to the rumor that you’re
so and creepy that they don’t want you at the actual party? Man you dumbass (Clapping) Way to go guys. Way to go and run all over town promoting this fucking birthday video and you haven’t even
thought of what you’re gonna do yet have you?! Five minutes in and he’s already been
freaking. Na ha I’m not being negative I’m just saying write a script. In February
instead of September, that’s all I’m saying. Each year you guys bite off more and more than you can chew and all’s I’m
saying is I got a baby. I’m trying to move to the suburbs, plan ahead. I don’t
have time for this shit. It stresses me. Ooieakapooie gucci, baby. “Ooieakapooie” I don’t know what that means. Nobody knows what that word means. But I know you guys you’re gonna come up
with a James Bond spoof. No we’re not doing another James Bond spoof. I refuse. I
personally believe, that there’s still some life in the booze cruise franchise. There is! No absolutely not, absolutely not. First of all we’re trying to broaden
our audience. How in the hell are people gonna even understand what was going on
the first two if they haven’t seen it? It’s easy at the beginning of this one
we have like 15-20 seconds where we recap the first two. keeps ’em up. How
would that even work? It’s easy dude … Alright, Booze Crooze 1 Red Dragon blows
up Agent Red Pat’s girlfriend BOOM! He spends the rest the movie on a wild
goose chase over the clue ‘voyager’ Kills the guy, next snap, kills the panama man after finding out that voyagers a boat Finds Red Dragon. Hello Mr. Ridpath.
I’ve been expecting you. End of movie. Few, wasn’t great, but remember the sequel
Booze Crooze Deja 2 The sequel turns out Red Dragon shot him
at the end of Booze Crooze he falls off the boat. A year later he’s alive. He’s
convinced to come out of retirement to stop Red Dragon for building a stadium.
Red Dragon doesn’t believe. I saw him die! Agent Ridpath goes on a killing spree of henchmen. Nest snap.
Red Dragon buries some people in Vegas. He laughs a lot, it ends on the new boat.
Let the games begin! It’s gonna be one hell of a party. End
credits. Scene. Jesus, that’s a lot worse than I remember. All right, this year we
won’t cop out, we won’t do a sequel, we’ll do a prequel, um
turns out Red Dragon, Agent Ridpath were friends before this. We were partners! In
this prequel, and maybe we’ll get to find out how you got that little red eye patch? That’s an eye patch? [ hawk screeching, epic music ] You brought me here to talk about the
Viking in’it? He was the man who set this whole thing
in motion Years ago, before Voyager before Deja, these men weren’t enemies nahhh they were partners It’s worse than we thought.
It’s one of us. what’s the lead Have you seen Red lately? No, no it can’t be. He’s in Shanghai closing in on his source. He’s solving this. The Viking has been ahead of us for way too long. Slaughtering our men. He’s been tipped off. I won’t believe it We’ve located a server north of here. It might contain
intel on the Viking, take the Tiger. Secure the data. It’s our last chance at
stopping this. We got him. Bring him in. It shouldn’t have come to this. Nah I am not doing another Bond theme again dude. The bond thing is our brand dude. Don’t overthink it. It will be dope. Yeah but lets not under think it as well.
Alright, or how about this. What if we do like, legit, reenactments of movie
scenes. We’ve been talking about that since day one. Yeah I’m down, we could do
like an 80s themed party, where we do like a poltergeist spoof, or something
something with the giant, baby hewie here could do that in his sleep. Poltergeist, what was wrong with your childhood? How about we choose a movie that people have actually seen. Yeah I know something we’ve all seen…. You look pretty good on that thing. Noah, Noah you have to come back with me. Where? Back to the future! What are you doing doc? I need fuel Get in the car. I just got here. Jennifer is here we’re gonna take the truck for a spin. Bring her along, this concerns her too.
Wait a minute talk what are you talking about what happens to us in the future.
We become assholes or something? No, No, No. It’s the party something has to be done about the party Wait when did you come from? 37 years in the future! We’re still doing this in 37 years? Hey Doc, we better back up we don’t have enough roads to get to 88. Where we’re going we don’t need roads. I don’t know man like for starters where
we gonna find a DeLorean? and secondly Noah hasn’t even seen Back to the Future.
Who hasn’t seen Back to the Future? He’s only seen two movies Sister Act and
Father of the Bride. I’ve seen Back to the Future, but I was like 8
years old, so I don’t remember the context of everything, but what if we
recreated this super iconic scene right that everybody knows these two people
are on the road right they get in this super intense situation and then they
get in this really passionate argument right, the two characters there’s storm
chasers. No, no get outta here. oooh oooo ooo ooo A little help… Bill help me. Joe we should leave Forget the sensors. No, no, no. We gotta get outta here now. It’s gonna jump. NO. NO. NO. Its gonna drop here Its not gonna drop anywhere near here. It’s gonna drop right on us. Think she will do this if we wait? Wait! Wait! No, no, no, no Go back, go back. Forget it Joe. Forget it. Go back. It’s not
too late. Forget it too late. Help me. Help me. What are you doing? Help me. Joe the pack is wasted, its over. What is wrong with you? We can still do
this!Jesus Christ listen to yourself you’re obsessed! You’ve never seen what that thing can do. You’ve never seen it! You’ve never seen it miss this house and miss that house and
come after you. Christ, Joe. Is that what you think you did? Jesus Joe why can’t you just forget it?
You don’t understand okay. You’ll never know. When is it gonna be enough huh? How close do you have to get? Talk to me! Joe
things go wrong you can’t explain it, you can’t predict it. Killing yourself won’y bring
your dad back sorry he died but it was a long time ago, you gotta move on stop living in the past and look what
you’ve got right in front of ya What are you saying? Me Joe We are not doing a scene from Twister.
What is your obsession with that movie man? I’m not obsessed with Twister. Dude,
you’re wearing a fucking Twister shirt Who even has one of those? I don’t know
you’re talking about. Dude, no one would even understand that scene anyways. I grew up
5 miles from where that scene was filmed I knew a girl who was actually in the
movie and I still don’t know that scene Wait, I was supposed to play Helen Hunt in this thing?
Yeah, no none of us can act for shit What if we took in a different direction
with minimal dialogue. We stick with that trailer format. Grant and I travel the
globe and we have to reunite so when we find each other you throw this bomb-ass
party. Oooooh that could be dope, dope, dope right You’re reuniting. How did you get separated?
It doesn’t matter. Yeah I’m sure I’ll say in the script. Dude,
we’d be in all these amazing locations like in Europe and all over the place.
Like it would be epic. Just let me get this straight you’re gonna travel around the
globe, country to country, for all this b-roll that might end up be in two
seconds in the finished video. Aahhhhhh Yeaaaah In a world, where two friends have been
separated by fate. They must do whatever it takes to find each other and throw
the most epic birthday party anyone has ever seen. Noah, if you find this. I’m in London. PS
I went to Stonehenge it was underwhelming Grant, I will find you. Starring Grand Ridpath and Noah Ferche The party’s in New York? The parties in
New York! Search Party. Big Apple. Big party. So you’re gonna fly all your guests out to New York City. Why not first year we
had a party bus. The next two years we had boats. Why not on a plane?! Let’s
deliver to our fans. Yeah are you guys gonna be the ones that pay, roughly, five
hundred twenty-five thousand dollars to do this? Cuz I’m not.
I got a baby. “baby” “I’m moving to the suburbs” We can get sponsors.
Like who? I don’t know, there’s got to be a company out there cool enough to back
a project like this. They’ve gotta be out Ch-ya the Bulldog downtown it’s got
the best cheese curds in Minneapolis. Nobody does food beverages, or just an
all-around good time like the Bulldog downtown. Speaking of good times next
time we’re in Miami we gotta rent some jet skis from Miami Beach Sports that
place is lit. OH I got it do you remember last year Miami we bought all those
white jeans hit the club in and you remember how high we got when we got
inside those white jeans?! What if we made a video about how dope things are in our white jeans. How would that go? On the beach beach in my white jeans. In the club in my white jeans! Wha-wha-wha-white jeans Wha-wha-what does dat mean?! Ahhhh goddamn it!!!!! Tight seams
bight gleam My team We in white jeans! Might seem, like a pipe dream Get the whole world, wearin white jeans Look it this All this denim Feel bad for the dudes that’s inn’em they got the blues attitude like venom Check the hues of pantaloons we’ve been in Blue jeans, thats a bad fad Eugene, thats a dad White jeans, these are rad Hit the club in my white jeans In the tub, in my white jeans Get some hugs, in my white jeans. Grab some jugs, in my white jeans. In the whip, in my white jeans. Dippin chips, in my white jeans Sinkin ships, in my white jeans White jeans. OoooOooOooo These white jeans, they define me Wear em in the nursing home when I am 90 Find my wifey, spend my lifey You can find me, in my white jeans Alright get ’em Grant, show em you got something to say Dawg My name is grant, I wear white pants watch me do my…. dance On the strip, in my white jeans Do a flip, in my white jeans Take a shit, in my white jeans Just the tip, in my white jeans On the sea, in my white jeans In my ski, in my white jeans PhD, in my white jeans OoooOOOOooo These white jeans, they define me I wear em in the nursing home when Iam 90 Fine my wifey, spend my lifey You can find me, in my white jeans These white jeans, they define me I wear em in the nursing home with I am 90 Find my wifey, spend my lifey You can find me In my white jeeeeeeeeaans Even my dog’s got white jeans! okay damn, f’ing dammit you assholes Hey Lonely Island called, they want their song back! You guys suck
at rapping! I like that idea way more better yeah who taught you grammar? You
clowns still haven’t pitched one realistic idea. Dude. Jesus. Chill,
we’re gonna be alright. Go take a smoke break or something alright. Give us 5 minutes. Noah and I are gonna out what we are gonna do. And I promise when you get back. We’ll have an idea For starters, fuck Joe. Every idea we had was dope. Uhhuh. Yup. He’s got a point though, we should probably choose one to start shooting. No, no. Honestly. What if we did em all dude? That’s ahhhh. That’s kinda ridiculous, but fuck it man. Ooieakapooie! Which one do you want to do first? Ready to put on them white jeans? It’s a dumb idea!

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